Capsule Coffee Makers for Home

What is capsule coffee makers for the home, and how are they related to medicines, where can there be a place for appliances in the number of household appliances. Let's try together to find the answers to these questions. Today it is proposed not to consider a specific type of appliance, but to try to draw a parallel among the existing families of coffee makers. Capsule features a simple procedure: bought, inserted and drank.

Geyzernye coffee makers

Without going into the history of the creation of coffee makers, we start with the geyser models, as simple and do not require the presence of an electrical outlet for brewing. In principle, aesthetes can grab a geyser coffee maker in the countryside and enjoy a noble drink to the full program under the chirping of birds and the rustle of foliage.

Inside the product beats a real source. The design has the shape of an hourglass with the only exception: the central tube reaches the ceiling of the upper section and almost does not touch the bottom floor. Steam easily penetrates from the lower vessel to the upper one when the geyser coffee maker is put on fire.

At the border of two sections, a double strainer is laid, where ground coffee is poured. Approaching the boiling point, steam displaces water from the lower section, which:

  • enters the tube under pressure;
  • washes the coffee lying in the filter;
  • is splashed through the tube into the upper section.

As a result of a simple process, a geyser coffee maker allows you to get an aromatic drink. The big drawback is the lack of mechanization. And the main advantage is that the bottom of the geyzernaya coffee machine is metallic, therefore it is heated on an induction or spiral panel.

As regards the time required to prepare a drink, experience alone will help determine. This good device will allow you to brew coffee, tea and healing herbs. This feature must be assessed by herbalists and healers.

Drip coffee makers

Drip coffee makers consist of three containers. Two of them are hourglass shaped. The finished coffee is collected at the bottom, at the bottom of the upper there is a cone-shaped filter with ground beans. The steam enters here through a special tap from the side section, which resembles an elongated flask with a height equal to an hourglass. Here is the heating element, which brings water to a boil.

As a result, the steam passes into the upper container of the drip coffee maker, condenses there, by-passing the ground grain and the filter, brewing at the same time, and is collected at the bottom as a finished drink. Each second model is equipped with a drop-stop option, so it is permissible to cast the cup during the working cycle, then putting the assembly tank back, without unpleasant consequences.

Most drip coffee machines are protected against overflow, it is permissible to safely rely on the automatic device. The main difficulty is the choice of consumable filters, let's name the variations:

  1. nylon;
  2. paper;
  3. with metallic coating.

More often the first, designed for 60 applications, but there are people who manage to use a nylon filter for a long time. Much more hygienic paper filters, you need to change after brewing. But the need for washing is absent. And filters with a dusting in the basis have nylon. But the service life is a little longer.

There are no unified recommendations for selection. At the forum, it is advised to fill in paper filters with drip coffee makers, and others like nylon ones that grab for a couple of weeks.

Seen from a drip coffee maker feature. The smaller the power of the product, the better the brewed drink. This is due to the fact that water evaporates more slowly, and the process itself takes more time.

Espresso Makers

Espresso is traditional coffee made from ground beans. It is impossible to name the exact cause of the name with the sounded term. Both geyser and drip coffee makers use ground beans. Rather, we see a publicity stunt. The Italian word sounds much more melodic than the epithet horn. This component is central to the espresso machine.

A distinctive feature is not considered a boiler, steam injection, and the horn. Special structure, with a filter and a special valve that does not allow a hot jet, until the pressure reaches a fixed level. Here is coffee and it turns out to be special, takes the taste, the aroma from the beans to the last drops. Espresso coffee makers are strongly recommended by true lovers of fine drink.

The filter in the device is special, it is not just a set of holes, as in a drip model. There are many small holes in the bottom of the steel horn, blocked until sufficient vapor pressure is accumulated. Unlike geyzernoy coffee makers it is easy to trace the moment of the start of coffee preparation. And, in contrast to the drip, espresso will provide a drink quickly. The main thing is to wait for the inclusion of a special light that signals the heating of the boiler. Then press the button so that the coffee starts to flow briskly into the cup. In this model, the drop-stop function is not needed, as in the previous variety of coffee machines. The valve reliably blocks the output.

It remains to mention that in the process of laying ground coffee in the horn, the powder must be compacted. A special area is often on the measuring spoon. At the same time, extraordinary efforts are not worth it. After using the horn is easy to clean, and the action is not required when using pings. These are special coffee bags. Suitable for espresso.

Capsule coffee makers

Well, now that many words have been said about the varieties of coffee makers, the reader has a right to ask a fair question: why? The answer is simple - to feel the charm of the full automaticity of making a fragrant drink, provided exclusively by the capsule coffee maker - the best machine today, but not the cheapest.

The specified information will now help to easily understand the principle of operation of the device. Coffee for coffee maker capsule type is laid in special plastic or aluminum containers factory made. There is a restriction - it is permissible to drink that the factory owners have bothered to pack for the buyer in capsules. Containers are put in a special compartment of the capsule coffee maker. There is a comfortable grip, impossible to miss.

Then the automatics act like an espresso machine. To do this, the container is punctured with special needles, and the steam begins to pass through the grinding at a threshold value of pressure. Capsule coffee maker is the quintessence of these technologies. Instead of tediously paint the work of the device, two sentences introduced the reader in the course of the matter. You should not try to pack your coffee for a capsule coffee maker in containers.

Used containers are collected after working in a special container. Before using a capsule coffee maker, check for free space. Periodically, the tank must be cleaned.

It is a mistake to think that caps coffee makers are unable to make cappuccino or latte. Also equipped with special pipes for foaming milk. There are capsule coffee makers conducting the sequence of operations independently from beginning to end. You need to fill the unit with the right amount of water, milk and coffee to get any of the drinks.


Coffee is roasted, ground and placed in sealed capsules. Materials, plastic and aluminum, are harmless to health within reasonable limits, and the grains are stored for an extended period of time. Some gourmets prefer to do the grinding with their own hands, including for this reason avoid capsular coffee makers.

I would like to emphasize the dosage. In individual coffee machines, the amount of water per serving is programmable. To do this, keep the key for pouring coffee until the glass is filled to the brim. In the future, short pressing the button will suffice so that the exact amount of coffee poured into the cup.

In models of espresso, take out the horn, then clean hot water will flow into the glass. Capsules will not allow such manipulations.

Well, perhaps, it is told about the capsule coffee maker. At the end, two words about the cost ratios, and the review can be completed.

How to choose at the price of

When choosing a capsule coffee maker in the form of a kitchen assistant, please note that a capsule costs 25 rubles. These models can not be called cheap, even with a stretch. Capsule coffee makers take for the fact that they do not require special care, and the drink thus turns out excellent and in automatic mode.

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