Device summer water from the well, and the options scheme structures

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The availability of water sources in the country and makes it easier to stay in the house and regular maintenance of the infield. However, to carry water buckets or drag hoses from place to place is inappropriate, therefore, to increase the comfort level necessary to adjust the water supply system of the key places.

Try to figure out whether you can make your own summer water from the well, the use of which is especially important during the warm season.

The content of the article:

  • Well, as a permanent source of water
  • Unlike the summer water supply system from the winter
  • Basic schemes summer water
    • Folding surface system
    • Stationary underground utilities
  • Drafting water system
  • How to make a major version of their own hands
    • Installation of pump equipment
    • The supply pipe from the house to the well
    • Apparatus inner wirings
  • How to achieve a good water pressure
  • Useful videos on the topic

Well, as a permanent source of water

Dacha community, remote cottages, villages are often located outside the "comfort zone" - centralized heating systems and water supply systems, so we'll discuss how to ensure independent and water delivery.

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Rivers and lakes are in state custody, so they can not be adjacent to an individual site under current law (the area 25 meters from the water can not go into private own).

Water intake for watering the garden or garden sometimes performed from the allowed natural source - pond. But in order to purify the water before drinking level required Multi-Barrier filters, and it is unprofitable.

Well RC rings of the pump
Often for suburban area with water from a well establish concrete rings. With proper construction (as well as clay lock device, the bottom filter), it is ideal for mounting the pump station

Thus, it remains well - traditional for the majority of domestic drinking water source regions. Sump way to provide water Historically, moreover, it is well functionally convenient for both automatic and manual use.

In addition to his popular tubular intake sources, but not everyone can afford an expensive well equipped for seasonal use.

If you are a proud owner of the well (wood, concrete, brick) with a sufficient flow rate, the water supply device will need to install the pump and lay communications connecting the source with house.

Scheme suburban aqueduct
Driving device suburban water pipe must necessarily include pumps, communicating with the internal wiring, if necessary - water heater

Work can be done on their own or with the help of professionals who will help to calculate the amount of building materials, select the pump properly lay pipes and make internal wiring.

Unlike the summer water supply system from the winter

If you visit the villa only in the summer, during the holiday season, the old system will be the best option. Winter is suitable for those who are permanently living in the country and often goes out of town, regardless of the season.

collapsible water
A demountable water supply structure consists of light plastic pipe and flexible hose connecting elements, which can quickly remove or untwist

Features summer water concerning its performance and installation conditions. Here are some nuances that need to know necessarily:

  • when lightweight summer version pipe buried to a depth of 0.5 m to 0.8 m, i.e. does not take into account the horizon freezing (for comparison - winter pipeline laid in deep trenches, from 1.5 m or deeper depending on region);
  • tubes for temporary use do not require additional insulation (continuously operated communications need more insulation or special electric heating cable);
  • installation of the pump does not require large investments - enough to put on a hood or canopy set (Constantly working mechanism is usually installed in a designated indoor or caisson);
  • Stationary water discharge device needs as winter major option, however systems for gasketed this nuance is not relevant, because the drain occurs during disassembly;
  • Mounting facilitated type wiring is used with a serial connection to a constant - the collector;
  • seasonal work system often provides a submersible or surface pump, continuous operation the network is due to the pumping station, if necessary - with a storage tank and the water heater.

It is clear that the device of the winter version - a more serious event, requiring sufficient material investments. Status of summer water supply is largely dependent on its type: you can choose a fixed and capital structure, and the collapsible "makeshift" for 2-3 months.

Basic schemes summer water

The choice of the scheme depends on the specific construction measures (eg, the need to dig a trench), methods of installation of pipes, selection of technical equipment, etc. Not necessary remember that summer landscaping includes communication leading to the summer kitchen, garden beds or garden planting - places that are not included in the winter project water supply.

All varieties of seasonal systems can be divided into two categories: collapsible (removable) and permanent (fixed).

image gallery
Photo of
Components of summer water
The circuit component composition and summer water similar fixed systems. The difference is that the pipe is dug into the ground or laid at a depth of about 40 cm
The purpose of the summer water supply device
seasonal destination Water satisfied mainly in suburban areas or construct as a complement to fixed during the summer period to be used for irrigation
Sources for seasonal water pipes
Sources for the device summer branches are predominantly water wells or shallow wells
Pipes for seasonal supply device
The construction of the pipelines are mainly used in thick-walled PE and HDPE, which will not cause complications in the dismantling of end of the season
Fittings for the formation of compounds
For the formation of water circuits of any configuration, connection of additional branches and produce a broad range of equipment fittings
Automatic control unit
To automate the process of pumping and forming the water reserve in the hydraulic tank can use inexpensive control unit
Pumps for summer water
Pump for summer water system is selected, based on the depth and type of water source
Filters for water treatment
For the preparation of water for consumption and to protect the equipment from blockages in the scheme include a filter system
Components of summer water
Components of summer water
The purpose of the summer water supply device
The purpose of the summer water supply device
Sources for seasonal water pipes
Sources for seasonal water pipes
Pipes for seasonal supply device
Pipes for seasonal supply device
Fittings for the formation of compounds
Fittings for the formation of compounds
Automatic control unit
Automatic control unit
Pumps for summer water
Pumps for summer water
Filters for water treatment
Filters for water treatment

Folding surface system

This structure can be considered a ground, as all its parts lie on the ground. In some cases (for example, due to the nature of the relief) pipes and hoses have to lift off the ground.

The longest part of the system comprise interconnected tubes or hoses of elastic material that can withstand exposure to weather and ultraviolet. To connect the individual segments using plastic or steel fittings, the coupling attachment, adapters, tees.

watering equipment
Temporary and permanent irrigation system include the installation of hydrants and various irrigation equipment: hoses, sprinklers, sprayers. The difference is only in the subsurface or surface eyeliner Communications

Given the demand for collapsible design, plastic pipe manufacturers began to produce products with fasteners, latches that hold the light touch. During disassembly not need cutting at the joints - muff removed as easily as worn.

Temporary System advantages are obvious:

  • simple, quick to install and dismantle, do not require special knowledge;
  • lack of excavation;
  • possibility of operative repair of malfunctions and leaks, since the whole system is in sight;
  • Low total cost of pipes, hoses and pumping equipment.

The main disadvantage is the need for assembly and disassembly, which are required at the beginning and end of the season, but difficulties arise only in the first time. Re-installation is much easier and faster.

drip irrigation system
One of the popular choices of summer water supply for watering the garden - drip system, consisting of a set of flexible hoses with small holes, dispensing water supply to the roots of plants

When laying ground communications need to keep track of their location in relation to footpaths, playgrounds, places for recreation, as tubes can interfere with the movement, and people, in turn, may inadvertently damage pipeline.

Another unpleasant moment - the risk of losing convenient equipment. Try to arrange the network so that it was not visible from the road or the adjacent portion.

Stationary underground utilities

Anyone who cares uninteresting with assembly-disassembly, permanent option selected - water, buried in a trench at a shallow depth (0.5 m - 0.8 m). It aims to protect the structure from the effects of winter frosts not, as at the end of the season the water is drained through special valves installed at the lowest points. To this tube paved with a slope toward the source.

Ideally during draining water must go back into the well or into the drain, equipped around it. If we forget about the drainage procedure in the spring, you may encounter trouble - frozen in the cold water pipe burst and joints, and water will have to change completely.

To connect polypropylene tubes using special apparatus or welding fittings. On difficult sections if you want to bend, can be applied thick-walled flexible hoses (they are intended for indoor use, so to perform the "street" features elastic pieces must be protected from moisture and warm).

Apparatus for welding tubes PP
For welding polypropylene tubes using special solder - a device with heating elements and welding nozzles. A sealed connection is possible with heating elements working at + 260 ° C

The advantages of a fixed structure:

  • pipe-laying and installation is done once, only to be replaced consumables (gaskets, filters);
  • communications do not interfere with the movement of vehicles and people on the site, besides the soil is their additional protection;
  • under ground pipes difficult to steal;
  • if necessary conservation process occurs quickly enough.

The only drawback of the underground network are additional works, respectively, increased costs. If you rent equipment or to invite a team of workers to dig the trench, the funds will be spent even more.

Drafting water system

Planning works related to furnishing the house or villa - it always saves time, money, and their own powers. Before purchasing the necessary equipment required to make a plan of the site with the symbol of all the important objects (houses, baths, wells, pond, garden, garden), make a sketch of the future water supply, calculate the exact distance from the source to the draw-off points and cranes.

Scheme summer water on site
Driving device summer aqueduct made in the free form, as a picture or a drawing, showing the points of all water mains and parsing (click to expand)

In order to collect relevant data will have to go with a tape measure along the route of the future water supply, noting every turn, the node or perceived sidebar. This will help not only to calculate the yardage pipes, but also the number of connecting elements, adapters, fittings, couplings.

Decide how to arrange the point of consumption:

  • inside the house - installation of sanitary equipment, connect the accumulator;
  • exterior - Installation of several hydrants for irrigation convenience;
  • individual communication with valves leading to the bath, summer kitchen, etc.

To think through the ground system is the most secure way - along the tracks, storm drains, fences. Underground construction requires additional calculations related to the excavation. It is necessary to determine not only the length but also the depth of the trenches: on a flat plot (under the lawn, path) sufficient penetration of 30-40 cm under the beds or flower beds better pave the way deeper - up to 80 cm.

In the diagram, you must specify the point of finding the tap to drain the water. Usually it is the lowest part of the laid communications. To it needs free access, as required drain every time you make conservation system for the winter. Designating all the nuances in the figure, you can proceed to the practical activities - digging trenches, purchase of necessary equipment.

image gallery
Photo of
underground pipe laying
Ground pipes seasonal water supply systems are not taken into account the depth of frost penetration. The system is not used in the winter, at the end of summer, canned - ice jams and breaks pipes will not be there
Specificity of the summer water supply
In the apparatus of such systems often use PVC pipe. The conduit may extend partially over the surface. The main thing is to provide all possible threats pipe damage
water intake point of the PVC pipe
Rigid PVC pipe allow water to build a convenient sampling point in the summer water suitable for filling buckets, and for connecting the hose
Features of operation of PVC pipes
Since most compounds PVC piping means welded performed, then upon completion of the season is not dismantled, but only the water is drained for preservation. Therefore, when the device is necessary to provide bias towards the water source
underground pipe laying
underground pipe laying
Specificity of the summer water supply
Specificity of the summer water supply
water intake point of the PVC pipe
water intake point of the PVC pipe
Features of operation of PVC pipes
Features of operation of PVC pipes

How to make a major version of their own hands

Temporary restoration is easy to collect, because they do not require trenching, welding or gluing pipe. You will need a submersible pump and a simple set of PP pipes. For cold water suitable products marked PN-10 (blue band), hot - PN-20/25 (red band). Connections are made with a metal threaded fittings, adapters and couplers with the size depending on the nomenclature of the pipes. Crane does not need to drain.

A closer look at the device of a stationary system, which requires the installation of additional equipment.

Installation of pump equipment

Let us assume that the state of the well is satisfactory, and the volume of water is enough to install the pump. Otherwise you will have to carry out additional work on the repair or insulation of the well shaft.

The circuit construction of water supply from a well
pumping equipment installation scheme may vary depending on the type of pump, the depth of the well, the manufacturer claims; during installation you must use the instructions (click to enlarge)

Think about what kind of equipment is suitable for your particular area:

  • Submersible pump - depth of 20-25 m (Patriot, Kid, Brook, JEELEX water jet, Belamos, Caliber);
  • Pump surface - the depth of 10 m (QUATTRO ELEMENTI, Belamos, JEELEX Jumbo Metabo, Marina, Gardena);
  • pumping plant with accumulator (JEELEX Jumbo Caliber Belamos, Poplar, Parma, Elitech).

For the installation of surface pumps require flat ground and protection from rain. This may be a dry spot under an awning next to the well, a small work area in the basement (if the well is close to the house), utility room. Sometimes a good guard or a specially prepared box.

Submersible pump is fully lowered into the water, remain outside the fastener elements, the tube and the power cable. Due to the peculiarities installation (0.5-1 m from the bottom of the well) and the absence of external working parts of the pump pumps water almost noiselessly. Separate trenches for laying cable is not required, it is usually laid in a ditch with the trumpets.

pump installation features
In the diagram one can see the difference schematic arrangement of the immersion and the surface of the pump: a first fully lowered into the water, the second is at the surface

Pumping station has a complex structure and comprises a surface pump, the accumulator, the motor, the pressure switch, pressure gauge, a check valve. When selecting a model guided by factors such as:

  • performance;
  • volume of the storage capacitance;
  • desired pressure;
  • suction lift;
  • discharge source.

For example, the volume of the storage tank is calculated according to the needs of families in the event, if there is a stop of the system. Detailed specifications can be found in the data sheet unit.

The supply pipe from the house to the well

Having defined the technical side of the issue, you can do the digging trenches and connector pipe to the point of consumption. Home Underground Railway will lead from the well to the house.

You will need the following materials:

  • Pipe kit of PN-10 polypropylene;
  • corresponding diameter bends, fittings;
  • compression screw couplings and corners;
  • ball valve ½;
  • fum-tape.

Besides the marker tool (tape, label) must be at hand wrenches (№ 17-24), gas and wrenches, hacksaw, knife construction. If the pipes are joined by welding, then welding a special apparatus (it can be rented) it requires instead a gas key.

Tearing the trench is made of ordinary shovel, digging depth - not more than 80 cm. Prepared pipes laid with a slope towards a well, the slope must be at least 3 cm to 1 meter pipeline. Compounds operate with threaded couplings or soldering.

Additional insulation piping is not required, since the water in the pipes and leave fused before leaving the well or specially provided opening equipped crane.

Scheme water draining
The diagram shows the water draining option indicating fluid flow direction during use and flow during the drain event

When connecting individual network elements need to carefully monitor the integrity of joints. Threaded connections tend to increase fum-tape, reeling it in several layers of density and gently tightening the pipe wrench. Couplings are often provided with rubber seals, however, inserting the tube end into the connector housing, it is necessary to push it all the way that it is inside the rubber ring. Only then tightening the clamp nut.

For watering lawns, flower beds, beds on a surface several outlets satisfied so that the hoses (or watering device) fetched to extreme points. Irrigation efficiency can be increased by using sprinklers, sprayers, Watering guns connected to a timer and will automatically switch on at the set time.

Apparatus inner wirings

For summer use aqueduct series circuit internal wiring. It is also suitable for the winter capital of the system, if the house is home for 1-2 people. A greater number of tenants requires installation of the collecting pipe circuit to keep the water pressure and provide the necessary quantity of liquid parse all points simultaneously.

image gallery
Photo of
Entering suburban water supply to the house
Summer branch water used to provide the needs of truckers
Bussing summer water system
When the device internal wiring schemes and adhere to the traditional rules of water supply facilities
Outdoor sink at their summer cottage
Seasonal water suitable for water supply in the outdoor showers and washbasins
Water summer kitchen
Temporary aqueducts provide water summer kitchens, baths, barbecue, and other objects
Entering suburban water supply to the house
Entering suburban water supply to the house
Bussing summer water system
Bussing summer water system
Outdoor sink at their summer cottage
Outdoor sink at their summer cottage
Water summer kitchen
Water summer kitchen

The series circuit composed of the common rail (the riser) from which go to the pipe faucets, shower equipment and etc. If hot water is necessary, then it is necessary to put two parallel pipes - with hot and cold water. To connect the tap-off nozzles used tees.

Although the sequence of wiring diagram of the device is different complexity, you must consider the requirements of SNIP. For example, each branch is provided with a separate faucet to be able to carry out repairs without disconnecting the common rail. To avoid rapid damage to equipment, install the filters on the pipes.

Driving a consistent layout
Scheme serial wiring pipes for hot and cold water: threads to the sanitary equipment, mixers, washing machines are connected alternately from one line (riser)

In choosing the material is usually guided by the product life and cost. Steel or copper tubes are used practically, they were replaced by cheap products from polypropylene. More durable and expensive material - metal and plastic. Fasteners, corners and plugs must not only conform to the diameter, but also on the production of the material.

Metal pipes
Plastic products are durable, corrosion resistance, light weight, ease of assembly and excellent bandwidth at an operating pressure of 10 bar

Root arrangement wiring better with the water inlet point - for example, the pumping station. Work is carried out according to the instructions. If you are not technically savvy and doubt in their abilities, it is better to invite a specialist to connect automation - can be from a company that sells pumps.

How to achieve a good water pressure

Using some trickery installation, you can achieve better performance of water supply system. For example, to stabilize the pressure within the tubes and provide the necessary water head, the accumulator or storage tank installed in the upper part of the house, for example in the attic. The pump must be powerful enough, protected by reducing the pressure on the network.

Water storage tank
Driving water holiday home with the use of a storage tank installed in the attic. The water supply to the house by means of a submersible pump

In order to have enough water around, you should pick up a tank of sufficient volume. In calculating the use amount of daily water consumption for one person, which is equal to an average of 50 liters (at constant residence).

Apparatus for water supply, on the other hand, is mounted in the lower part of the building - in the cellar or basement, make it easier to carry out communication to the pump equipment in the well.

Useful videos on the topic

Review of the water supply system for summer use:

Budget option for arranging irrigation systems:

Recommended Installation of pump station:

As you can see, stationary summer water equipment device resembles a constant water supply. It can be run independently or with the help of experienced plumbers.

After installation do not forget about the need to care: Mandatory discharge of water in the preservation of the winter, as well as regularly checking the tightness of pipes and pumping equipment operation.

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