Why LED lamps are switched off switch: causes and solutions

You do not know why LED lamps are lit when the switch is off? Agree: the problems in the operation of the lighting system of very few people will be pleased. Do you prefer yourself to find the cause of the LEDs without involving an electrician? But you do not know where the weak point?

We show you how to deal with a difficult problem. The article describes the most common situations that cause the glow lamps when they shut down. The ways of solving the problem, advice on selecting a reliable light source from a trusted manufacturer.

The recommended measures will allow us in the further exploitation of such devices to avoid some embarrassing situations. The special design of LED-lamps ensures economical power consumption and long service life.

The content of the article:

  • The design of LED lamp
  • The principle of operation of the equipment
  • Pros and cons of LEDs
  • How harmful burning lamp?
  • The main reasons for the residual glow
    • Reason # 1 - the switch with backlight option
    • Reason # 2 - Faulty electrical wiring
    • Reason # 3 - incorrect connection lamp
    • Reason # 4 - poor quality bulbs
  • Recommendations regarding the selection of electrical appliances
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The design of LED lamp

In order to find out why the device is turned off after the glow, you need to carefully consider the LED-device unit, and find out how it works.

The construction of such a lamp is rather complicated; it consists of the following elements:

  • Chips (diodes). The main element of the lamp, providing a stream of light emission.
  • Printed aluminum board on the heat-conducting mass. This component is designed to remove excess heat in the radiator, whereby in the device temperature is maintained which is necessary for correct operation of the chips.
  • Radiator. The apparatus to which is applied heat, reserved from other nodes LED-lamp. Normally, this piece is made of anodized aluminum alloy.
  • Cap. Base lamp designed for connection with a cartridge fitting. Typically, this element is made of brass covered with a layer of nickel on top. Damage metal resists corrosion while facilitating contact with the cartridge device.
  • Base. The lower part, adjacent to the cap, made of polymer. Through this body is protected from penetration of electric.
  • Driver. The assembly provides a stable optimal performance even in case of sudden changes in voltage drops in the electrical parameters. The operation of this unit is similar to a galvanically isolated modulator of electric stabilizer.
  • Diffuser. Glass hemisphere, covering the top of the device. As the name implies, the part designed to maximize dispersion of the luminous flux which emit diodes.

All device nodes are connected with each other, which ensures its reliable operation.

The principle of operation of the equipment

Specific LED-circuit devices produced by different manufacturers may differ significantly from each other. However, they are all based on the general principle of work that can be displayed schematically as follows.

Scheme of LEDs

Scheme of the LED lamp. To create a greater effect p-n-transition is used in the construction of semiconductors, the surface of which is doped with various materials

at startup LED lampsConnected to the mains, in the cylinder begins random movement of electrons. Facing each other, and holes in the p-n-junction, - a contact between two semiconductors with different type conductivity - the particles are converted into photons, which occurs due to light radiation.

Additional devices, such as different types of resistors or current limiting elements may also be used for process optimization.

Pros and cons of LEDs

These products have gained popularity among the population, due to a number of positive qualities. Their main advantage is efficiency: the lamps have a long service life, as evidenced by the warranty to three years. Moreover, the minimum amount of energy required for their operation.

An important advantage is the environmental friendliness. LED devices do not emit ultraviolet waves that may be harmful to living organisms. These structures do not use hazardous materials to facilitate recycling.

LED lamp device

The detailed structure of the image of the LED lamp for identification of all elements as well as informative captions that tell the appointment of nodes

The disadvantages of LED-devices primarily include the high cost. It should also be noted that their job has specific traits: sometimes LEDs flash or not disabled even after the switch is turned off.

These disadvantages are caused by charge conservation, which accumulates in the condenser. Weak pulsating current leads to blink, and stronger - creating lasting glow.

How harmful burning lamp?

As mentioned above, one of the most frequent disorders in the LEDs is the inability to completely turn off the light source. Lamps remain lit, with about 5% of normal power for a few minutes or even hours.

Sometimes dim lighting tires apartment dwellers, but some use a muted burning lamps as a nightlight.

It is worth adding that the defect does not adversely affect the condition of the wiring and the power consumption increases very slightly, since LEDs consume a small amount of electricity.

Compliance with safety regulations

All manipulations with harness including wire disconnection, connection or replacement of parts should be done only after turning off the supply of electric current

Nevertheless, experts advise how the problem can be used to eliminate, because the residual glow of LEDs significantly reduces their lifespan. In addition, the causes of this phenomenon can lead to serious trouble.

The main reasons for the residual glow

The reasons that provoke the combustion of LEDs may be different.

The most common include:

  • The problems associated with wiring, which is laid in the apartment. This can be broken portion electrical circuit or insulation failure in one of the wires.
  • Improper wiring diagram of the device to a switch or switch board.
  • The use of switch with illumination, as well as the use of other difficult to compatible devices: sensors, modules, timers, others.
  • Low quality of the devices or the individual characteristics of the models.

Below we will look at each of the reasons for specifying the measures to help solve problems in a variety of cases.

Reason # 1 - the switch with backlight option

If a problem occurs continually burning lamps should first look at the circuit breaker. According to the electricians, the most common cause of this phenomenon is the use of Illuminated switch.

Switch with backlight function

Light switch with backlight function does not allow to break the chain, so the lights will dim the lights for a long time. When you disable this option, the system kneaded and LED-device turns off

In this case the device in conflict: even off switch can not completely open the electric circuit of the backlight, which is energized through a resistance. Because the system is not closed, a small voltage reaches the lamp, causing a dim light.

Similar problems can also be caused by the use of other electrical appliances: photocells, timers, plug-in lamps motion sensors and light.

Way to solve this problem. Since this defect with LED lamps that are lit even when the circuit breaker is quite common, electricians have extensive experience in correcting the situation.

This may include the following options:

  • switch replacement;
  • backlight off;
  • installation of additional resistor;
  • replacing one of the bulbs in the chandelier to a weak analog;
  • use resistance with a large measure of power.

The easiest way is to replace the circuit breaker having a backlit the standard model of the switch without additional function. However, this decision is connected with the additional monetary costs, as well as resetting the device.

The correct choice of capacitance

Saving lamp after burning off switch may also be connected using a high-capacity capacitor device, wherein the charge is sufficient to weak luminescence

If the presence of the backlight on the switch does not matter, you can just have a bite wire cutter resistance which sets the power supply to it. Get off the LED with preservation of light will add a shunt resistor. Device with impedance greater than 50 ohms, and power of 2-4 watts can be purchased from a retailer.

To connect with the need to remove the ceiling fixture, and then attach the wires extending from the device to the terminal block with the network cores, which will connect parallel to the lamp.

In this case, the current flowing through the LED will not pass through the driver capacitor, and through the newly connected node. As a result, stop charging reactance and the LEDs go off when the switch is turned off.

Connecting a resistor to the lamp

For the correction operation mnogorozhkovoy chandeliers sufficient to install one additional resistor. There is no need to connect a piece to each of the lamps

If the problem is detected in mnogorozhkovoy chandelier can be installed in one of the departments of the incandescent light bulb with a minimum capacity, which will bring together all the current coming from the capacitor.

Such a solution can be applied to odnorozhkovoy chandeliers, install the adapter from one to two rounds. At the same time when using this method will still be stored faint glow of a light bulb.

The desired result will also give the replacement of conventional resistance in the switch to its equivalent, with lots of ohms. However, to perform such manipulations require consultation electrician.

Reason # 2 - Faulty electrical wiring

Quite often a source of unswitched lamp is out of service wiring. If you suspect a violation of insulation needed for a few minutes to apply for a high voltage device to mimic the conditions that cause breakdowns in the electric system.

To find the hidden location of the damage of the cable can also be used homemade or professional products designed for this purpose.

If the problem really lies in the deterioration of the insulation, the apartment is necessary to partially or completely replace the wiring. With open cable installation process will take a minimum of time and effort. More complex work is necessary if the internal wiring has been mounted in the housing, walled in the walls.

Faulty wiring condition

Poor insulation can cause abnormal operation of LED lighting products. Such a factor is common in the long term operation of the wiring

In this case, vertical surfaces will have to remove the decoration, such as wallpapers, as well as plaster. After opening the cutting grooves, which are arranged wires, made replacement of the entire cable or damaged area. In conclusion, it is necessary to close up the channels with plaster and then plastered and re-decorate the walls.

Alternatively, a temporary solution is to connect to the network device, such as a resistor or a relay, giving extra load. Such devices, which are less resistance than the LEDs are connected in parallel to the luminous lamps.

Thus there is a current redirection, which is why the work is regulated LED-devices: the lights go out immediately after turning off the switch. Newly connected element will also not operate due to low resistance index.

Reason # 3 - incorrect connection lamp

The reason for continuing combustion lamp can hide errors in the connection. If during assembly the switch was connected instead of the phase zero, it will be switched off by opening the circuit.

At the same time, because the preserved phase wiring will still be live, which is why the unit will light up when the switch is turned off.

Wiring to the headlight switch

So do wrong! Driving incorrect connection to the lamp switch on the neutral conductor. Violation polarity when installing the current supply is constant, which leads to emission of LED-device even when the switch

Such a situation is dangerous enough for apartment dwellers: because the device is powered up, even if it is turned off, you can randomly get an electric shock. To correct the situation, you must turn off the power, and then unplug the cable and then mount them in the right way.

Reason # 4 - poor quality bulbs

Quite often the cause of the malfunction is low quality of LEDs used, which must be replaced with non-defective. To as little as possible to deal with such problems, it is better to buy certified products from brands like Philips, Gauss or ASD,

Well proven Russian products brand JAZZway and Era.

True glow preservation can also be observed in devices made by reputable manufacturers. It may be due to functional features of the lamps resistors.

Various models of LED lamps

LED lamps are available in a large range. In their selection should pay attention to both the appearance and the specifications and operating conditions

Thus, thermal energy can be accumulated when applying electric current to the device, due to which the LED will light and then switch off, however, for a short time. Companies are struggling with a similar phenomenon, using equipment manufacturing resistors are made of materials that prevent accumulation of excess heat.

Recommendations regarding the selection of electrical appliances

One of the important factors of the smooth operation of LED lamps is the choice of good quality products. It should be especially taken into account at which they will function devices, as well as their compatibility with other equipment connected to the mains.

Before buying it is recommended to read carefully applied to the LED-instrument instruction, which specifies the rules of operation. It should be noted that a number of popular devices such as dimmers for svetodiodok, Timers, photovoltaic modules may cause a malfunction of the LEDs.

It is also important to examine carefully the appearance of light bulb, paying attention to the interface between the housing and the cap, which must be securely and without any defects adjacent to the main part. If there are scratches, nicks, or sloppy joint probability of occurrence increases with luminosity much problems.

Model with LED strings

There are also improved technology LED-lamps, for instance, using LED strands. Although the cost is somewhat higher, it is offset by a long service life and excellent quality

Importance has an element such as a radiator. It is best to select LED in which it is made of aluminum, but also have a high performance ceramic and graphite analogs. Also important and size of the part to be charged with discharge thermal energy, and wherein selection at the light off can occur.

For correct operation of high-power LEDs is necessary to use a large heat sink, whereas a weak device will be enough and compact.

Usually in specialized stores sellers conduct a test-firing the lamp. In this case, you should try to check the level of flicker: the luminaire shall emit an even light output without any pulsation.

Since the naked eye to evaluate this factor is quite difficult, it is better to shoot enabled device for a mobile phone camera. Recording will allow a better assessment of its work.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video discloses two most common causes combustion LED lamps even after power is turned off. Also provides detailed instructions on fixing them:

Glow lamps switch off when not only unpleasant to the eye, but also greatly reduces the life of the LEDs. To resolve this problem, you need to determine the cause, which causes a disturbance in the functioning of the instrument and then remove it.

In most cases, to remedy the situation will need a minimum of time and effort. The necessary work can be done independently, using rudimentary tools.

Leave, please comment in the box located below. Share useful information that can be useful to site visitors. Ask questions, talk about their personal experiences in the elimination of information svetodiodok after shutdown, publish pictures of the article.

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