How to quickly dry the shoes at home, on the battery, Dehydrators, photo, video

Frequent wetting shoes can lead to skin deformation and peeling of the sole.

As sung in the famous song, There is no bad weather, but our shoes, unfortunately, are not always resistant to its changeable mood. In autumn and spring due to heavy rains and melting snow often gets wet the sole and there is an urgent question: how to quickly dry the shoes, so that it has deteriorated.

Graceful rubber boots would be a good way out. But we will try to deal with the care of the boots and shoes the most accessible ways at home.

Rubber boots do not deteriorate from water
Rubber boots do not deteriorate from water

Faster and better drying shoes


Before drying shoes First you need to go through the preparatory stage in order to increase its resistance to wear and does not harm the quality of the skin:

  1. Required as soon as possible remove shoes got wetEspecially if it is made of leather, which can be stretched from moisture or disperse at the seams. In addition, a long presence in it can lead to colds.
  2. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the soles of dirtAnd the upper part of the shoe - wipe with a soft clean cloth.

Before drying the skin shoes should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dry with a cloth or a soft cloth

If you have shoes made of suede, to begin with it must be properly dry and then using a special brush to clean off the dirt.

  1. Insoles and laces of the shoe is better to take out - so you speed up the drying process and avoid the occurrence of unpleasant odors.

Wet insoles should pull out and dried separately

  1. Do not leave the shoes on the battery or near a heater or a heater - it can lead to skin deformation.
  2. It is necessary to provide fresh air to the soleThat it is not cracked and does not stick - it is enough to put shoes on one side or suspended.
  3. Dry skin is best in a well-ventilated, cool place.

Soaked to the skin dry well inside, you need good shoes to reveal, sticking tongue.

Regularly with leather and suede special moisture repellent spray (as shown in photo)

6 drying methods boots and shoes

I know a few trouble-free and safe ways to dry the shoes at home. But need special Soup and some handy tools.

Illustration Description of the method
Method 1. Electric driers

In addition to classical devices sit down devices with the function of blowing or UV radiation - to kill germs.

They work on the power supply or battery. This method is one of the most gentle and allows for both dry shoes inside and outside in a fairly short period of time.

average price such a unit may be from 500 to 1000 rubles.

Method 2. The paper, kraft paperor plain paper

On paper there are inks that can be printed on the shoes.

Quickly dry shoes in this way can be tightly stuffed paper inside the shoes - this will keep it neat shape.

But we need to change the paper every 2-3 hours, as it will absorb water. Especially this method is good for shoes Suede.

Method 3. Salt or baking soda

These agents are endowed with absorbent properties are well absorb odors and absorb water.

How to dry shoes in this way? It suffices to use any clean sock and fill it with one of these agents (soda can be mixed with salt). Next, put a sock stuffed in both shoes.

Method 4. Rice (possible to use filler cat litter)

The grains are put into a box from under the shoe a few centimeters and then placed on top of the shoes. This instruction allows them to dry at room temperature for about 4-6 hours.

Method 5. silica gel

This is a solid absorbent, which can be seen packed in small paper bags in boxes of new shoes.

Buy gel can separate at the hardware store or just buy them filled with special pads to dry, it will be much more convenient. They are placed inside the shoe for a short time.

Method 6. blow-drying

Only suitable for exposure minimum temperature. To direct a jet of warm air inside the shoe to be at a close distance.

If the shoes are dry, but you are worried about a bad smell, it is possible to use a simple tea bags to be put into their own hands shoe. It is desirable that in the tea attended mint, lemon balm and jasmine - it is best to consult with a flavoring of the shoe and give freshness.

Tea bags or essential oils added inside the shoe to get rid of unpleasant odors


How to dry shoes, we understand. The methods that I suggest using clear and simple. But do not forget to use a special water-repellent spray, which must be regularly sprayed on shoes.

And your shoes are not deformed when storage, Be sure to use plastic or iron struts or compressed paper to preserve their shape.

More detail shoe drying methods shown in the video in this article. Perhaps you have something to share - tell us how you cope with such a task in the comments or ask a question if you do not understand something.

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