Unusual design and maximum use of vertical beds in the country

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Entrepreneurial gardeners fit under the beds of tires, furniture boxes, various plastic containers or build multi-tiered structures with their own hands, as if competing with their neighbors in the most unusual and original design options for gardens. But does the dacha design benefit from an increase in the number of beds in height? Certainly in the idea of ​​building vertical beds lie other advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical beds

Of course, they are, and many of them! Otherwise, the beds would not be so popular. Pay attention to how diverse and interesting the photos of vertical beds are.

In addition to the attractive design, the device of multi-tiered beds will have to be useful in the following cases:

  • limited planting area is convenient in caring for them, as gardeners save time and effort on hiking around the garden with buckets, hoses and tools;
  • for the upper tiers is easier to care for people with a problematic spine or the elderly;
  • the land in raised beds warms up faster in spring, cover it from above, and you get a mini-greenhouse for growing early greenery;
  • for the device of such beds use available materials, it saves money and solves the problem of garbage collection;
  • beds in boxes, boxes and other isolated containers will be unattainable for common garden pests that are hard to get rid of - moles, shepherds, hruschy larvae and thus it is possible to preserve especially valuable varieties and hybrids.

Fasten a funny scarecrow on top of your multi-tiered bed. This ridiculous element of the dacha design for the whole season will not only scare away the birds, but also cheer everyone up.

When planning the arrangement of vertical beds with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account their inherent shortcomings:

  • the soil in such beds quickly dries out and is depleted, it requires regular frequent watering and fertilizer;
  • over the winter such beds will freeze through, so only annual crops are planted in them;
  • , when arranging the beds in sealed containers, good drainage is necessary so that the earth does not soak them in heavy rain.

The problem of constant drying of the earth is solved by organizing drip irrigation. It maintains constant humidity even in the absence of owners.

The device of vertical bed for growing strawberries

The organization of growing strawberries on vertical beds solves several problems at once:

  • saves space in the garden;
  • beds with sides are easier to mulch, and the berries do not get dirty from damp ground;
  • on such a bed is easier to follow the growing mustache and remove them in time;
  • disposed of garbage, not suitable for anything else.
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See what materials gardeners use when they make up their own vertical beds for strawberries. Photos are amazing:

The difficulty lies in the fact that in winter the strawberries on such beds will inevitably freeze. Solve the problem of the device collapsible designs or insulation with straw, hay, covering material, spruce. In spring, it is necessary to remove warming in time so that the plants do not co-link.

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For vertical beds, it is desirable to choose varieties with high yields. Particularly noteworthy are remontant species, fruit-bearing all summer, and ampelous varieties.

The following strawberry varieties are perfect for growing on vertical beds:

  1. Queen Elizabeth. Bushes bear fruit from early summer to mid-autumn. The variety has large dense berries, quite unpretentious and resistant to disease. For the season with one adult bush gardeners collect up to two kilograms of strawberries.
  2. "Alba" is a climbing strawberry variety. The variety has a high frost resistance and good keeping quality, therefore it is suitable for commercial breeding.
  3. "Homemade delicacy" refers to remontant varieties. Fruits large dark red berries of delicate taste.

As you know, strawberries prefer windless sunny areas. An ideal place for it would be a one-sided vertical bed, located near a deaf fence on the north side of the site. Landings will be well lit by the sun from the south and securely protected from cold winds from the north by a fence.

Drainage must be used to fill containers for strawberries so that the roots do not get soaked. The soil for it should be light, breathable, with a high content of humus.

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At the end of the season, mobile boxes are dropped into the ground and covered with a thick layer of mulch. If the construction of the bed is not collapsible, the bushes are dug out with a clod of earth and are kept in the basement until spring.

Ideas for vertical beds made of plastic

Plastic is one of the most suitable materials for arranging vertical plantings. It is inexpensive, has a small weight, is easy to cut with a hacksaw and does not rot from moisture.

For the organization of such beds using ready-made or homemade designs. For vertical gardening use:

  • plastic bags with holes;
  • pots for indoor plants, fastened together;
  • gutter from drains;
  • plastic seedling containers.

In these designs look great flowers. They quickly grow and close the frame, leaving on display a cascade of buds and blossoming inflorescences. For vertical flower beds suitable flowering ampelous and curly annuals - petunias, verbena, begonia, lobelia, viola, nasturtium.

Vertical beds and flowerbeds made of plastic and any other suitable materials will enliven the design of the dacha and help to compactly and profitably place all the necessary crops in a small area.

Video about strawberries on the Trukar - vertical beds

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