Petunia Trilogy - a detailed description and secrets of growing

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Initially, it should be noted that Trilogy petunia was increasingly chosen as a decorative plant for a balcony or a veranda of a country house. This is not surprising, because the presented culture has not only a memorable appearance, but does not require additional care.

Description of the petunia Trilogy

The plant in question relates primarily to a multi-flowered species, which is characterized by its compact size, developed root system and a long flowering period. Trilogy Petunia is less sensitive to day length than any other similar plant, so it can be used even in poorly lit living rooms.

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The height of this plant is no more than 35-40 cm, and the length of the stems reaches a maximum of 1.5 m. The diameter of the flowers is estimated at 5-8 cm, while their colors can beranging from snow white and ending with dark red or purple hues. So, for example, if you plant a Trunogy petunia on a garden plot in early June, then the first flowering can be observed at the end of this month.

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Secrets of growing

After purchasing the seeds of the described plants, they are carefully planted in a moist, loose soil in greenhouse conditions. In about a week, the first sprouts of petunia will appear, which outwardly resemble cucumber shoots. The next 2-3 weeks, the plant will develop intensively, and you should not forget to water it and, if necessary, pour fertile peat soil.

The Trilogy petunia should be planted no earlier than June, as this crop is afraid of cold and unforeseen frosts can significantly weaken it. The distance between seedlings should be at least 40-50 cm, because all types of petunias have an extremely developed root system. In addition, you should avoid excessive soil moisture after planting or fertilizing it with nitrogen-phosphate mixtures.

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Benefits of petunia Trilogy

The list of indisputable advantages that this plant fully possesses includes:

  • no need for constant watering;
  • the original appearance of the flowers;
  • long flowering period;
  • oversized dimensions.

Thus, Trilogy Petunia is a remarkable unpretentious culture that will allow to decorate the place where it grows.

Growing petunia in 2 ways - video

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