Detailed description and characteristics of potato varieties Nevsky

Nevsky Potatoes - The best variety of domestic selection of medium term ripening. In production for more than 30 years, grown on an industrial scale and on private farms throughout the territory of Russia from Moscow region to Siberia.

Grade Nevsky is still in demand. Characteristics of Nevsky potatoes have not lost their relevance for several decades.


  • features
  • variety Description
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • landing preparations
    • Soil
    • Preparation tubers
  • Planting
    • Scheme irrigations
    • Loosening
  • Reproduction
  • Feeding
  • Pests and Diseases variety
  • Storage


features value characteristics
form Oval,laterally flattened
Skin color White
Color of pulp White
Vegetation period 90 days
Assignment Canteen
Yield per bush, kg 1.5

Variety description

Domestic selection. Included in the State Register. Zoned everywhere. The largest yields are in

in the middle lane of the .Prefers soils: loamy, sandy.

Mid-early variety, after 90 days from planting, the tubers reach marketability.

The yield is high, but Nevsky potatoes require good care( watering, weeding, loosening, hilling), the use of fertilizers.

Bush, sprawling, low. Stems erect. The leaves are medium sized, light green. The flowers are white with a bright orange center. The average weight of one tuber is 130 g.

Nevsky is a medium-early variety, with tubers weighing up to 130gr. Immunity to cancer, late blight, black leg, scab, rhizoctoniosis, Alternariosis When cooking does not darken, retains its shape, does not digest Not afraid of the Colorado potato beetle Good adaptation to foodto the conditions of

Preparation for planting

It is pleasant to get excellent tuber harvest in the fall, but you will have to work hard before the pleasant moment arrives. Nevsky potatoes will thank if all cultivation rules are observed:

  • prepared the soil;
  • seed treated;
  • maintained optimal landing pattern ;
  • on time loosening, hilling, watering, weeding;
  • fertilizers were used.
Nevsky gives an excellent harvest under the conditions of growing

. Soil

Autumn is the time to prepare a place for spring planting of Nevsky potatoes. It is important when choosing a site to observe crop rotation. A change of place is needed every 3 years .

Best predecessors:

  • carrots;
  • beets;
  • cucumbers;
  • onion;
  • cabbage.
Autumn application of fertilizers to the soil increases the yield of Nevsky potatoes almost 2 times.

Recommended application rates per square meter of average fertility field:

  • organic matter( humus, manure, compost) - 1 bucket;
  • double superphosphate - 25 g;
  • ash - 1 tbsp.;
  • ammonium nitrate - 20 g;
  • potassium chloride - 15 g.
In the spring, it is necessary to plow the land before planting

. Plowing of the earth to a depth of not less than 30 cm should be carried out in spring. The land should stand before planting, therefore, to plow( dig) in advance, and not the day before.

Tuber preparation

Autumn. We select tubers for seeds from the most productive, healthy potato bushes Nevsky. Preference is given to potatoes weighing from 60 g to 80. When visually inspected on potato Nevsky there should be no mechanical damage, signs of disease.

You can not cut Nevsky potato tubers. Properly prepared tubers have strong shoots no longer than 12 mm.

Spring. We get( buy) seeds no later than 2 weeks before planting. We carry out the treatment of diseases. Keep the Nevsky potato tubers in the solution of potassium permanganate. The color of the solution is pink, the soaking time is 3 minutes.

Before planting, put the boxes with seed potatoes into the room with air temperature 15-18 degrees .

Nevsky seed potatoes are stored at a temperature of 15-18 degrees.

. Planting

. Any method of planting will do: in the wells, grooves, in the crest. The main thing is to stick to the scheme: the step in the row is 35, the spacing between the rows is 60 cm.

Do not plant Nevsky potatoes in cold ground.

This variety categorically does not accept this, as it is bad for returning spring frosts. The ideal temperature for planting at a depth of 10 cm is +8 degrees .

Put a hole( groove) with a depth of 8 to 15 cm: a handful of humus;

  • ;
  • ash -2 -2 Art.l;
  • slightly crushed eggshell.
The interval between rows should be at least 60 cm.

Watering scheme

We look at the table and follow the proposed scheme.

Phase Water( l) per 1 bush
method When planting 3 From above on the ground
3 sprouts on the surface along the row of
after a drop by the same line, by the same line, by the same line, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, by the same, the same, the same, the same, the perennial of the same, that the perennial of the pendan and that the one that the one that has and that the one that the pea that has.

root Loosening

First loosening, and at the same time weeding, conduct the next day after 2 watering .Loosen not deep. The meaning of this operation is the prevention of earth crusts, removal of weeds.

The second and third, deeper loosening of inter-row spacing should be carried out, respectively, a week after the first hilling( at a height of stems 15 cm), a week after 2 hilling( the flowering period, rows are not closed).

To prevent the appearance of a crust - it is necessary to loosen the ground


From seeds you can grow your seed potatoes. The obtained seed tubers must be stored separately to avoid infection with viruses, bacteria, fungi.

Next year you will be able to get high-quality potatoes for food.

Top dressing

Top dressing done correctly is a 100% guarantee of a good harvest.

There are norms developed by professionals. It makes sense to adhere to their recommendations.

Development Phase and Components for 10 L Nutrient Solution:

  • After the first watering: mullein infusion - 0.5 liters and urea - 1 tbsp.l
  • Buds are formed: ash - 3 tbsp.l, sodium sulfate - 1 tbsp.l
  • Potatoes in bloom: mullein infusion - 1 tbsp, superphosphate - 2 tbsp.l
Proper dressing helps to increase the yield to 100%

Diseases and pests of the

variety. The crop drops when growing potatoes on pests( nematodes, wireworms, and medvedka) contaminated soil. To destroy the plants infected with a nematode, add organic fertilizers( manure, humus) to the soil, observe crop rotation.

You can fight with Medvedka by pouring a soap solution into the holes. From the wireworm saves: crop rotation, planting siderats, treatment with Actellic.

  • Scab silver .Formation of light gray formations with black patches. For treatment use. Phyto Plus - for 3L 1 packet, process the seeds before planting, the bushes during flowering according to the description.
  • Osporoz .Root crops form black spots.
  • Powder scab .Formed spots on the skin of a light color, cracked skin. For the treatment using ammonium sulfate at 0.5 liters of solution per plant, the composition of the solution: water 10 l, ammonium sulfate - 2 tbsp.l


Undermining for summer consumption can be since mid-July .The harvesting period for winter storage is the third decade of August. Dig in dry weather, dry the tubers in the sun, and only then drop into the cellar.

Until the spring at a temperature of 2-3 degrees Nevsky is stored without loss of presentation in bags or boxes( plastic, wooden).

Nevsky potato is convenient to have in the collection of varieties. Early ripening and the possibility of long-term storage in winter with high yields are the main arguments in favor of the variety. Proper farming will allow you to use your seed for a long time.

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