Buttons on the washing machine fall

Today it is already difficult to find a washing machine with mechanical control. It would seem that the buttons - it is an essential attribute of any household appliances, which is easy to use. On the other hand, these are additional problems, as they may not work or sink.

If you do not know what to do when the button on the washing machine sinks, this article is for you.

Material content:

  • 1 Reasons why the
  • 2 keys crash “Problem”
  • 3 keys What to do, how to get rid of this problem

Reasons why the

keys crash The main reason that the buttons of washing machines deteriorate and stop responding to pressing - this is the end of operational lifeCM.The longer and more often you use the machine, the higher the probability that parts and functional elements will fail.

There are also other reasons:

  • Poor plastic .Frequent and hard keystrokes deform or break. Most often you need to repair the most exploited buttons, such as "Pause".
  • Violation due to improper installation of parts after a handicraft or factory defect are not uncommon reasons that the keys are stuck.
  • Mini-type machines such as “Baby”, “Riga”, Favorit or Siltal fall, blows, improper transportation of the .

It is not so important why the key is ignited; in this situation, you should quickly fix the failure in order to fully use the washing machine.

"Problem" keys

In modern washers, the following troubles are most often observed:

  • Breakdown of the selector wheel for selecting wash modes. To interfere with the wheel, a broken nest or garbage collected in the grooves can turn. In this case, the repair is reduced to clearing debris and lubricating the rotating wheel.
  • sunk "Start" or "Spin", as well as buttons for selecting individual modes. If the power on and spin buttons are ignited, it will not be possible to fully wash them, especially if there is a problem with the start key, since without the Start button you cannot select any of the standard cycles.
    And without the spin button, you can only wash delicate fabrics - silk and wool, which can't be said about things made of cotton, jeans or synthetics. Causes sticking often serve as wet powder, which blocks the pressing, or pouring water.
  • The keys bounce or the controller drops out in such washers like “Ariston”, “Siemens” or domestic “Vyatka”.Usually in such cases, a complete replacement of elements is required, especially when it comes to the main switches, and not the secondary ones.
  • The hatch button has jammed, which means you will not be able to open the locked door. In these cases requires the help of a qualified master.

What to do, how to get rid of this problem

Before you get rid of the problem in such washing machines as Indesit, Whirlpool and other popular brands, you need to find out the cause of sticking. If the button is ignited, disassemble the control panel by removing the top cover first and then the front panel.

With the naked eye, you will see what caused the key's inoperability - debris, wet powder, breaks or burning of contacts. It is necessary to act according to the reason - to clean or replace the element:

  • . To remove powder or debris, use an old toothbrush and a dry sponge. Try not to use wet rags, so as not to wet the contacts.
  • If the problem is in the contacts, then it is worthwhile to carry out their maintenance, and even better - replace the entire button. To do this, go to the store with the old key and pick up the original analog. Connect the new part in the same way as the old part and start the test wash. If the key responds to pressing and its functionality beyond doubt, it means that you did everything correctly.

Important! If you are not confident in your abilities, call the master, having previously informed him of the brand and model of the machine, - he will buy the necessary part himself and quickly replace it.

In order to clearly see how to squeeze the sunken button, watch the video on the example of the Beco washing machine:

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