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Dacha often choose a quiet, cozy holiday in a street arbor in the courtyard of his house. In the evenings, it is not uncommon for it to be cool even in the summer. Therefore, in addition to plaids and warm clothing, street gas or electric heaters are installed in the gazebo or around it.

People who have never encountered such a way of heating street space are interested in the question of the form, characteristics and design of this device.

Each heater for the street has its own characteristics and design, but their common characteristic is the use of gas or electricity as an energy source.

They look like the usual lampposts that are found on the streets of cities.

Typical common structural elements of street heaters are:

  • Leg. In gas heaters, a gas cylinder is mounted in the leg. In electric heaters, the leg serves only as an abutment;
  • Area of ​​heating. Gas heaters are able to heat the space around them. Electrical - only heat the area into which the rays of heat are directed.
  • Visor. For a gas heater it is mandatory, since it performs the function of heat distribution towards people. Electric heaters may not have a peak, and the direction of the rays provides a special reflector.

A simple design and efficient use of space heaters creates comfort and coziness in the evening time of the day, serves as an original element of landscape design, not only of the courtyard of the house, but also of the interior itself summerhouses.

Electric infrared outdoor heaters Enders

Street electric heater gives out from under its thread-like coils heat rays (can reach temperatures up to 900C), which are much softer than gas. The softness and uniformity of the distribution of the rays is provided by the reflector, which is located on the rear wall along the entire length of the heating. This feature contributes to a safer stay near the heater, and also covers a larger area for heating.

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The most reliable electric infrared street heaters are the products of the company Enders (Germany). The company introduced three models:

  • Malaga. Stylish, compact and reliable outdoor heater. It can be hung on the wall and on the ceiling, put on a foot in the street and in the house. This versatility contributes to the great demand for the heater. It is equipped with 1800 W lamps. The kit includes a swivel bracket (180), a remote control, a halogen lamp for lighting.
  • Barcelona. This mobile heater is made in the form of a beach umbrella. Equipped with a special bar in the form of a telescope, which allows you to adjust the height of the bar from 1600 cm. up to 2100 cm. The power can be adjusted by means of three sectional regulators (, /, /, kW). It is able to heat the area from 2 to 16 m2.
  • Valencia. This is a unique heater-table, it is suitable for any summerhouse, terrace. The heater not only warms others with its warmth, but also solves the issue of placing refreshments, tea, coffee and other drinks. The worktop is made of tempered glass. The heater is controlled by a remote control. Power - 800/1600 watts.
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The presence of such heaters will allow owners to comprehensively provide their street, evening and morning rest at the dacha with comfort and warmth.

Gas infrared street heaters Enders

The main advantage of gas infra-red street heaters for a summer residence is mobility and not attachment to a power source. They can be used even in nature.

To ensure the work of the heater used propane or butane. It is refueled in special cylinders, and installed in the base of the heater leg.

It is best to buy gas heaters that are capable of operating on two types of gas. This will expand the capabilities of the heating device.

The German company Enders represents a range of universal, portable, portable gas heaters for the street

ENDERS Elegance. High-strength stainless steel was used in the manufacture of the case. Power - 8 kW. The diameter of the heating is 9 m. The gas flow rate is 582 g / 1 hour. One charge of the cylinder is enough for 20 hours of continuous operation. During combustion, the burner emits heat through infrared rays, which are concentrated in the center of the reflector, then reflected from the mirror visor and diverge on the sides. Models Commercial, Event, Profi, Rattan, have the same design, but different gas costs and power.

ENDERS Polo 2.0. Absolutely new development of the manufacturer. The diameter of the heating reaches 5 m. This model is equipped with a new intelligent Endur system (infrared rays propagate precisely to the target, without losing heat). A windshield is also mounted, which prevents the effect of wind on the functionality of the heater. Ergonomically mounted wheels contribute to an unhindered and easy movement of the heating device.

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The company also offers a number of original design models: Pyramide, Rondo Black, Rondo Stainless, Wood.

Video review of gas street heater Enders - Pyramide

Rules for choosing street heaters

The main criterion for choosing an infrared heater is power. The capacity calculation for the premises should be 100 W / m2, and for the street - 150 W / m2.

Another rule for choosing street heaters is based on their quantitative number - two less than powerful will be more effective and safer than one powerful (especially if the space around extensive).

According to reviews, a street gas heater based on carbon spirals is the most reliable and durable, but the disadvantage is its great price. If the heater is not used often, then there are simple cheap models based on quartz, metal thread inside the glass vacuum tube.

The middle and most optimal option - halogen heaters (tubes, inflated with inert gases). Such a street heater has a high efficiency. They are quite economical and reliable.

If the heater is to be used for a certain period and unattended, you should purchase a heater with a timer and protection against overheating.

Which street heater to choose the best? Each person must determine the place, conditions and period of operation, as well as the purposes for which a heater is needed.

If you often travel, it is best to purchase a gas heater, but if you mostly rest near the cottage, you can choose an electric model.

Video review of the street gas heater Enders Trendstyle

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