What is the difference between a netbook and a laptop?

laptop? In the view of many people, a netbook is the same as a laptop. However, this is not the case at all. Each of these devices has exceptional features that must be considered when purchasing. Consider the difference between a netbook and a laptop.

What is common

It would seem that the differences are only in size, but not everything is so simple

There are many types of laptops: business class, gaming with high power, tablet, budget, etc. A netbook is inherently also about laptops.

Both devices are portable PCs that are intended for use throughout the .They are distinguished by the combination of base units in a single case, a touchpad that performs the functions of a mouse, battery operation and the ability to work autonomously, the presence of a microphone with an integrated camera. That is, the main characteristics are about the same. What is the difference?

Main differences

Netbook wins in compactness, but losing in performance
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Already from the name “netbook” it is clear that the main task of the device is to work on the Internet .Large sizes are not necessary for this, so the diagonal of the netbook is usually no more than 12 inches, while the notebook has 15 inches and above. To use such a device is convenient due to its compactness.

The second distinctive feature is the power, which is much lower for a netbook than for a laptop. It is enough for web surfing, using office applications, viewing video files.

Since netbooks are smaller, they usually do not have a drive for disks, only connectors for flash drives. On the whole, the set of connectors is rather poor - as a rule, there are only the most necessary ones.

Another difference is that a laptop usually lends itself to an upgrade, while in the mini version, both internal slots and external interfaces are not enough for this.

Of the advantages of a netbook in front of a laptop, it is worth noting the price, which is usually much lower.

In general, the choice of device is determined by goals. Netbook is suitable for simple tasks, but for more serious work it is worth looking at a productive laptop.

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