FE error in LG washing machine

The LG washing machine has stopped working normally: it stops in the middle of the washing program, constantly drains water after the set. The CM shows an FE error on the display.

Washing machine Al Ji without a scoreboard gives an error by flashing or flashing the indicators “Prewash” - “Main wash”.Additionally, the bulbs of choice of products, fabrics are burning: a blanket( bulk items), wool, synthetics.

What does this mean?

Content of the material:

  • 1 How to understand the code
    • 1.1 Causes of malfunction and ways to solve the problem
  • 2 Probable breakdowns at the error FEor washing laundry. What does the malfunction code mean: the system signals that the washer tank is full of water or the water has reached the maximum permissible rate.

    What to do and how to troubleshoot the problem? First you need to find the reason for issuing the FE code.

    Causes of failure and solutions to

    At home, you can take steps to reboot the Lji washing machine. This method eliminates the failure of the electronic board and clears the error.

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    Remove the plug from the outlet, de-energize the LG machine for 15-20 minutes. After connecting, check if the fault code FE is on again. If so, proceed further.

    Excess foaming during washing can be the cause of the FE error. This is possible if you load too light lace underwear( tablecloths, tulle) or fill the tank above the norm.

    Do not lose sight of powder that is spoiled or not suitable for machine wash. How to remedy the situation:

    1. Stop the washing and manually drain the water from the tank.
    2. Free the laundry tank. Let the LG machine dry for 24 hours.

    If these measures did not solve the problem, LG CM needs repair. Characteristic signs can help determine the cause of the fault. Then you will understand - it is worth troubleshooting with your own hands or calling the master.

    Possible failures due to FE error.

    Consider which faults precede the output of the FE error code, and options for eliminating them:

    • The probability of a malfunctioning water intake valve. Over time, the valve may lose flexibility, its springs weaken, which allows water to leak through it. As a result, it forms an overflow, the system gives an error FE, and the LG washing machine either floods or drains the water. It will only help change the intake valve.
    • CM Al Ji started washing the laundry, then drained the water. After which she stopped completely, or kept a constant set of water. On the scoreboard was highlighted FE.The reason is a malfunction of the pressure switch, which monitors the water level in the tank. Check his pipe for clogging, rinse if necessary under the tap. If everything is normal, you need to change the pressure switch itself.
    • If the control unit malfunctions, you will notice: the machine has stopped either full or empty after draining. The display shows the error FE.This can happen during laundry or rinsing. It is important to inspect the control board, repair the burned-out elements if possible, or replace the control unit.
    • Check the wiring between the controller on the control board and the pressure switch. It may be broken connections or frayed wires. CM will highlight the code when washing or rinsing, after which it will not start again. Inspect wiring, isolate damaged areas. If this is not possible, replace the cable.

    Do not forget to adhere to safety precautions when repairing cars. Acting on the recommendations, you can clear the error.

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