Description and characteristics of potato varieties Rosara

Rosara potato is a very competitive variety, not only in the domestic market, but also in the world. It was obtained by German specialists in the field of selection, belongs to the early varieties and has great nutritional value. Resistant to diseases, gives a wonderful harvest even for inexperienced gardeners. It is cultivated in household plots, kitchen gardens, and on an industrial scale.

Table of ContentsAccording to the description, an average of 18 tubers weighing 100-150 grams each can be harvested from one bush on average. If the growing conditions are favorable, the number of tubers can increase to 24.

The tubers contain a relatively small amount of starch, they are well stored. According to its characteristics, the plant itself is resistant to potato cancer, nematode, late blight.

The seed stock of can not be changed for a very long time .

The variety has a significant advantage over its competitors: in the most diverse climatic conditions, the development of tubers is very good.
Under good conditions, Rosaras collect 24 tubers each 100 grams


Rosars have red skin color, small eyes .Pulp with a yellowish tinge. It is thanks to the pink color of the potato is very easily recognizable among other competitors.

The shape of the tubers is oval, their size is about the same, there are rough spots on the skin.

The bushes of this variety are rather compact, of small height and not spreading. Flowers have a purple color with small yellow stamens. They are small, collected at the very top of the stem. The leaves are dark green color, egg-shaped.

What makes

unique? Rosara primarily stands out among other varieties for its unusual color: the skin can be painted either in a delicate pink shade or in dark red.

Tubers are used both in the amateur kitchen and by professionals in their field. Their taste is very soft, not cloying. With long-term cooking does not fall apart .

It is also noteworthy that the Rosar variety is very unpretentious in growing , gives excellent yield and is very well adapted to the middle band.

Potatoes are well transportable and resistant to storage.
Potatoes are characterized by a long shelf life without loss of appearance and taste.

Taste and Commercial Quality

The taste of Rosar's potato can be described as pleasant, soft and very gentle .It contains little starch, which eliminates excessive cloying and sweetness. The flesh is not watery. In cooking, it is also appreciated for the presence of a large amount of fatty acids.

Very good Rozara tolerates transportation, has a high resistance to mechanical damage. With one weave you can collect up to 500 kg mature potatoes.


Rosara has already managed to catch the fancy of domestic gardeners and deserve some feedback from them. Not all are satisfied with very early ripening. In order for the soil not to be empty, it is necessary to adjust the dates and harvest two harvests or carry out partial replacements for other, mid-season, varieties.

Not everyone likes the fact that in order to get a good harvest you need to plant seed material weighing more than 50 grams of .The opinion of practicing gardeners agreed on one thing: the variety produces stable, good yields suitable for long-term storage.

Only large seeds with a weight of 50 grams or more are suitable for planting.
Roses are not good for frying, and it is much better to cook them.

Features of growing

Soil requirements

It is recommended that pick up sandy soil with good drainage, without stagnating excessive moisture.

Before growing potatoes, it is advisable to plant on the site legumes, pumpkin plants, as well as corn, cabbage. But on the beds where solanaceous crops or sunflowers had been planted before, it is very undesirable to plant potatoes.

The landing area should be an well-lit .You can fertilize the site with manure, compost, potassium and phosphorus. In the spring, during soil pretreatment, nitrogen fertilizers are applied.

. Place for planting Rosary should be well lit.

. Plant tubers only when the land is already well warmed and there is no chance of frost. Rosara is very afraid of hypothermia, so this requirement can not be neglected.


In the process of growing, planting potatoes require regular care. Germinating weeds must be removed as they appear on the garden.

If there is no rain for a long period, it is recommended to make watering .Do it carefully, without much zeal, otherwise an overabundance of moisture can lead to rotting tubers.

As soon as the bushes begin to close the tops, and their height reaches 10-12 cm, is cultivated by the .This helps not only to get rid of weeds, but also contributes to the penetration of oxygen into the soil. Hilling is later carried out, the aim of which is also to improve the penetration of oxygen into the soil.

Another important step in the care of Rozara potato varieties is pest control .The main one is the Colorado potato beetle.

The main pest of Rosara is the Colorado potato beetle

If you do not take timely measures to destroy it, you may die the entire crop. The market presents a huge number of drugs designed to destroy the Colorado potato beetle and other pests. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Rosar variety is resistant to late blight , however, over-wetting of the soil may lead to the plant becoming infected with this ailment. It can be defeated only through the use of high-quality fungicides.

If you have already observed damage to potato planting with late blight, then in no case plant Rosaru without prior tillage with fungicides.


For successful storage of it is very important that potatoes mature .As soon as the tops are dying, all the necessary substances, including starch, are collected in the tubers. They give the variety its characteristic taste and aroma. Mature potatoes form a rather coarse skin with dry eyes.

Before storing your crop for storage, it must be properly dried in the air .So that the tubers do not turn green during this time, they are sheltered from direct sunlight. After that, the potatoes are sorted and the selection of defective products. Material must be stored without mechanical damage.

Tubers with obvious signs of any disease should be destroyed immediately.

Before storage, the crop must be thoroughly dried in air.

Storage temperature is maintained within + 2. .. + 4 degrees , which will ensure the best preservation of the crop. Do not allow the humidity to exceed 70-85%.At the bottom of the repository is better to pour sand, tracing paper or rubble. They will absorb moisture and prevent the development of fungal diseases. Long-term illumination in the storage facility, especially the ingress of daylight, should not be allowed.

Rodents often get into the repository, so maximum efforts are made to prevent this. It would be better to decompose the poison in advance.

wooden boxes are used as storage containers. The mesh bags , which provide the ability to control the safety of the crop, also performed well.

Rosara Potatoes have proven themselves very well, not only for growing in private gardens or summer cottages. This variety is successfully cultivated on an industrial scale.

When harvesting this variety, few defective potatoes are obtained; it is resistant to diseases and mechanical damage. Thanks to this, the harvested crop is transported over long distances, does not lose its presentation and perfectly preserves its taste qualities until spring.

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