Review of washing machines Gorenje

Washing machines Gorenje of Slovenian production are in demand by Russian consumers. The brand is known not only for new developments and technologies, but also for its bright design. If you need to enter a typewriter in the interior, it's better to not find the "Burning".

We will describe the most interesting and in-demand models of washing machines-automatic.

Review of washing machines Gorenje

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Gorenie"
  • 2How are the machines
  • 3Which Gorenje model to choose: customer reviews
    • 3.1Gorenje W6843L / S
    • 3.2Gorenje WT 62093
    • 3.3Gorenje AS62Z02 / SRIV1
    • 3.4Gorenje W78Z43T / S
      • 3.4.1Customer Reviews

Where do the washing machines "Gorenie"

The brand appeared in Slovenia, in the village of Gorenje: in 1950 a group of 11 people engaged in the mechanization of machinery in agriculture. Production developed - and in 1958 the manufacture of kitchen stoves began. Already in 1961 plates were exported to Germany.

In 1962, the company began to produce refrigerators and washing machines. The brand Gorenje became so popular that in 1971 its representative office was opened in Germany.

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Where do the washing machines

Today, Gorenie enterprises are located in 20 countries around the world, but washing machines are assembled exclusively in Slovenia.

How are the machines

The technical characteristics and the device of the stylals will surprise even the experienced users. At the request of the manufacturer, they will serve up to 16 years.

The manufacturer produces machines with front and vertical loading. In addition, there are models with an additional water tank. This technique will help people who do not have access to central sewerage.

Gorenje is engaged in the production of detached models: it can be narrow and full-sized stilalki. The drum capacity is from 4 to 7 kg, and the spinning speed reaches 2000 rpm.

Machines from "Gorenye" ​​can not be attributed to the middle class. The price of models - from 13 000 rubles and above.

How are the machines

Interesting features:

  • Load control. A special sensor weighs the laundry in the drum, after which the system calculates the amount of detergent.
  • Self-installation programs. Do not fit the standard modes? Include your own program in the list. Select the type of laundry, time and temperature, then save the settings. In the future, you can select them again.
  • Super Silent +. Quiet operation of the washing machine is due to the quality of the engine insulation.
  • Automatically stop the drum upside-down (for machines with vertical loading).

Which Gorenje model to choose: customer reviews

All models are characterized by a laconic design and powerful engine. However, according to buyers' reviews, each car has its own shortcomings and advantages.

Gorenje W6843L / S

Narrow washing machine with loading of 6 kg. The spinning power is 1400 rpm. Informative control panel is equipped with a backlit display. There are 31 programs to choose from.

One of the features of the stylalk is TEN DurableHeater. Nickel plating contributes to less scale formation. Therefore, this heater lasts longer, saves electricity.

The SensoCare drum has a perfectly smooth surface, and the stiffeners on the side walls reduce noise and vibration.

Gorenje W6843L / S

The StainExpert mode allows you to effectively remove any contamination. The system independently calculates the amount of water and detergent for each wash. Self-cleaning of the drum is included - removal of dirt and mold at high temperature. The housing is protected from leaks. The panel is blocked from accidental pressing.

The dimensions of the model are 60x85x44 cm.

User Reviews

After analyzing user reviews, we combined the advantages and disadvantages of the W6843L / S model.


  • A large number of modes. You can wash any clothes.
  • Built-in protection against leaks.
  • Economical consumption of resources.
  • Quiet work.
  • The zinc-plated case does not rust.


  • Expensive price.
  • Long-term washing even in short mode.

Gorenje WT 62093

A stand-alone machine with vertical loading. The drum capacity is 6 kg. The spinning power reaches 900 revolutions. The energy efficiency class A + allows the machine to consume 1 kW of energy per hour.

Gorenje WT 62093

Electronic control with a digital display includes 18 programs. Unbalance control allows evenly distributing laundry in the drum, so the machine is stable during spinning. The water temperature can be adjusted, choose washing in cold water.

The launch of the program can be postponed for 24 hours. Protection against overflow is provided.

User Reviews


  • A solid appearance, a backlit display.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Good washing clothes even with a full load of 6 kg.


  • Long-term washing modes.
  • Noisy work and spin.
  • Auto-park the drum works through time.

Gorenje AS62Z02 / SRIV1

The front loading machine is equipped with a water tank: there is a filling valve, a special pump pumps the water into the drum. This model is convenient for use in the country and in those places where there are problems with water supply. At the same time the design of the case remained laconic and attractive.

Loading of linen is 6 kg. The spinning reaches 1000 revolutions. The energy consumption class A allows you to save up to 20% of electricity.

Gorenje AS62Z02 / SRIV1

Stiralka is equipped with a nickel-plated Durable Heater, which is not afraid of scale. The SensoCare mode calculates the water rate according to the amount of laundry. The StableTech stiffeners on the drum reduce the noise level.

Built-in self-cleaning system, unbalance control and child lock. Control panel without display. All modes and programs are signed. Included 18 washing programs, there is also the possibility of self-tuning the program.

Overall dimensions - 60х8, х65 cm.

User Reviews

Izhevsky Michael

I bought this mother's styarka in the village in 2014. All were satisfied. The machine is convenient and easy to use, the volume of the tank allows you to carry out several washings. Quiet operation and powerful spinning. The laundry is almost dry at the exit. I like that the machine was made in Slovenia, and not in China. Build quality on the level. A large selection of programs, but the main thing is that the management is understandable, the regimes are signed.

Gorenje W78Z43T / S

A stand-alone model with a narrow body; size - 60h85h44 cm. The capacity of the drum is 7 kg, the spin speed is 1400 revolutions. A heater covered with nickel allows saving energy. Energy efficiency class - A.

SensoCare technology independently calculates the washing parameters: the amount of water, time, powder. Thus, resources are saved. Special function StainExpert allows you to remove stubborn stains: from coffee, wine, juice, fat.

Gorenje W78Z43T / S

The machine has a stainless steel drum with smooth stiffeners. A nice innovation is the SoftSound function. All your actions: turn the selector, press the button - accompanied by an audible signal.

Partial protection against leakage, imbalance, blocking of the panel from children is included. In total, the machine offers 31 programs, this will suit the most demanding user.

Customer Reviews


  • Noiseless operation, good noise insulation.
  • Large capacity.
  • Compact housing.
  • High-quality spinning.
  • Attractive design.


  • Remains the water on the rubber band behind the door.
  • Problems with repair. When replacing the engine, wait for the spare parts.

Having studied the information, it is possible to sum up. Washing machines "Gorenye" ​​are quality and productive, they differ in their original design. Some models (for example, with a reservoir) are not found in other manufacturers. The price policy is above average, but the reliability of the machines is confirmed by users.

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