How to make a soft towel after washing: 12 rules of care


  • 1 Reasons stiffness
  • 2 How to maintain the softness of Mahra
    • 2.1 10 Rules machine washable
    • 2.2 2 methods how to return Mahra softness
  • 3 Summary
Any novelty to keep things simple when you know the secrets of care.Any novelty to keep things simple when you know the secrets of care.

Often after washing terry products become stiff. However, I wondered how to make bath towels soft and fluffy again, only with the birth of the child. It turned out, it is not difficult. We offer several ways.

Reasons stiffness

Return the hard things softness quite easy when you know where the sources of the problem. To begin to tell why hard towel after washing in the machine.

Picture Cause
table_pic_att14928249541 Cheap poor quality detergent.

Inexpensive detergent badly washed out of the tissue. From this terry products become stiff.

table_pic_att14928249592 hard water.

Wash towels in the water rich in calcium and magnesium harm to the structure of terry cloth.

table_pic_att14928249633 Incorrect wash cycle.

If the products have become hard - probably it was selected temperature is too high and powerful spin.

table_pic_att14928249674 dryness of the air.

When you know how to make the towels soft and fluffy, but it does not work, the reason may lie in the wrong drying. Humidity below 20 harm things.

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table_pic_att14928249715 Ironing without steaming.

Mahr does not like dry, even during ironing. Products from the material better to steam or iron slightly damp.

How to maintain the softness of Mahra

To save terry products soft and fluffy, you need to properly care for them. Here are the general rules for the care:

  1. Before you send the product in the trash dryer, dry it.
  2. Do not wash the towels with the things that have zippers and metal inserts.
  3. Before drying terry shake things.
  4. Dry the product away from extreme temperatures.
Photo: Proper care will save the product from premature wear.Photo: Proper care will save the product from premature wear.

10 Rules machine washable

As it turned out, the main reason for the rigidity of products - improper washing. I'll tell you how to wash towels that they remain soft.

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14928249797 Rule 1. Choose detergents in liquid form

They are less harmful to the mahr quickly washed out during rinsing.

Prefer household chemicals without chlorine and phosphates.

table_pic_att14928249838 Rule 2. Add in the compartment air conditioning machinesvinegar

150-200 ml of vinegar in 10 liters of water save the rigidity terry products.

Use 9% vinegar, so as not to harm the technology and tissues.

table_pic_att14928249869 Rule 3. Do not expose to high temperatures towels.

Most preferably use the shortest wash cycle at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees.

table_pic_att149282500310 Rule 4. Fill the drum is not until the end

third of the volume recommended to leave free for machine washing. Water will be easier to wash the powder.

table_pic_att149282500611 Rule 5. Choose not spin above 400 rpm

Terry things can not tolerate tight twisting. From this, they stretch and lose quality.

table_pic_att149282500712 Rule 6. Using a "massager" for terry.

Ball to break down and terry yarn you'll find in any store household chemicals. During the wash, they will not stick together villae. They can download the towels and wash without using detergents.

If you do not find special balls, you can use a rubber massager leg of orthopedic salon.

table_pic_att149282500813 Rule 7. Use the air conditioner containing silicone

This substance is a part of funds will keep the soft cloth. Means a relatively inexpensive, the price per liter - 400-600 rubles.

table_pic_att149282502914 Rule 8. Follow the recommendations on the label

On the label you will find all the recommendations for the care of the thing.

table_pic_att149282503215 Rule 9. add salt

Soft terry towel after washing will, if put into the compartment for powder tablespoon of salt.

If possible, use sea salt. Not only does it soften the product, but also to refresh it.

table_pic_att149282503516 Rule 10. Add soda

To the towels were soft after washing, add a teaspoon of baking soda in the detergent. Alkali quality copes with stains and removes the hardness of the water.

2 methods how to return Mahra softness

If things have already suffered from the laundry - no problem! Return the towels soft and fluffy, you can own hands without any extra costs.

Represent two simple yet very effective method:

Picture instruction
table_pic_att149282503917 Method 1. Soaking with cold water

Return soft terry towels can ordinary water:

  1. Soak the item for 12-14 hours.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Dry in a high humidity.
table_pic_att149282503918 Method 2. Sol + ammonia

Get rid of dullness and soften the towel after washing easy:

  1. The liter of water dissolve tablespoon teaspoonful of salt and alcohol.
  2. Soak terry product in the solution for 2-3 hours.
  3. Rinse.
  4. Dry in a high humidity.


Now you understand how best to wash towels and restore softness and fluffiness. It did not help any of the proposed funds - means the case as the product itself. How to choose a good product from terry, you'll learn from the video in this article. And their questions and suggestions in the comments.

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