Fairy Dishwasher Tablets: A Review of Fairy line

The most convenient and cost-effective means for washing cutlery in the dishwasher considered capsules such as "All-in-1". These miracle pills of different production companies on the shelves very much.

Among the range, you can find a Fairy and tablets for the dishwasher, in around 10 active substances of which a part is present, the ability to cope with any pollution.

The content of the article:

  • General information about the tools Fairy
  • Overview tablets (capsules) for PMM
    • Remedy # 1 - Fairy Powerdrops
    • Remedy # 2 - Fairy All in 1
    • Remedy # 3 - Fairy Jar All in 1
    • Remedy # 4 - Tablets Fairy Platinum
  • Customer reviews of capsules Fairy
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

General information about the tools Fairy

Fairy brand has long established itself as a successful manufacturer of bit chemistry for washing dishes. Fairy was developed in Brussels as part of the American corporation Procter & Gamble. Economical consumption, European quality and the mountains clean dishes made capsule Fairy sales leaders among the detergents of this type on the market.

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Note that the capsules and tablets for dishwashers - is identical products. The original name of the detergent - dishwasher capsules. Confusion with the transfer stems from the fact that the funds of this type in Russia are called tablets, and take the form of multi-capsule.

How do Fairy capsules

Fairy capsules thanks to the active elements of the concentrated detergent washed clean even inveterate fat, remove burnt remnants write. Remember that the utensils after handling such active chemical substances should be thoroughly rinsed

Any tablet Fairy, according to the manufacturer, can easily cope with grease and dirt, clean the silverware and glass instruments. One capsule consists of a concentrated powder and gel, as well as powerful rinse.

Note that the composition of one capsule Fairy, besides the main components, laid still four to ten active components. For instance, phosphates and special special additives to protect the internal parts of dishwashers deposits and corrosion, the active substance concerned that the net on the trays was not white spots and streaks.

Each capsule obvornuta a film that itself is gradually dissolved in water. Note that the tablet should be taken only with dry hands to prevent the ingress of moisture in the water-soluble shell.

Visual appearance Fairy capsules

Visually Fae tablet - is a small cushion in water-soluble cover within which one powerful hand dishwashing detergent powder and the other - two active gel, and up to 10 positions additives

It works this miracle simply means: all components at the same time have an impact on the dirty dishes. Tablets Fae effectively washed and dried-on grease stains not only hot, but also in cold water. Before loading dirty dishes do not forget to remove the remnants of food.

Composition Fae means

As part of the tablets already have salt and rinse aid, but some users have reported that additional rinses and salt only improve results

It is not recommended to use them for cleaning utensils from antique or china and crystal washing.

If you are using the capsules, it is necessary to connect the program "3 in 1" (the name of the program in different brands of dishwashers can be different). This is done to ensure that the dissolution of the capsule allocated more water. If your dishwasher is able to analyze tablets (the latest generation of the brand), you can choose any program.

In addition, extruded detergents Fairy will take care of the details of the dishwasher, because there is a special composition of salt in capsules.

The particular detergent salt

Powerful capsule Fairy perfectly cope not only with the dirty dishes, but also help to keep the area clean key details of the dishwasher. For example, a filter that no longer need to be cleaned after each wash

Each device has a dishwashing compartment separate tablets. If the capsule is too large, then put it in a box for cutlery. Do not place the tablet in the main compartment to the container, so the tablet can be uniformly dissolved therein, and on the plates, as a consequence, will remain stains or soiled areas.

Roller clearly aware of the benefits and function of the encapsulated drug for MMP from Fairy:

Overview tablets (capsules) for PMM

Under the name Fairy produced a large number of tablets for dishwashing, consider the range of current funds.

What is common to all brands of capsules? Firstly, 1 tablet, regardless of composition, washes all the dishes on the first try. Second, even if the short-term and low wash temperatures Fairy cope with all the dirt. Third, the active agent in water of any hardness.

Remedy # 1 - Fairy Powerdrops

These small pads, according to the manufacturer, is a multifunctional dishwashing detergent. The composition, in addition to the powerful cleaning agents (gels and powder), there is softening salt. After washing these tablets on your dishes will not remain divorces or food particles. Each tablet is individually dissolved in water and packaging.

Tablets Fairy Powerdrops

Fairy tablets suitable for all types of dishwashers. One such capsule is designed for one wash cycle, divided into not need to be a few times

There are different packing: 30, 60, 90 or more pieces in zip-packages. Fairy Powerdrops tablets are available with a lemon scent and without it.

Remedy # 2 - Fairy All in 1

These compacted capsule, like the previous one, filled with compressed white powder dishwashing, green and blue gels. Tablets are waterproof zip-package. Manufacturer prescribes on the packaging that the active cleaning depleting chemicals have the following properties:

  • perfectly clean dishes;
  • quality wash oil;
  • eliminate even stubborn dried dirt;
  • give all the dishes shine;
  • wash "squeaky" both in hot and in cold water;
  • packaging, which does not require the opening, gradually dissolves;
  • delicately purified silver and glassware;
  • struggling with the emergence of scale on the details of the dishwashing machine;
  • have antibacterial function.

The instructions for using the tablets indicate that they need to invest in a special compartment of the dishwasher. If the capsule into the compartment does not fit, it can be put in a box for plugs and spoons.

In this case, undesirable to select a program prior otmokaniya. These capsules are effectively cope with the problem, so you do not need to download additional special salt or an extra rinse.

As the capsules are Fae

Fairy All in 1 tablets are not only clean utensils and dishwasher and care about. The range can be found without flavoring capsule (Original) or lemon-scented

Keep in mind that these pills can be used in water with a hardness not greater than 21 dH.

Thus tablets Fairy All in 1 is not recommended for cleaning the antique or china, as well as from crystal articles. If you wish to wash in the dishwasher of silver, then, check that they do not touch the stainless steel production equipment.

Capsules Fairy All in 1 packaged in special waterproof to 26 packs of 39, 52 or 65 pieces.

Remedy # 3 - Fairy Jar All in 1

The capsule Fairy Jar All in 1 laid improved formula of detergent, which has been successfully applied for the purification of any contamination in the dishwasher last generation with an advanced system of protection against the formation of the unit scale.

Capsules Fairy Jar All in 1

Capsules are high quality, as well as other tools in this series, washed cutlery and pots of various contaminants and give them a delicate shine

The manufacturer ensures that these pills have the opportunity:

  • possess powerful cleaning components and which work in cold water;
  • remove complex pollution;
  • cleaned of fat ingrained;
  • working with a "soaking dishes";
  • eliminate the raid on the tea cups and glasses;
  • possess gloss functions (important for glass) and radiance steel;
  • protects the dishwasher from scale;
  • gently clean the glass and silver.

The composition of capsules, besides the main components, there is a conditioner, a special salt supplements to protect silver metal, glass, as well as a barrier against scale.

Remedy # 4 - Tablets Fairy Platinum

Fairy Platinum capsules contain a special gel and powder, which prevent the formation of scale, lime white plaque on the dishes. They founded a new formula. Now, in addition to washing dishes, they also care about the purity of the most washing machines, as well as be able to prevent corrosion of the internal parts of the device.

Capsules Fairy Platinum in zip-pack

Capsules Fairy Platinum - one of the most powerful in the lineup. They were under the power of a professional washing dishes, cleaning the fat from the dried without further soaking and care of dishwasher

With these pills your glass and steel appliances will shine. Fairy Platinum tablets, as well as other extruded detergents for dishwashers are soluble shell and begin to actively influence the pollution even in the cool water.

As part of the capsule has such ingredients:

  • about 30% active phosphate;
  • not more than 15% of surfactants;
  • soft food bleach;
  • phosphonates;
  • enzymes that actively remove fat;
  • chemical flavorings;
  • artificial fragrances.

Store Fairy tablet in a dry, dark place at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees, avoiding contact with the stack with means to direct sunlight. In a damp room or at the time of moisture into the package may stick to the tablet or damaged the protective film. This will provoke leakage or soaking the gel powder. On the correct storage of capsules depends on the quality of cleansing utensils.

Waterproof zip-packaging for tablets

Fairy capsules are specially waterproof bag equipped with zip-fastener. Make sure the inside of the package does not get wet - it can ruin the means

Please note that the Fairy tablets for dishwashers can not replace the liquid detergent of the same brand. And all because the liquid gel forms too much foam, which may permanently damage the dishwashing machine.

In recent years, Fairy tablets produced without phosphates. But if a family has young children, found an allergy or any disease, keep in mind that the anionic surfactants are present in the composition of Fairy capsules.

Surfactants abbreviation surfactants. The excess of anionic surfactants rules adversely affects the human body. To avoid negative consequences, should carefully rinse the dishes under running water.

Customer reviews of capsules Fairy

Before buying a compressed detergent into account not only the manufacturer promises, but real customer reviews.

Positive feedback on the pill

Some housewives rarely use capsules Fae, both heavy artillery to cleaning heavily contaminated, oily or dried utensils (pans, pots, etc..). Buyers detergent Fairy Jar All in 1 say they are perfectly clean and burnt pans washed stains of dried fat without soaking.

Many users have reported that the tablets Fairy All In 1 and Fairy Platinum, together with the dishes, washed the walls of the dishwasher and sink grid.

Using any of the capsule Fairy, you can not fear that the filter is clogged with fat. This means that there is no need to clean it every 3-4 washing facilities, as required by the rules of care for the dishwasher. The walls of the machine is also crystal clear.

Loading the dishwasher tablets in a cuvette

All tablets Fairy large, so they should be carefully placed in the compartment. If you do not, then, as users report, the capsule gets stuck, and dishes will be washed without detergent

Cons pressed assets

Among the few drawbacks noted the high price, but for the quality, as we know, have to pay. In addition, manufacturers have proven that Fairey capsules have a nice quality / price ratio. This is reflected in the fact that you can perfectly wash the dirty dishes in cold water for 30-45 minutes.

When loading tableware minimum (for example, only half of the maximum number of devices), there is a risk to get the output plaque on each plate. To avoid this, connect extra rinse or rinse manually each item individually. This is especially true of glasses and glass-ware.

On the number of dishes depends on the quality of wash

If you put a small amount of dishes at once, program and additional rinsing. Because the detergent residue may leave stains on a clean container

For someone undeniable disadvantage is the persistent smell of chemicals remaining on the devices after washing. When you open the machine after washing, the first puff of steam, mixed with a persistent smell of detergent, which is a long time not erode. With the smell on the devices can easily handle extra rinse.

If the flavor was, you should thoroughly rinse the washed dishes under running water. Dishwasher after washing, leave open for a while and, if possible, ventilate the room. Or try to get a capsule without flavorings and fragrances.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

With the advantages of tablet tools for use in dishwashers units introduces video:

Comparison of three kinds of tablets for washing cutlery. Detailed demonstration of how the capsule will cope with cleaning the dirty glasses and cups of tea with dried traces. (Timecode Fairey 5:38):

Choosing what type of pill use Fairy, should, of course, up to you. The first note, as contaminated glassware and how often you start cleaning, it is advisable to use the products of this brand from the economic point of view.

Test all kinds of capsules, carefully check how they operate at different modes and the extent determine the quality of the washing water temperature change. Analyze the results and choose for themselves the most appropriate detergent from the Fae.

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