How to place the washing machine in the bathroom

When buying a washer, an important factor is often the size - you need to make a start from this, choosing a place. Let's take a closer look at how to install the washing machine in the bathroom so as to preserve the aesthetics of the room and make it convenient to use it.

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  • 3 Popular installation options
    • 3.1 Additional tips

Where to install the washing machine

No need to think about where to install the machine if you have a large bathroom. But what if you need to place the washing machine in a small bathroom? Even on three square meters it is real! Read our helpful tips below. Installing a washing machine in a bathroom should begin with the following nuances:

  • Consider safety when choosing a place for washing. Your task is to protect the machine from the effects of moisture and mechanical damage.
  • After installing the machine, do not put any objects on it, since the electronic part of the equipment is located just under the top cover. Even the slightest deflection can cause damage, lead to breakage and reduced performance.
  • Installing a typewriter should be based on the location of the lines of communication.
  • Make sure the machine does not prevent you from walking or closing the doors.
  • Room design is not the most important factor, but it is better that the SM harmoniously blend into the interior.

These few recommendations will help you better understand where to put the washing machine, even in a small room.

Washing machine - addition to the interior

In order for the washer to not spoil the interior, you need to think over everything in advance. From what materials for the walls, floor and ceiling you choose, depends on the perception as a whole. When interior design, follow the rules for installing a washing machine in the bathroom:

  1. If the room is small, the use of light-colored materials is the best option for decoration. Expand the room can be white and beige shades.
  2. If you want to diversify the room, use no more than three shades for the design. Otherwise, even every little thing will seem cumbersome and superfluous.
  3. When creating an attractive design, purchase small plumbing fixtures( faucets, pipes, etc.) and a compact washing machine.
  4. Hang mirrors and order glossy stretch ceilings - this will visually expand the room.
  5. Not bad, if the washing machine in a small bathroom is white, this will visually reduce the technique.
  6. In a small room do not hang boxes or shelves. If you need it, keep the amount to a minimum.
  7. Small accessories highlight the comfort of the room. Small towels, a beautiful set for the bathroom or a nice laundry basket - and the room will sparkle with new colors.

Washing machine in the bathroom will be a highlight of the interior, if you find a suitable installation option.

Popular installation options

We will understand how to best install the machine:

  1. A compact washer on the sink fits perfectly into the small bathroom. This placement offers several advantages: saving space and ease of use - both a washstand and a machine. The width of the sink should completely close the top and front panel of the machine, so as not to soak the electronics.
  2. Consider the following points: if you decide to hide the washing machine under the sink, then you will need to buy a wash basin of the “Water Lily” type. There is a need to purchase a special siphon. Technique under the feet may interfere with the use of the sink.
  3. A niche for a washing machine in the bathroom is a good option with minimal spending.
  4. To hide the washing machine in the bathroom, you can embed appliances in the furniture. Only it is necessary to make headsets to order, given the parameters and design of the room.
  5. Combine the counter with the sink and sink, and you will see how convenient it is.
  6. It will also look good washing machine between the bathroom and bathroom fixtures. So you can significantly save space, while neither the plumber nor the machine will not interfere with the movement of the room.
  7. You can replace the bathroom with a shower. So there will be more space, while there is a free corner to accommodate the MCA.If you can opt out of relaxation in the bathroom, this option is for you.
  8. Choose vertical CM.The front part of the machine does not exceed 40 cm, so it will easily stand where the usual frontal machine does not fit.
  9. You can also make a box for a washing machine.
  10. Pay attention to the mounted models. Compact cars for a couple of kilograms fit even for the smallest baths. Make sure your walls are made of bricks or concrete so that the hull does not fall off of the unreliable wall.
  11. An interesting and not very common, but convenient way of location - the installation of a washing machine on the podium. In this case, the machine rises slightly above the floor, sometimes it saves a lot of space, especially since you can make a locker in the podium. We described in detail the methods, techniques and process in the corresponding article.

If you are thinking about how to hide the washing machine in the bathroom, it is best to give preference to the third option - making furniture to order.

Interesting! In a large apartment, you can install an SMA anywhere, and even in the bathroom it will not be cramped. But if you do not want to break the interior, provide a niche.

Additional tips

When installing the machine, remember:

  1. The floor must be perfectly level.
  2. Communications - sewage, water supply, outlet - should be nearby.
  3. Nothing should interfere with opening the door or cover of the machine.
  4. Ensure the dryness of the equipment above - so the electronics will last longer.

Now you know how to close the washing machine in the bathroom and where to install it. A washstand, wall cabinets or shelves can be installed above the washer; it can be hidden in furniture or installed in a niche. There are many options, choose yours. And remember that the main decoration of your bath is not only a washing machine, but also cleanliness.

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