Refrigerator operation: rules

Do you think it is enough to buy a refrigerator, put it in the kitchen, load the products and everything - the appliances will work for many years? This is not quite true: you need not only to deliver and install, but also to follow the rules for operating the refrigerator for its durable and trouble-free operation. Learn how to use this appliance correctly to avoid future problems.

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  • 7 products How to extend the “life” of the

  • 2 Moving 3Avoid tilting more than 40 degrees and even more so laying on its side.

    Than it threatens? If the angle of inclination of the equipment during transportation is greater, the oil from the motor-compressor can flow into the circuit. Turning it on, you risk from the first hours to face a breakdown - blockage of the capillary pipeline. In this case, dirty repairs and unnecessary expenses are coming, after all, the repair center after the improper transportation will surely fail in the warranty repair.

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    What should I do if the cabinet does not get into the machine vertically and the angle of inclination is above 40 degrees? In this case, make sure that the position of the compressor tube is vertical. You can find this tube on the motor: it is designated with a special marking on the original packaging. In this case, the oil still gets into the circuit, but only in the part with the lowest pressure. At start-up, freon will not entail oil, and it will flow back into the engine.

    How to properly place the

    equipment Proper installation of a new domestic refrigerator requires complete isolation from heaters and radiators. Install it in a cool and well ventilated area. Do not place near gas ovens or electric cookers, either. Also, experts do not advise placing in the southern windows, through which the body will be penetrated daily by direct sunlight. Oddly enough, the best place to install is with a draft.

    If the temperature of the kitchen room increases due to the “warm” floors, select a place in the inactive area. Or consider in advance when equipping such a floor, that electrical appliances will be installed on it.

    What threatens the constant presence of the refrigerator in warm areas? This will cause uninterrupted operation of the compressor due to the constant circulation of warm air around the casing. Uninterrupted operation of the motor will significantly reduce the life of both himself and the appliance.


    Before you release the loaders and install the refrigerator, check the equipment, re-read the warranty card and check the performance. Only having made sure that all the components are available, the correctness of filling the warranty and the serviceability of the equipment, release the shop representatives. If something went wrong, on the spot and in fact make a complaint, otherwise it will be difficult to prove something later.

    Installation requirements:

    • Room humidity should be no higher than 80% .If there is nothing to measure the humidity, pay attention to the walls, floor and ceiling of the kitchen - if you notice condensation, the humidity is too high.
    • Provide with adequate ventilation for .If you find problems, contact the housing office to clean the ventilation ducts.
    • Choose the coolest place in the kitchen.

    Pay attention to the climate class indicated on the information label. Read more about climate classes and installation conditions for the refrigerator in accordance with them in a separate publication.

    Do you plan to install 2 refrigerators at once or to install a freezer next to it? Do not put them close to each other - provide a distance of at least 2 cm.

    Also follow the rules for connecting to the mains:

    • Relate the parameters of the equipment with the parameters of the power grid. If it works with a voltage of 220 V, connect to a two-phase network, 380 V - three-phase.
    • Connect to a grounded outlet to ensure safe operation. The does not interfere with the installation of the typesetter to protect equipment from power surges.

    • Do not use extension cords, carrying and adapters - the connection is permissible strictly in a fixed outlet in the wall.

    Cleaning of cameras

    . Care is needed for a refrigerator of any brand: Atlant, Veko, Nord, LG, Bosch, and others. And you need to take care of both the old and the newly purchased ones. Internal surfaces can be washed with a weak solution of baking soda or detergent without the use of abrasive particles. Read more in the article “ How to wash the refrigerator ”.

    Important! After washing, the equipment must be aired with the door open for at least 24 hours.

    Do not neglect external cleaning, but be careful: you can not rub the coating with brushes and brushes, as well as with aggressive detergents. Dampen a sponge in soda solution, handle pens, plastic parts, gasket, walls and other areas. Wash surfaces of stainless steel especially carefully: it is best to buy a special tool for processing stainless steel surfaces, so as not to damage them.

    Even if you bought the refrigerator with No Frost technology, it does not mean that you will not have to remove the .Light wet cleaning is recommended monthly. Your diligence will save the camera from the appearance of odors and dirt.

    Can flavors and fresheners be used? See for yourself: if you are satisfied with the chemical smell of food, you can hang "Christmas trees" in the cells. But it is better to pay attention to special absorbents that will eliminate unpleasant "aromas" and will not mask them at the expense of chemical components.

    Warning! As soon as you notice that the camera smells badly, sort out the products. Having found nothing rotten and spoiled, check the drain hole. If the drain pipe is clogged, it needs cleaning.

    For more information on how how to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator, see the separate review .

    Cleaning the back wall is needed not so much for hygienic reasons, but for economy. Cleaning the condenser( metal grate from the back of the cabinet) will save you from over-consumption of electricity. You can collect dust from the grate with a sponge, a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle.

    Important! Be careful not to damage the parts. Disconnect the appliance from the electricity before manipulating the case.

    How to defrost the refrigerator

    correctly. We have written about this in detail in the publications “ How to defrost the refrigerator ” and “ How to defrost the refrigerator Frost Know ”.But in three words, we will describe the important points:

    • In order not to defrost the equipment too often, ensure the integrity of the sealer and the density of the door closing. The denser it is closed, the less ice will freeze on the walls of the chambers.

    • Defrost the freezer at least once every 3-4 months .The model with No Frost also needs to be defrosted - at least 1-2 times a year .
    • Leave the vehicle for 24 hours - no less, let it thaw out naturally .
    • Do not peel off the ice and the snow "coat" with sharp objects, so as not to damage the evaporator and other important details.
    • Do not accelerate the process with an hair dryer or a fan heater. If you really need to defrost the chambers urgently, put a heating pad in them or set up a bowl of hot water.

    • When defrosting the , remove food from the cameras so that they do not deteriorate.
    • Underlay rags or place containers under the casing to prevent water from draining onto the floor.
    • Do not fill the shelves with products completely after thawing, otherwise the motor will not cope with the load. Load the shelves in portions, leave time for cooling each batch.

    How to load and store products

    Follow the recommendations to preserve the taste and appearance of the products and do not harm the device itself:

    • Do not overload the shelves with warm food.
    • Arrange and arrange everything so that there is space between the objects. This is necessary for the free circulation of cold air flows between the shelves.
    • Do not rest the pots and containers against the back wall to avoid clogging of the drain hole.

    Important! Condensate, flowing into the drainage tube, can “capture” with itself the particles of food that will create an obstruction.

    • Send well-washed and fresh products to the freeze.
    • Before freezing, seal the products in special freezing bags or plastic containers.
    • If there is also No Frost in the main camera, carefully pack absolutely everything to prevent chapping. The same applies to food with a pungent smell.
    • Use the “fresh zone” to store perishable food. For more information on , what is the freshness zone, see the separate article .
    • Use special trays and shelves, marked with pictures. So, for eggs there are special trays. Also often in the door there are drawers for butter, cheese and other things.
    • Store vegetables and fruits in the lower plastic boxes.
    • Do not store strong drinks in the chambers, unless special shelves for vertical arrangement of bottles are provided for this.

    Important! You should not keep wine and champagne in the refrigerator - it can only be cooled there before serving.

    We covered the topic of food storage in the review “ Proper storage of food in the refrigerator” more extensively. From it you will learn at what temperature to preserve the taste and attractiveness of food.

    How to extend the life of the

    refrigerator Any brand - Minsk, Stinol, Biryusa or Indesit, Samsung, Hotpoint Ariston, Virpul, Libher - can and should work outyearsIt is quite possible if you use all the manufacturer's instructions and strictly follow the instructions for use. Working conditions of the two-chamber refrigerator for 1 or 2 compressors do not differ.

    In conclusion, we note a few rules that must be strictly followed:

    • You can not use the equipment at sub-zero temperatures - send it to a balcony or take it out for winter to an unheated cottage.
    • You can not carry out self-repair, if you do not possess professional skills and have no experience.
    • It is possible and necessary to notice any malfunctions in the operation of the equipment( or error codes ) and report them to the service center in order to receive repairs under warranty or to a verified master.

    We wish you long work of refrigeration and the absence of any problems with it!

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