F37 error in the Bosch washing machine

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For some reason, the Bosch washing machine stopped in the middle of the program, the display shows the error F 37, and you noticed that the water is not heating. What do these signs mean?

The error code F 37 is interpreted as a malfunction of the temperature sensor( NTC temperature sensor).We will understand what to do to solve this problem.

material Contents:

  • 1 What does it mean F37
  • 2 error Removing mistake: search breakage and repair their own hands
    • 2.1 bimetallic thermostat
    • 2.2 gas-filled sensor
    • 2.3 Electronic thermistor

What does the error F37

temperature sensor controls the water heating. Depending on the choice of the program, the heating element heats the water to a certain temperature, after which the sensor sends a signal to the control module, and it stops heating.

Therefore, when the water in the washing machine Bosch does not heat up and the error F37 is on the board, the reason is in the thermostat.

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However, before you fix the damage, you need to eliminate the system failure.

Disconnect the CM Bosch from the network for 20 minutes. If the cause is a failure of the controller, then after switching on, an error reset will occur. If the fault code F37 is again highlighted, the reason for the malfunction of the units and parts of the machine.

How to remove the error: search for damage and do-it-yourself repair

Timely repair will help remove error code 37 and restore the operation of the washer. To diagnose an NTC sensor failure in a Bosch washing machine, you need to check it.

To do this, let's look at what types of thermostats are.

Bimetallic thermostat

It is a plate: when the water is heated to the desired temperature, the plate bends, closing the contact. So the control unit receives a signal, and then gives the command to turn off the heating element.

Testing the NTC sensor in a Bosch washing machine is as follows:

  • Disconnect the wires from the sensor.
  • Attach a multimeter probe to its contacts, measure resistance.
  • Remember the readings.
  • Dip the thermostat in hot water.
  • Look at the readings. If the performance has decreased, the device is in good condition. The main cause of breakage is wear of bimetallic plates. Therefore, if the readings have not changed, it is better to install a new item.

Now you can run the machine and check if the F37 error code has disappeared.

Gas-filled sensor

This type of thermostat contains a tube filled with freon. The second part of the design is located in the tank body and measures the temperature. As a result of heating, the gas freon expands, closing the contact.

Problems arise when the tube is damaged and gas escapes. The sensor does not work - the error F37 appears on the screen.

How to fix the situation:

  1. Remove the back and front panels of the Bosch washer.
  2. At the back you will see the output with connectors.
  3. Pry off the rubber insulation and remove from the thermostat.
  4. Push the device inside and reach from the side of the tank.

Measure the resistance with a tester as indicated above. If the device is in good condition, replace it.

Electronic thermistor

The thermistor is located in Bosch washing machines with electronic control at the base of the heating element( PETN).The thermistor is a metal tube. When the temperature rises, the resistance changes, which the sensor reads.

When the thermistor fails, the water does not heat up, the machine generates an error F37.

How to get to the item in the Bosch washing machine:

  • Disassemble the Bosch washing machine.
  • At the bottom you will see the heater, at the base of which is a thermistor.
  • Unscrew the harnesses.
  • Relieve pressure by loosening the center nut.
  • Remove the thermostat.
  • Install the new item in reverse order. Watch a video on the topic:

If you checked the thermostat, it works properly, but the F37 error still burns on the display, the cause of the breakdown is in another. What else needs to be checked?

  1. Connections and wiring between the control module and the thermal sensor. Connections connectors could come off, then you need to tighten them. The wires may be broken: insulate them or replace the entire cable.
  2. control board. Test all the elements of the board with a multimeter, if there are no burnouts and defects. If one of the elements is violated, the part for which it is responsible for fails to work. If a problem is found, a spike or stripping may be necessary. Think about whether you are ready for such a serious repair. Sometimes it is easier to replace the entire control unit, or contact the service center.

Finished repair? Turn on the Bosch washing machine and check its performance. If the error disappears, and the heating passes normally, it means that you managed to fix the problem yourself.

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