How to clean the washing machine with vinegar

Cleanliness of the washing machine should come first when it comes to care. The main problem of the MCA is hard water, which provokes the appearance of scale, leading to the breakdown of mechanisms. You can solve the problem by using special tools or citric acid.

But there is another excellent method that will prevent breakage of the heating element and eliminate scaling. From this article you will learn how to clean the washing machine with vinegar, without spending a lot of money, time and effort.

Material content:

  • 1 Why scale
  • 2 is formed Why cleaning
  • 3 washer
  • regular use of the automatic machine in the mode of intensive washing;
  • poor-quality detergent, which contains many chemical components.

Very often scale forms in places with restricted access. After considering how to clean the washing machine from scale with vinegar, you will understand that the cleaning process is accessible and understandable.

Why is it important to clean the washer

Many owners of the AGR do not understand what harm can be caused by the plaque formed on the parts. Consider several factors that pose a danger not only to the machine, but also to the health of its owners:

  1. With long-term accumulation of plaque inside the car, fungal infections and mold are formed. This can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  2. Scale puts pressure on the heating element, which can later lead to breakage of the heating element. Its replacement is an expensive process.
  3. Hard coating on heating elements leads to high power consumption. In this case, the heating of water slows down significantly.

In order for the appliances to work properly, it is recommended to resort to such an effective method as cleaning the washing machine with vinegar.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

Before proceeding with the cleaning, let us see if it is possible to add vinegar to the washing machine, whether this method is safe for the equipment.

Five factors stand out from the advantages of this cleaning method:

  1. . Security .At observance of proportions and recommendations, this method will not affect the functionality and performance of the CM.
  2. High performance .Vinegar is an aggressive substance with a large amount of acid. Cleaning the machine with vinegar will lead to the disintegration of scale into small particles, which will be washed out during the operation of the washer.
  3. Disposal from the unpleasant smell .Processing machines with vinegar completely neutralizes the "swamp", "rotten" and other odors formed in the filtration system and draining water.
  4. Sanitation .Liquid perfectly disinfects, therefore it is used for corrosive attack, removal of mold. It eliminates fungal microorganisms and bacteria.
  5. Economical .Vinegar is much cheaper than various cleaning products for cleaning the machine, and is always on hand.

There are only two drawbacks:

  • Strong reagent odor. It is easy enough to eliminate it: turn on the washer for additional rinsing, and then ventilate the tank.
  • Risk of damage to silicone or rubber parts. To eliminate this possibility, it is recommended to follow all the rules for cleaning the CMA.

If you use vinegar for a washing machine, the negative effects are minimal!

Instructions for cleaning

washers So, we come to an important procedure for cleaning washers. For safety, follow the recommendations and follow the steps in the correct order:

  1. Open the air conditioning drum. Washing with vinegar in the washing machine is prohibited, therefore, if there are things in it, they should be removed in order not to spoil it.
  2. How much vinegar to add to the washing machine? It is enough to pour 200-250 ml of 9% liquid into the powder tray.

Important! Before cleaning the machine, be sure to wear rubber gloves to prevent liquid from getting on the skin - this will lead to dry hands!

  1. Turn on the typewriter and select the longest in time mode, setting the temperature to 60-90 degrees. Launch.
  2. When heating the water in the drum, stop the washing process for 1-1.5 hours by clicking on the "pause".
  3. After a suitable time, turn on the machine so that the washing mode ends.
  4. Clean the descaling filter.
  5. Dilute vinegar and water in a ratio of 0.5: 1.Moisten a rag in the solution and wipe the drum and rubber seal.
  6. Run the shortest program for washing the residue.
  7. Wipe all internal parts of the CM with a dry cloth.

Important! If you have 70 percent vinegar, to get 200 ml of 9 percent liquid, take 5 teaspoons of vinegar and add 12 tablespoons of water( 24 ml and 176 ml) to it.

We also suggest using such a method as cleaning the washing machine with vinegar and soda. It is often used for preventive purposes. This technique ensures easy and effective descaling and removing the rotten smell from the drum of the washing machine.

Add a glass of vinegar and a pinch of soda. Follow the same guidelines as when cleaning with vinegar.

Knowing how to wash the washer and remove scale from the heating element, you can forget about breaking the heating element.

Watch the washing machine and do not forget to care for it.

We dismantled how to wash the car with vinegar. Follow the rules and take care of the washer so that it will serve you for many years.

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