How to remove the engine from the washing machine

The electric motor is one of the central links of any washing machine. He is responsible for drum turns when washing, rinsing and spinning. If the engine stops working, then the wash will not start. Therefore, many users are concerned about the question, is it possible to remove the washing machine engine with their own hands in order to repair or replace it?

If you already have the skills to repair household appliances, then disassembling a washing machine will not seem like something complicated to you. The main thing is to take into account the type of washing machine, since the engines in this technique can be different: an asynchronous motor without brushes, a conventional collector motor or a direct drive engine.

In this article you will find instructions for dismantling the motor with photos and videos.

Content of the material:

  • 1 Why remove the engine
  • 2 How to remove the engine

Why remove the engine

Manufacturers install inverter motors in modern washing machines, evaluating their performance in 10-15 years. Therefore, such electric motors break extremely rarely. So, you have a SM with a traditional collector motor.

Usually these engines suffer from such failures:

  • Brushes are erased, which leads to loss of power of the electric motor.

  • Punches the winding.

  • Lamellae wear out, which also affects the power and stability of the part.

In order to be 100% sure of the nature of the breakdown, it is necessary to remove the electric motor and check it. It is important to do it correctly, so as not to harm the machine even more.

Important! The lion's share of all motor damage accounted for brushes. Rarely there are problems with the winding, and only occasionally the problem concerns the lamellae.

How to remove the motor

To remove the engine from the washer, you should follow a clear procedure, stock up with the necessary tools and take photo or video. This is necessary to capture the location of the wires and then without problems to collect everything back.

How to change the motor? Follow the instructions:

  1. Remove the back panel( for Indesit, Ariston, Candy, Zanussi, Electrolux brands) or the front panel( in Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, LG or Beko washers).
    The rear panel is held by several mounts. To dismantle the front panel, you need to remove the control panel, top cover and basement panel. Read more on the pages: “How to disassemble a LG washing machine” and “How to disassemble a Bosch washing machine”.
  2. Under the tank you will see the motor, which is held in four seats - the engine is fastened to two of them with screws. Before removing the fasteners, disconnect the drive belt, and also remove the supply and ground wires.
  3. Now proceed to unscrew the fasteners. In most models, the wrench on 13 handles these goals.
  4. After they are removed, hook them up with a thin screwdriver at the engine attachment points to the tank. Often these places stick, therefore, to remove the motor, efforts will be required.
  5. After the motor yields, pull it towards you and remove it from the machine.

Now you can repair the engine( see the article “How to replace the engine brushes in a washing machine”) or install a new one.

To change the electric motor to a new one, buy in advance the original analogue and install it in the reverse order, having correctly connected all the wires. After assembling the washer, run a test wash to make sure your actions are correct.

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