Refrigerators Stinol: reviews, top 5 best models overview lineup

Refrigerator - this is one of the most essential instruments in the kitchen, so his choice should be approached with great responsibility. Do you agree? Most recently, the most popular among buyers were Stinol refrigerators. They are considered prestigious and operational and comfortable, and they would like to purchase a large number of people.

However, the brand did not last long. Economic difficulties put an end to a successful plant, and the company eventually became the property of concern Indesit. Investors re-equip the plant and introduced several technological innovations, but promised to keep the spirit and tradition of the beloved brand.

In this article we will talk about the features of the refrigeration group Indesit, consider the range of products produced by the plant, and is said to be the top 5 best manufacturer models. In addition, the article you will find expert advice to potential buyers, and reviews of the owners of this brand of refrigerators.

The content of the article:

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  • Principles of operation of the Lipetsk plant
  • Models from the representative of Indesit in Russia
  • Features refrigeration
    • Technologically, the "chips" items
    • Energy efficiency and climatic features
  • Produced by the product line
    • General description Russian Hotpoint-Ariston
    • Distinguishing features Indesit Lipetsk
  • The best models of the brand Stinol
    • Refrigerator # 1: Stinol STN 200
    • Refrigerator # 2: Stinol STS 200
    • Refrigerator # 3: Stinol STS 150
    • Refrigerator # 4: Stinol STN 185
    • Refrigerator # 5: Stinol STD 125
  • What to look for when choosing a refrigerator?
  • Customer feedback about the product
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Principles of operation of the Lipetsk plant

By technology, released under the popular global brands, but at Russian plants, customers are always wary. However, there is nothing to fear. Instruments collected and staffed by local craftsmen, almost nothing inferior equipment made abroad.

Indesit Corporation, which bought the factory in Lipetsk Styrene completely reorganized interior. The Italians equipped workshop with modern automatic lines, and in the neighborhood constructed progressive logistic center.

Shop Lipetsk plant hholodilnogo equipment

On Stinol former factory in Lipetsk, is now owned by the corporation Indesit, introduced a three-level quality control. This system fault, the defective unit has virtually no chance of being in the shop and get to the buyer

The process of manufacture and assembly of cooling equipment took strict control of Italian engineers. Staff organized training and provided an opportunity to improve their qualifications in special courses.

In addition, it was decided to bring from abroad the main operating units, original replacement parts and technology components.

In the shops of the Lipetsk enterprises created comfortable conditions, allowing the refrigerator to collect completed, test for potentially possible damage and to eliminate the detected defects in a timely manner, and Problems.

This made it possible to start production of devices that meet the strict standards, but standing a little bit cheaper than similar products made in Europe.

Indesit Company interests in Russia is ZAO "Indesit International". This organization is in control of all matters relating to the issue of refrigerators, and is actively logistics activities to ensure that their products across the country.

Assembly shop refrigerators in Lipetsk

Now Lipetsk plant included in the list of leaders on the Russian market high-quality refrigeration equipment for household use. The most successful use cheap, spacious low-end models

Today in Lipetsk released the following devices:

  • a recessed niche or under the table top;
  • single- and triple-detached;
  • household freezers.

It is engaged in the sale of the official representative of the brand in Russia - subsidiary company "Indesit RUS". It also organizes the purchasing of refrigerators manufactured in the former factory Stinol, across the country.

Products are distributed through online stores and popular network, specializing in the implementation of home appliances.

Lipetsk plant products, made on the Italian equipment, taking into account the latest Stinol and traditions innovative development, attracting customers reasonable price, high reliability, practicality and European quality.

Models from the representative of Indesit in Russia

At the Lipetsk plant refrigeration, once issuing Stinol now produce Indesit appliances and Hotpoint-Ariston. Both brands belong to the international concern Indesit International.

The units are equipped with reliable and modern compressors such firms as:

  • Danfos (Denmark);
  • Sicop (Slovenia);
  • ACC (Italy);
  • Jiaxipera (China).

Fitting elements, the inner containers and boxes are made of quality materials. Glass for shelves has high strength and can withstand a load of 35 kg. This ensures absolutely safe storage of any products and prepared dishes.

Hotpoint-Ariston in the interior

On the concept of exterior design Lipetsk line Hotpoint-Ariston worked not only Italian artists, but also a famous Japanese designer Makio Hasukite. Thanks to his influence in the products managed to harmoniously combine the clarity of simple lines with the elegance of forms

Lipetsk products labeled inscription Indesit belong to a segment of a cheaper, budget techniques and Hotpoint-Ariston series includes models of middle and upper class.

Features refrigeration

Units started at the Lipetsk plant, represent a new level of home appliance meets all modern requirements. Along with advanced Italian technology used in the production of achievements made Stinol engineers.

Due to this comprehensive approach, the assembly line go reliable and quality equipment, attention buyers pleasant appearance, progressive functional and reasonable, balanced price, not too gushing for family budget.

Advantage Stinol refrigerators

The main advantage of refrigerators with "Stinol" logo and the products produced by Lipetsk plant under foreign brands, it is a reasonable price, because it does not affect customs duties (+)

Technologically, the "chips" items

Indesit Corporation continuously improved and regularly introduces industrial innovation technology and innovative ideas that improve functionality and operational comfort units.

Among the most popular options available in refrigerators made at the Lipetsk plant, there are items such as:

  • Air Tech Evolution No Frost - revolutionary cooling system. It stimulates circulation vozhduhopotokov on inside the chamber and creates the ideal conditions for storage of products.
  • AristonIntegratedRefrigeration - the newest type of ventilation. Efficiently distributes temperature and optimal humidity in all compartments.
  • holiday - this option transforms the unit into standby mode. It provides for the entire period of absence hosts a single level cooling with a minimum consumption of electrics.
  • Rapid cooling / freezing - allows for short time to cool and deep freeze large batch of products.
  • Cool Care Zone - allow the use of the freezer drawer in four different variants of cooling.
  • Ice Party - an exclusive option. Correctly cools a bottle of champagne in a bucket with a special coolant.

In all models, there is a different set of the above options. The buyer can choose himself what he really would enjoy, and for that there is no sense to overpay.

Cooling cameras Nou Frost system

New camera models supplied Lipetsk manufacturer on the domestic market, are cooled without frost and snow shell. Refrigerators are equipped with the latest achievements in the field of manufacture of household appliances

Energy efficiency and climatic features

Refrigerators Russian assembly manufactured in the factory under the trademark Stinol Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit, have several classes of energy - from B to A ++. The most economical instruments are valued more expensive, but over time it pays a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Among the products have all the classic models of climate classes and aggregates with more fine-tuning, providing for operation in a mixed climate, for example, SN-T or SN-ST.

Acquainted with the characteristics, the user can choose for themselves the most convenient and comfortable product.

Refrigerator production Stinol

Among the selling points of the Lipetsk plant has units with an average and the highest class in the parameters of economical energy consumption. Because refrigerators in operation almost continuously, it is necessary to choose a model of class A to A ++. To give enough Class B

Produced by the product line

Today production facility in Lipetsk fully loaded. In the factory collect such line of refrigerators, such as:

  • «Evolution» - Hotpoint-Ariston;
  • «Basic», «New Line», «Icon» and «Giugiaro» - Indesit.

Most of the production goes to the Russian domestic market and partly sent in the near abroad.

General description Russian Hotpoint-Ariston

Under the brand Hotpoint-Ariston Lipetsk plant produces refrigerators labeled Ecotech. This means that the model does not represent any danger to the environment or to the user.

They have a high technical parameters, show excellent performance and attractive design differ.

Refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston

Displacement of the cooling chambers in refrigerators made Lipetsk varies within 80-300 liters, and freezers - from 40 to 150 liters

Among the extensive range of offers available to customers free-standing and built-in one- and two-door modules with a different arrangement of the freezer compartment. In size grading is very wide. Available are small (about 40 cm in height) Economy options and full 2-meter units.

In a series of HBM freezer is at the bottom. The average volume of the cooling compartment is 233 liters, and the freezer compartment - 85 liters.

The kit includes a container for meat and egg cups are made of high-strength, environmentally friendly plastic. Inside arranged removable tempered glass shelf and storage compartment greenery.

representatives of line E4D They offer customers more opportunities to store food supplies. refrigerator net capacity of 470 liters and allows to load a large number of products and cooked dishes.

Four-Hotpoint-Ariston E4D AA

Device E4D with additional marking AA provided freezer with two self-contained chambers, each of which opens separately

In addition to a niche for eggs E4D are convenient stand for bottles and special trays for fruit and vegetables, are equipped with moisture sensors. Externally, the unit looks discreet and elegant, making it easy to fit into any design solution implemented in the kitchen or dining room.

Modules marked with HF equipped with practical and comfortable No Frost system. Modern technological developments have created inside the cooling space optimal conditions that maintain the original freshness for 9 days.

Antibacterial coating protects the unit from the inner surface of harmful microorganisms, fungi and molds manifestations. Active superzamorozki option enables to freeze a day over 2 kg of product without loss of gastronomic qualities.

devices BCB It represents a classic embodiment of a domestic refrigerator. Freezer is at the bottom and requires defrosting manually. The cooling compartment has a removable shelf to optimize the space under the personal needs.

Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston BCB of the line

BCB feature modules - a great capacity in a compact width (total 54 cm). This unit is ideal for small-sized kitchen, and fit easily in the closet

Washer HBT equipped with reversible door. Containers for meat, fruit and vegetables are placed convenient, easy to remove, to clean and are resistant to small mechanical damage. The plastic from which they are made, has excellent transparency and keeps it throughout the operational period.

When disconnecting the electrical freezer maintains the desired temperature for 13 hours. Of course, this is not the most impressive figure, but the presence of such a function will help at least for some time to maintain reserves in case of force majeure.

Distinguishing features Indesit Lipetsk

The enterprise in Lipetsk brand Indesit mainly produce low-end models. They have good energy efficiency (class B and above), controlled Electromechanics have ergonomic compartments for different types of products and are reasonable money.

The exterior design in classic style. This point allows you to fit harmoniously into any interior fridge.

Unit NBS 20 AA Basik series of different capacity, but it has a small width and can easily become the kitchen of small and medium sizes. Electrical consumption is only 294 K / W per year. When power is turned off in a freezer for 19 hours, the temperature is kept low.

Refrigerator Indesit NBS 20 AA

The inner boxes 20 AA NBS made of plastic of high transparency. Because of this, open the fridge, you can see at a glance where which products are

Simple and inexpensive two-chamber RAA28 or line New Line is suitable for use in all climates. Freezer located at the top and unfreezes the drip method. Recessed handles allow neatly inside to use the door without causing additional load

Indesit RAA28

RAA28 instrument is very economical and belongs to a class of A. By purchasing such unit owners will be able to qualitatively cool, freeze and store food, not overpaying for electrician

BIAA 20 UA Icon of a series made in restrained and elegant style. Special refinement him give false elongated handle located on the door. Inner space divided correctly impact resistant glass shelves with walls made of white metal. Freezer located at the bottom and comes with three plastic boxes.

Double chamber Indesit BIAA 20

The main advantages of the model BIAA 20 UA - this capacity at a relatively small size, quiet operation of the compressor and 18-month warranty from the manufacturer

The main feature of the refrigerator Prime Giugiaro PBAA 34 NF X D - a unique appearance, Developed by "Giugiaro Design". Not far behind on these parameters, and "filling". Functionality and features are very broad and raises comfort of operating at a very high level.

Indesit with No Frost system

In the PBAA 34 NF X D No Frost mounted system, preventing occurrence of frost and ice on the walls. Defrost the freezer there is no need. The process is automatic and requires no user intervention

Pure Wind function promotes uniform cooling of food supplies in all departments, and the control panel of sound and light signals in due time inform the owner about the problems, faults and interruptions in the supply of electricians.

The best models of the brand Stinol

Consider the 5 best models produced by Lipetsk plant under Stinol brand. The list of benefits traditionally appears extremely attractive price and innovative technology borrowed from the Lipetsk plant engineers from Italian staff.

Refrigerator # 1: Stinol STN 200

Dvuhmetrovy refrigerator configured in classic white tonality. The unit offers potential owners a useful volume of 359 liters, of which 106 liters occupied by an underlying freezer. The ideal model may day freeze to 2.5 kg.

Both cameras are cooled Stinol STN 200 in accordance with the principles of No Frost technology, thus, do not require regular defrosting to remove ice and snow build-up.

electromechanical control, simple and reliable, insensitive to the difficult operating conditions. After switching off the power unit is able to hold the cold an additional 13 hours. According to data on energy consumption model has class A.

Refrigerator # 2: Stinol STS 200

From the previous model refrigerator Stinol STS 200 is no different external dimensions, but slightly ahead of useful volume. Total displacement inner space is 363 liters, including a freezer compartment 128 l allocated. Frosting unit may to 2 kg per day.

Both compartments are cooled by a static model, i.e. inside will be periodically snow and frost buildup. Defrosting is done manually at the intervals specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

To control the electromechanical device is installed. Not as convenient as its electronic counterpart, but rarely goes down and is well protected from possible moisture. Keep cold after power model can be up to 19 hours. According to the data of the energy consumption of the unit has received a class B.

Refrigerator # 3: Stinol STS 150

The height of 1.5 meters refrigerator that did not fail to affect the amount of effective volume. The model will offer the future owners have only 263 liters. Of these, an underlying freezer compartment occupied 72 l, freeze therein a day may be up to 2 kg.

Cooled Stinol STS 150 the drip method. So, the owners have to periodically defrost the unit manually. True chambers within such refrigerators is formed microclimate for the conservation and freshness of elasticity green / fruits / vegetables.

Managed by the electromechanical system. When disconnected from the power unit alone will keep the desired product temperature background to 15 hours. Energy consumption efficiency of fridge was a class B.

Refrigerator # 4: Stinol STN 185

Double chamber unit height of 185 cm offers to take advantage of useful space of 333 liters. Disposed on the bottom of the freezing chamber 106 l allocated. Freeze it can be up to 2,5 kg per day.

And freezing and refrigerating compartment 185 is cooled Stinol STN according No Frost system. Forced defrost unit chamber is not necessary, because the stable operating air circulation inside eliminates the formation of condensation and freezing of products. Defrost them no more than a couple times a year in order to bring the equipment back in order.

Controlled by an electromechanical device model. At interruption of power supply can maintain the operating temperature of up to 13 hours. Energy efficiency, this option was class A.

Refrigerator # 5: Stinol STD 125

One-compartment model is perfect lovers of country life, the owners of rooms in the dormitories, and the owners of the studio apartments. Height of the unit of 125 cm, and the volume of its storage space is equal to 225 liters. Under the low temperature compartment is located on top aside of 28 l.

Cooling Stinol STD 125 drip type. Defrost it will need to manually, but doing it now is much rarer than in the years of the onset of crying refrigerators.

Controlled by single-door cooling unit electromechanical system rarely cause trouble owners. its cost is more than acceptable. Energy efficiency parameters of the model has received in the classroom.

What to look for when choosing a refrigerator?

In order to properly buy a refrigerator and do not overpay, you must determine in advance the conditions under which the unit will be operated and how much product it will be stored.

For a family of 2-3 people, living in a small city apartment, suitable compact width devices without occupying much space.

Two-door refrigerator in the interior

If there are disruptions of power electrics, it makes sense to take the unit in the region of residence, capable For a long time in stand-alone mode in the freezer to maintain the optimum storage temperature

Those who often goes on business trips and does not keep the house large food stocks, you should pay attention to the products with a "Leave". Thanks to her, you can adjust the refrigerator to work in "sleep" mode during the absence of hosts. This will save a substantial amount on utility bills.

Technological refrigerator functions

It is not necessary to buy the device, stuffed with advanced features package. It is better to choose a model with options, which is planned to be used continuously, and not from case to case

For large high powered refrigerators important criterion will be energy class. To keep food and reasonably consume electrician should take the unit level A + or A ++. For small appliances this point is not so significant, so it can be saved.

Customer feedback about the product

About the products made at the former factory Stinol, under the trademarks Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston, consumers respond differently. Among the pros call a loyal price for which you can buy not only the base unit with a minimum of functions, but rather "fancy" apparatus.

Refrigerator, built-in kitchen

Ability to build a refrigerator in a kitchen set - one of the essential advantages art issued on Lipetsk plant. This saves valuable space

Positive view of the internal arrangement of the customers, the presence of strong and durable shelves, roomy containers for different kinds of products and the possibility of reversible door.

Among the disadvantages it is often called is not too good build quality and the instability of the active operation of flagella and seals. These items wear out quickly and require regular replacement, as well as thermostat sensors.

Experts note some problems in refrigerators with electronic control. Internal Card often burn out, not served their term, and it has to reflash or change a new one.

Bad welds pipe loops which often sin Russian instruments often results in leakage of refrigerant. the replacement process itself is not complicated, but requires time and skill. Masters of the problem corrected quickly from the service center, but for sure it will have to pay.

Most potential buyers are afraid of failure of the compressor, but such a failure happens in refrigerators is extremely rare. Even models with the Chinese instrument, clearly not afraid of work and intensive use.

Compressor for the refrigerator

Some lines are equipped with compressors Indesit Chinese firm Jiaxipera. It is a reliable manufacturer, has 30 years of market presence. His models operate on R-600 refrigerant freon and progressive. The only disadvantage of devices - is the noise during operation

To protect your equipment from surges in power, Indesit engineers advise clients to acquire the rectifier voltage. This element rescue equipment from sudden combustion in the event of an unexpected shutdown of light and reduce the load on the compressor, thereby prolonging its service life.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to create the refrigeration equipment in Lipetsk. Excursion to production facilities of the enterprise.

Many customers complain that they can no longer buy a refrigerator, called Stinol, and remember what convenient and inexpensive were Russian units.

Considering this point, Indesit Corporation, which bought the plant, stresses that the production uses stinolovskie developments and, complementing their European innovation, it produces high-quality instruments, in all respects superior to once popular model Stinol.

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