FE error, FC in Samsung washing machine

Sometimes a washing machine gives an FE error and refuses to dry the laundry - drying either does not occur, or the washer interrupts the process and shows the codes FE, FC.

Here it is important to figure out how to fix the problem on your own and make the machine work in normal mode.

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  • 1 What the error means and why
  • 2 occurs How to remove the error yourself
  • 3 Breakdowns requiring the

wizard What the error means and why

occurs Error the FE in the Samsung washing machine indicates a problem with the drying fan. It does not rotate, as a result of which the drying of things stops or simply does not start, and the FE error is on the display.

It happens only for those Samsung SM models that are equipped with a drying option.

Often, the FE DTC cannot be fixed by yourself - it’s better to entrust this to a professional wizard who knows what to do.

But still, you can try to take some actions that will allow the machine to return to a healthy state. This is possible only with a short-term failure of the washer’s self-diagnosis system, when there is no problem at all.

How to remove the error yourself

If the display of the washing machine after washing, when the drying started, was highlighted by FE, then the simplest thing you can do is “reset” the washing machine:

  • Disable the washing machine with the on / off button;
  • Unplug the power cord;
  • Wait until the washing machine "rest" for a few minutes;
  • Turn on the washer again and start the drying process.

Here's how to fix the problem and remove the FE error, if it is associated only with a temporary failure in the self-test of the Samsung erasers.

If the washing machine no longer shows an error, then everything is fine with it. But if such a solution to the problem did not lead to the elimination of the problem, and the code is again displayed on the board, then professional help is needed.

Breakdowns requiring the call of the master

When an FE error appears on the display and the drying is stopped, it is often necessary to call a master who can repair the washing machine. FE appears on the display if:

  1. A malfunction occurs in the drying fan. Its impellers may jam due to debris, the starting capacitor may fail, break the drive belt or the motor winding of the fan.
    Repair depends on the type of damage. You will need to either replace the starting capacitor, or install a new belt, or clean the impeller from debris. When a fan motor burns, it is necessary to replace this element completely.
  2. The link in the fan circuit disappears. This happens when the capacitor "came out" of the socket, the contact of the capacitor with the connector is weakened, there was a break in the wiring of the fan. Bad wires need to be changed, and the jumped capacitor in place.
  3. Invalid control module. It may fail due to damage to the processor or radio elements. All damaged parts must be replaced with new ones.

Faults in the drying fan - this is what FE error means in the Samsung washing machine. Only the master can diagnose problems quickly, who will diagnose to determine the correct cause of the failure.

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