How to clean the coffee maker

The main thing when choosing a coffee maker is not what kind of drinks the appliance can make. Criteria for selecting coffee machines others. This time spent and features of cleaning. We describe the process of each type of coffee machines to facilitate the solution of the problem.

Cleaning the

coffee machine To understand the difficulty of cleaning the device, remember how the juice from a pair of apples is squeezed out. It turns out a glass of delicious drink, for which you have to pay with the need to clean the working compartment. Caring for a grid auger or centrifuge can not be called pleasant. The pulp is hammered into the distant crevices, where it is difficult to get scraps even with a toothbrush. Do not press too much on the auger screen so as not to damage it. As a result, a persistent reflex of aversion to apple juice is produced due to the need for cleaning.

A pleasant breakfast with an

coffee maker. Therefore, it is important to have a self-cleaning function in the device and perfectly understand the principle of operation and the required amount of time.

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From what to clean the coffee maker

During the operation household appliances get dirty. No exception and appliances for cooking coffee.

Descaling the coffee maker

One of the authors at a specialized forum claims that tap water is suitable for cleaning coffee machines. However, it, on the contrary, causes a number of dirt inside in the form of scale. To use ordinary water, designers would have to ensure the operation of the device in a special mode, similar to a steam iron:

  1. The tank is filled with water from the tap to the safe mark( dash on the sidewall), readable in the original vertical position of the iron.
  2. The corresponding regulators are set to the self-cleaning position. This sets the maximum water feed rate to the boiler.
  3. Turns on the heating at maximum. It is exposed by a round temperature regulator located under the handle. Sometimes they put a separate stroke( risk) around the perimeter, corresponding to the self-cleaning mode.


  4. needs cleaning. After clicking the thermostat, the process begins: the iron is placed horizontally above the bathtub, a special button is pressed.

Pressing causes the pump to trigger in an accelerated mode due to the installation of the water supply regulator in the boiler at the maximum. Due to the high temperature behind the sole, there is a sharp increase in pressure. This is the true reason for which the scum literally takes off from the place of formation. However, even for irons, special anti-scale agents are sold. On the Internet, products are easier to find by the keyword Descaler.

As you can see, in the iron the cleaning process requires a special tool and is carried out in a special mode. This option is built into the coffee machines. The meaning is the same:

  • warming up to the highest temperature;
  • fluid supply.

Snag on the second step. Boiler rozhkovogo coffee makers and coffee machines operate on the principle of excess pressure, or monitored temperature, the achievement of which varies depending on the drink: in the case of the preparation of milk foam - 140 degrees, for brewing coffee - 95 degrees and below. When self-cleaning mode is on, a thin stream flows into the cup. The boiler resembles a thick tube with a narrow end. How to create pressure on the inner surface?

Stylish coffee maker

In drip, geyser and capsule coffee makers it is impossible to create high pressure in the right places. We assume that the pump can work in an accelerated mode, but only the place of the drain will be cleared. Both the boiler and flow-through heaters will only clean the insides using special means. In the simplest case, this is the Descaler mentioned above.

The second point - the use of special tools. With coffee machines and coffee makers, the division into two classes, suitable for use in a particular case, is accepted:

  1. Liquid products are more suitable for cleaning. For example, the standard bottle is enough for 4 applications. Plus the fact that you do not have to dissolve the tool. The liquid is poured into the water compartment, and then the stream goes over the thumb. The entire path is cleaned: from the point of the fence, bypassing the boiler or heating element, and ending with the exit point of the finished coffee.
  2. If the product is sold as a tablet, it takes time to dissolve. The advantage is more simple storage of the active substance. It takes less space. Consequently, the tablet can be put in the closet on the smallest shelf.

Thus, any coffee maker periodically needs descaling. Smart models signal the need for a procedure. They usually have a special self-cleaning program. The essence of the procedure is to clean the path of the water from the scale. The need is explained by the ability of salt deposits to reduce equipment performance. This leads to an increase in the time of the technological cycle of the manufacture of beverages with a coffee maker and the wear and tear of the component parts of the device.

Cleaning the coffee maker from fat

Coffee beans contain fat, which is why, between brewing, the working compartment of the device becomes a favorite breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, the coffee machine is cleaned of fat, and then of scale.

The main thing - to decide what to do with the pill. It all depends on the type of coffee maker. In the carob tablet is placed instead of coffee. And there is no need to grind, just enough to pin down. In coffee machines with your own mill, the tablet will take the place of the grains, grind up the millstone, get into the dispensing mechanism, brew and clean the working chamber from fat.

With geyser and drip coffee makers more difficult. If the capsule is still filled with a ground tablet( read about reuse in previous reviews), in this case the head is spinning. Suppose this drip coffee maker. A large portion of coffee, which is not equal in volume to a tablet, is poured inside a paper or other filter. On the other hand, an abundance of detergent is required. Try to find a neutral aggregate and mix with a ground tablet. In medicine, for example, chalk or talc are often used.

Making coffee

Time allocated for brewing coffee

Before you buy a coffee maker, make sure that the unit fits into your lifestyle and lifestyle. There are too many difficulties with the carob: you need to grind coffee, and tamp down the powder, and screw it up, then wash it. The simplest option is capsule models and coffee machines. In the first case, the grains are already prepared and brewed automatically, in the second, the device performs the production cycle from beginning to end( grout, fill, dump into the waste container).As a result, a person occasionally has to clean a special box and carry out the equipment maintenance operations described above.

Other types of coffee machines require special preparations. And sometimes you have to purchase consumables. There are models that spend 15 minutes on coffee preparation, which is an unaffordable luxury for a modern person.

In deciding whether to choose a coffee maker, key attention is paid to the operation process. From the instructions it is clear how to brew a drink, how much time, what operations are needed. In addition to the advertised simple cooking process, there is another side to the operation of the coffee maker - cleaning.

The auger drive is protected by oil seals and an electric motor is hidden inside. If water gets into the working compartment, it will be in trouble. Of these small things in the form of cleaning technology consists of the operation of the device. With coffee makers exactly the same. Make sure that the case is easy to clean; this is done if it is steel. Well, if nearby service centers are open. Not bad to go back to the point of repairing coffee makers before purchasing the selected model.

Finally, when buying, pay special attention to the correct configuration of the coffee maker.

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