How to wash a down jacket

Down jacket is light, practical, retains heat well thanks to various fillers. However, when the time comes, everyone thinks about how to wash it. Is it possible to do this in a washing machine?

How to properly wash, so that the filler is not lost, consider in this publication.


  • 1 Can wash your down jacket with: mode and temperature
  • 2 hand-cleanpen. Clothes made from natural fillers are very warm and more expensive, so many donate such things in dry cleaning. But is it really impossible to wash a down jacket at home?

    To determine whether you can wash outerwear in an automatic machine, look at the tag. There, the manufacturer clearly indicates in which mode and at what temperature to wash the product. If there is a sign only hand wash, then the machine is prohibited.

    You can determine the washing options by filling. Take a look at the label, there may be indicated the names in Russian and English languages:

    • If the label is down, then the product is down. Wash should be carried out carefully, at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. Only liquid detergents are used.
    • Designation feather indicates feather. Care for the product should be similar to the first case.
    • If it says wool, this is also a natural material that requires careful processing.
    • When you see the inscription cotton, it means that the down jacket is filled with cotton wool.
    • Other instructions that can be found: dupont, hollow fiber, polyester - mean synthetic filler.

    It can be concluded that the down-padded coats of natural fillers( including camel) are subject to hand-wash. But to carry out the procedure is not easy, because when wet, the down will be twice as heavy. To dry such products need even more thoroughly.

    The upper part and the lining of the down jacket are made of synthetic membrane. Winter outerwear is usually made of polyester, nylon, polyamide, which are unpretentious to the mode of washing.

    Manual cleaning

    Some products should not be washed at all. What to do? Clean the jacket by hand in places of local pollution, without erasing. To do this, take a brush and detergent. What is the best use? Colorless soap.

    Any product that you use, first test on the lining of the product.

    • Brush with soap and soap to pollute the area.
    • Wash the foam off with a slanting shower spout.
    • Dry the product on a hanger in a ventilated area.

    If you do not know how to remove grease stains from the surface of the product, use gasoline. Rub the stain with a swab dipped in gasoline. Sprinkle with salt or starch. Wiping the stain, shake off the remaining salt.

    If there is a stain in a thin white down jacket, try discoloring it. In the same proportions mix ammonia and peroxide. Solution wipe the stain.

    How to wash by hand

    Regardless of the type of washing, in a typewriter or manually, the product must be properly prepared. For this, the lining is detached from the down jacket, and zipper and buttons are fastened. After which the product turns inside out.

    How powder wash down jacket? It is better to use soft liquid remedies, since ordinary powder is poorly rinsed, leaving white stains. For hand washing, you can use shampoo.

    1. Fill the tank with water 30-40 degrees.
    2. Dilute the detergent.
    3. Dip a down jacket into the water for 20-30 minutes.
    4. Lightly rub the cloth or brush it.
    5. Rinse the product with plenty of water.

    Wash your hands. Go ahead.

    Machine washable

    Products on padding polyester and holofiber can be washed in a typewriter. Which program to wash and how many degrees to install:

    • If your car has a program for outerwear, choose it.
    • You can also set the delicate and hand wash. These modes carry out washing at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.
    • When washing natural fillers, so that the fluff is not lost, turn off the spin or set the minimum speed.
    • Also, so that the filler does not lump up, perform washing with tennis balls. They allow not only to better wash the clothes, but also to break the fluff during the rotation of the drum.
    • To avoid white stains, add 30-35 ml of liquid detergent or follow the instructions on the bottle.

    After you got the down jacket out of the car, you can start drying.

    How to dry a down jacket

    You can dry a product by hanging it on a hanger. If you are drying outside, avoid the open sun. Periodically, you need to turn down jacket on the wrong side and back. It is known that natural fillers dry for a long time and can cause an unpleasant smell. During drying, you need to constantly beat and distribute the filler.

    What should I do if the filler is lost? How to fix the situation? You can try to distribute it manually. If it does not, then you need to start washing again with tennis balls. They will help break the lumps of fluff.

    When choosing outerwear, pay attention to its filler. Also see if you can wash the product at home. Otherwise, buying a down jacket will cost more and expensive care.

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