LED lamp socket E27: a comparative review of the best options on the market

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Advanced LED lamps with E27 base are a general-purpose light sources. Unlike incandescent bulbs, led-products sparingly electrician spends provide saturated light flux. They demonstrate excellent operational stability and reliably serve for many years.

Products of this type produced by many responsible manufacturers, to find it in the company store there is no difficulty. But how to buy the most suitable option? The main selection criteria are listed in our proposed article.

The content of the article:

  • Marking and classification E27
  • The distinctive features of LED lamps
    • Advantages of LED fixtures
    • Disadvantages of products diode
  • Top E27 LED devices
    • Competition in the lighting market
    • LED-products of the brand Philips
    • Offers from brand Navigator
    • The range of products led by Osram
    • Top line of Gauss
  • What is interesting filament lamps?
    • Plus original news
    • Cons of innovative products
  • Rating filament lamps
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Marking and classification E27

E27 Abbreviation characterizes the most popular type of electric lamp in Europe and the former Soviet Union. Letter «E» denotes a cap fitted with a threaded system which ensures reliable fastening of the lamp in the luminaire holder. Numeral 27 indicates a cap diameter in millimeters.

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Such devices are commercially available in these versions:

  • conventional LED lamps;
  • more progressive filaments species.

The first option is a traditional and sold for a very democratic price. The second has a better performance in all respects, but the high cost yet does not allow him to fully seize the market.

The distinctive features of LED lamps

In traditional LED lamps E27 are mostly SMD chips. Modest size and minimal heat during operation make it possible to use them without restriction and in any conditions, including cases where safety and efficiency of the lighting system are increased requirements.

Advantages of LED fixtures

E27 products glow temperature is in the very wide range, from soft and calm warm shades in the range of 2700-3200 K and finishing cold white of 4000 K and above.

The first option is designed for living rooms, where people spend large amounts of time and rest. The second most often used for lighting workers, technical and industrial space.

Comparative table lamps

LED devices are reliable and long, do not overload the eye and saves the electrician. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps resource consumption is reduced by 75%, and with energy saving - 12%

Among the advantages of high production efficiency. Consuming much less electrical, than simple incandescent lamps, LED-modules provide the same level of illumination intensity and correctly operate without replacement of 20,000 to 100,000 hours.

Easily tolerate the intense operational loads, are resistant to vibrations and shocks, without fear of low temperatures.

LED lighting in the interior

LED-lamps do not produce ultraviolet radiation around, do not lead to an upholstery fading, fading wallpaper and paint in paintings

Full ecological safety ensures no mercury in LED lamps. This also greatly simplifies the time of their disposal, do not require action both at recycling of fluorescent devices.

Disadvantages of products diode

The accusation led products customers in the first place put a high price. Brand domestic production is somewhat cheaper than their foreign counterparts, but also they will have to pay a large sum. Chinese "Bezymyanka" are sold cheaply, but their quality leaves much to be desired, that can not be discounted.

Another very significant negative - increased sensitivity to voltage drops. This limits the range of use of LEDs in suburban areas, where instability occurs regularly in power networks.

Chandelier with LED lamps E27

Ice-products give only a narrow light. In order to extend it is required to complement the special lamp diffuser. This significantly increases the cost of the system and significantly reduces power supply light stream

LEDs can not be screwed in closed luminaires. Subjected to constant overheating bulbs very quickly fail and does not fulfill even part of the alleged period of manufacturer.

When used in areas with high humidity LED-devices lose percentage and outputting power more palpable dim light flux.

Top E27 LED devices

Modern LED equipment market is developing very rapidly. Now it is dominated by large and well-established foreign concerns. They come on the heels newcomers - actively growing domestic firms and numerous Chinese factories.

Competition in the lighting market

For the client turns real fight and every manufacturer tries as much as possible to attract the users. Some try to get people interested in the budget at the expense of others are betting on innovative technology and offer an expensive but effective product of impeccable quality.

LED bulb E27

Classical LED-lamp with an E27 successfully replaces the customary and traditional light bulb "Ilyich." At low electrical consumption it provides room quality light without tiring your eyes

Clients can choose from a variety of attractive offers exactly what best suits their needs and requirements for home lighting systems.

LED-products of the brand Philips

Philips has for a long time, holds leading positions in the market of LED equipment and associated elements. Brand bulb with E27 markings made at the production facilities of concern in Europe, meet the highest international standards and are certified.

E27 LED bulb from Phillips

Philips is very closely related to the packaging of their products. All lamps have been marketed, packed in boxes of cardboard good density, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a violation of the integrity, bulb during transport

good efficiency, the record efficiency, full ecological safety is mentioned among the main advantages of the product. As well as the presence in the product line is not only the usual form of products, but also more original species, such as "corn" or "candle in the wind."

For their products Class E27 Company Philips It gives 2-year warranty. If during this period with a lamp that is going to happen, it is required to repair or replace a new one. To use this service, you need to keep your receipt, proof of purchase and ask for a consultant to make a note of the date of sale to the data sheet or the lamp box.

E27 LED bulb from Phillips

Customers who have already purchased the module from the E27 Phillips, noted a lot of weight body, high-quality assembly and absence of unpleasant odors during combustion

The only disadvantage of the product - the high price. However, experts say that it is absolutely justified.

Products are working correctly throughout the entire service life, do not suffer from burn-out of the diodes, by the end of maintenance period almost no fading, continuing to provide the room a pleasant, soft unobtrusive light.

Offers from brand Navigator

The history of the brand began in 1993 with the formation of the territory of the Russian Battery Team company. As the scope of the main activities of the new association has chosen the trade-quality LED modules and associated components supply from world famous manufacturers.

for the collection of LED lamps shop

Brand Navigator factory located in Klin. Every stage of production is strictly monitored for compliance with technological requirements. This makes it possible to identify the problem long before the product gets to the store shelf, and from there to the buyer

It owns the trademark owner created in 2006 and presented to the users line of led-lamps called Navigator. At first, the assortment was meager and consisted of only a few models.

Today, the company produces a range of products of different shapes and configurations. Most of them have E27 base and enjoy well-deserved success with consumers thanks to the intelligent combination of efficiency, cost, excellent features saturation and good light stream.

LED bulb E27 Navigator

Products from Navigator presents two series. Standart range includes simple lamp budgetary cost. Professional modules are valued more expensive, but provide an opportunity to create an indoor professional lighting system of any complexity

Among the advantages of E27 lamps Navigator pleasing to the eye the flow of light, attractive design and reasonable price.

Among the shortcomings - too strong heating radiator provoking an increase of power consumption by about 10-15% of the declared value of the manufacturer.

The range of products led by Osram

German brand Osram is considered to be a veteran of the lighting equipment market in different directions. Appearing in 1906, she loudly declared itself by offering customers high quality, efficient, reliable product and since then has not lowers the speed.

E27 LED bulb from Osram

E27 LED-modules from the German brand is deservedly popular. From similar products of their impeccable build quality, the minimum consumption of energy resources, high reliability and no delay in the ignition at the time of inclusion

The company now operates as one of the many industrial sector companies belonging to a major international concern Siemens. Among the top three, supplying the consumer market a wide range of the most innovative lighting products.

Osram 5% of profits annually spends on research and continuously working on the improvement of the diode characteristics of products.

E27 LED bulb from Osram

E27 type of device from Osram passed expert testing in a European research laboratories. This procedure confirmed the good energy efficiency and complete environmental safety of the German brand lamps

The purpose of the work the company is positioning as providing customers a modern convenient, comfortable, attractive and operational and sustainable products that can satisfy the most unusual requests client.

E27 from Osram consumers value highly. From advantages isolated durability, luminance and combustion rich, dense flow of light scattered around the room without flicker and ripple.

The minus is not entirely successful location markings on the lamp itself. In certain types of chandeliers and lamps you see it and it spoils the overall interior solution.

Top line of Gauss

Gauss brand owned by Russian company "Vatron". Initially the company specialized in selling only LED equipment and associated elements of Chinese manufacturing.

Own production was organized after 2010, and by 2015 the proportion of firms in the domestic market of diode light sources was 18%. Today, products Gauss E27 socket manufactured in different embodiments. In the production process the company uses the world's unique technology and own development.

LED light bulb Gauss

For their products "Vatron" gives 3-year warranty. Lifetime specified on the package, is 30 thousand hours or 20 years when operated for 5 hours a day

Gauss lamps exhibit a high efficiency and virtually no heated. This allows their use in combination with tension ceilings, where the lighting system has unique requirements.

The range of products with E27 base includes classic, decorative mirror, and LED lights, as well as dimmable models.

Elementari line refers to the budget class. It provides devices with different glow temperatures, good color rendering index, an operating voltage of 180-240 V and scattering angle of 240 degrees. Such products are considered universal and are suitable for both contemporary and vintage for lighting devices.

They give it high marks Elementary models. Most often praised intense light stream at low power the lamp, long life, no flicker, and excellent compatibility with lamps of different types. The disadvantages include the incorrect operation of devices with certain types of switches.

LED lamps Gauss E27

Gauss E27 lamp environmentally safe and do not emit ultraviolet radiation. Because of this they can be screwed into the chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, which are located in the children's rooms

Reflektor lamp series is equipped inside with glass, which performs the function of a reflector for the light and provides a narrow but very bright stream of light.

scattering angle of 120 degrees. Most often, these modules are used for installation in lamps spotlightingThat emphasizes certain zone or interior elements. The list of decorative modifications Gauss E27 includes products of original forms, such as "candle in the wind." They are used in chandeliers and lamps unusual design.

What is interesting filament lamps?

Filamentous device with an E27 refers to a progressive class LED products. For its production is used CHIP-ON-GLASS technology.

Its principle of operation is built on the use of non-natural bases of sapphire, which are fixed the minimum size of the LEDs. based on the structure suitable to accommodate a large number of LED elements and, due to its transparency, allows the emission of evenly distributed in all directions.

Plus original news

Filament devices are compatible with models of chandeliers and lamps of various types, including those that were originally created by a conventional incandescent bulb. High light output allows for minimal cost effectively cover large premises complex layout.

Filament LED bulbs in the interior of the bathroom

With the help of filament modules can not only build high-quality lighting system in an apartment or house, but also to create unique and original interior solution in each room

In the construction there are no additional optical elements. Visually, the product resembles a traditional incandescent lamp and with the same intensity to emit light 360 degrees in diameter.

Cons of innovative products

The only drawback - it is the fragility of the bulb. It is completely glass and should be, treated with care, especially during transport.

Inability to repair also adds points innovative products. If the filament bulb burns out, it was immediately necessary to change to a new, and this entails additional expenditure.

Individual buyers is referred to the obvious disadvantages of a high price on the model of foreign brands, in particular, equipped with dimming. But experts say that it is justified, because the design includes expensive driversMaking it possible to adjust the power supplied to light stream.

Rating filament lamps

The German company Osram offers lamps in different shapes, created by the filament technology. The assortment includes devices capacity of 3.2 to 8 watts.

Comparative table lamp power

Filament LED-modules are highly efficient and in all respects superior to ordinary incandescent lamps. Stated stream of light output of 4 W corresponds to the operating parameters "Ilicha" 40 watt bulb

They have good casting quality and high transparency of the glass flask. Visual appeal allows you to embed the product in open fixtures, sconces and chandeliers.

Domestic trademark "Rusled" offers its customers products with E27 base operating capacity of 6-8 watts. Device almost pulsate even during prolonged use, and their service life is 15,000 hours, which is a very good indicator for a relatively inexpensive brand.

Filament LED bulbs in the interior

Users very well speak of filament lamps, primarily noting pleasing to the eye, is not tiring shade of light stream, reliability, durability and eye-catching appearance

Mordovia firm "Lisma" which have already proven themselves manufacture of high-quality and affordable LED lamps with caps of different diameters, produces reliable, practical filament modules with the lowest levels pulsation.

LED lamp filament Lisma

In the manufacture of filament product brand Lisma equips each LED strand special metal strip. This improves the heat removal process and increases the strength of the whole structure

Power models range from 6 to 8 watts. 2-year warranty is carried out in the presence of the sales receipt and applies to all products purchased in retail stores.

Russian firm Gauss produces not only equipment filament power 6-8 W, but also a bright 10-watt. saturation level of light stream is 970 lm, and the color reproduction is as close to natural.

Filament modules with E27 base in all respects superior to products of competing companies. Their light stream in Lyumah is 930 lumens, color rendering index equal RA90, and the angle of dispersion tends to 360 degrees. Another plus is that the functioning suits them wider voltage range - from 185 to 265 V.

LED filament lamp

The warranty period specified on the box, does not mean that after its completion the lamp stops working. The manufacturer has in mind that after a specified time, the intensity of light will fall by 30%

Customers note record level luminance combustion devices, operational stability and increased efficiency, as per consumed watt filament lamps emit a greater amount of light than usual diode.

Among the shortcomings point to the fragility of some flasks, vulnerability to shocks and still high cost products. Firm guarantee of 35 000 hours, which substantially exceeds the figures stated in similar cases competitors.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Overview of LED lighting with E27 base from different manufacturers. Comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of budget and premiumnyh models from popular brands:

Description and testing process on the effectiveness and efficiency of E27 lamps equipped with LED strings. How Led Filament technology is better than traditional SMD-chips, widely used in the market:

LED-lamp "corn" 96 crystals socket E27, sent by the user of China. How good it is and whether or not to buy it. All the most interesting details and advice to potential clients:

Simple LED-lamp E27 is the most common. After all, it can be installed not only in modern chandeliers and lamps, but also in the old lighting. Products such a configuration is widely available on the market in budget and luxury categories.

All known companies produce bulbs with base E27, so choose the appropriate option would be a snap.

Do you want to talk about how to choose and buy E27 bulb to replace conventional incandescent devices? There is a desire to share personal criteria that are useful to site visitors. Please write comments in the block located below, publish pictures of the article topic, ask questions.

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