The benefits and harm of pumpkin seeds for men

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The accelerating pace of modern life, new advances in technology and technology, unfortunately, have a negative effect on men's health and longevity. Increasingly, physicians have to deal with complaints of the representatives of the stronger sex to reduce potency, signs of chronic fatigue. Doctors with enviable consistency diagnose cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in men, a growing number of cancer problems and inflammatory processes of the prostate gland.

The reason for such a dismal picture is the wrong diet and nutritional schedule, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits and nervous tension. The impact of these factors, gradually accumulating, leads to prostatitis and reduced reproductive function, from which people of the most active age are suffering today.

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How to correct the situation and restore vitality and men's health? In most cases, an established proper nutrition and physical exertion in combination with a course of treatment prescribed by doctors help to restore the lost strength. Moreover, pumpkin seeds for prostate occupy one of the most important places in the diet.

How are pumpkin seeds good for men?

Studying the way of life and the menu of patients, doctors pay attention to the lack of a diet essential for men's health and well-being of vitamins and elements. But with complaints of reduced potency and other problems of the male genital sphere, a full menu is essential.

  • In order to normalize blood circulation in tissues and organs, eliminate congestion and give strength, vitamin C is badly needed.
  • By right, “male” is called vitamins B1, B3 and B6, which are present in legumes and cereals.
  • Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and an important defender of men's health, is responsible for the regeneration and youth of tissues.
  • Another element indispensable for men is zinc.

These components of the success of treatment should not be sought in expensive synthetic drugs. All of them are contained in the simplest product - pumpkin seeds, which for potency are capable of bringing considerable benefits.

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A lot of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, iron, and other trace elements in dense pulp with a pleasant nutty taste. An important part of pumpkin seeds, useful for men with erectile dysfunction and prostate diseases are polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, as well as arginine, linolenic acid and other bioactive compounds.

Pumpkin seeds and prevention of male diseases

Pumpkin seeds rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates are a high-energy product that quickly strengthens the forces, at the same time cleansing the body from slags and replenishing its reserves with the most essential minerals and vitamins. This is what pumpkin seeds are useful for men who want to preserve male power for many years, not to experience discomfort from inflammation of the prostate and not to fear tumors.

A significant part of the use of seeds comes from zinc in them. In a glass of dry purified nuclei contains the daily rate of consumption of this mineral, which is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone, the main male hormone.

With zinc deficiency:

  • man does not experience a quality erection;
  • sexual desire decreases, and in case of chronic lack of substance, hormonal imbalance occurs;
  • does not synthesize enough sperm, its quality suffers;
  • increases the risk of developing malignant and benign growths in the prostate gland;
  • has a surge in prostatitis.

Pumpkin seeds used to treat such diseases and to increase potency are a natural, safe source of easily digestible zinc and other beneficial substances.

Introduction to the diet of even small amounts of seeds allows not only to improve sex life, but also to seriously strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other ailments, which are in the first positions in the list of diseases diagnosed in modern middle-aged and older men. What is the use of pumpkin seeds for men and the harm of their regular use?

Seeds rich in vitamin F and polyunsaturated acids, providing anti-sclerotic effects, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and, thereby, indirectly improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs and increase male longevity.

The presence of vitamins of group B provides a man’s mental balance, his high performance and stability in stressful situations.

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Seeds actively influence metabolic processes, prevent cholesterol from accumulating, and also play an important role in the treatment and prevention of digestive disorders. Natural oils, fiber and acids in the composition of pumpkin seeds useful for men:

  • have a mild laxative effect;
  • stimulates the digestive processes,
  • has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora;
  • remove slags, the remnants of undigested food;
  • have antiparasitic effect.

With the mass of benefits brought by pumpkin seeds, the harm to a man from their introduction to the daily menu is extremely rare.

This usually happens when unlimited eating of high-calorie, carbohydrate-rich and dietary fiber seeds, as well as with medical contraindications. These include inflammation and exacerbation of diseases of the liver, pancreas and digestive tract, as well as allergic reactions to pumpkin.

In what form is pumpkin seeds more beneficial for men?

To feel the usefulness of pumpkin seeds, men do not have to devote part of their precious time to clicking on the natural “medicine”.Today, cooking offers a lot of ways to turn pumpkin seeds on the menu, having their favorite dishes picked up.

The best contribution to men's health is made by qualitatively dried seeds from ripe pumpkin.

If you carry out their heat treatment, for example, fry in oil to give the kernels a brighter taste, some of the useful properties will be lost, and the product itself will become many times more high-calorie. Therefore, doctors advise for potency and with prostatitis, pumpkin seeds should not be subjected to such effects. But vegetable garnish or porridge with such a tasty additive probably will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

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Seeds, due to their neutral taste, are perfectly combined with many familiar foods, especially with cereals, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts. Fine light snacks can be arranged by making a sandwich with vegetable caviar and pumpkin seeds. The dinner decoration will be a cream soup, flavored with a healthy and nutritious product.

Especially useful for potency pumpkin seeds, introduced into the composition of bread or other pastries made from coarse flour.

Such products will not only become a source of valuable proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, but also force the intestines to work harder, provide the body of the man with B vitamins and minerals, including zinc.

Recipe for prostatitis: pumpkin seeds with honey

For the preparation of a healing agent used for erectile dysfunction and prostatitis, you will need a glass of purified pumpkin seed kernels and half the volume of bee honey.

Sunflower seeds crushed to a uniform consistency are mixed with honey, and balls are made of the resulting mass, about 1.5 cm in diameter.sexual weakness.

Balls are used once a day, on an empty stomach, 40 minutes before the main meal. Means is put in a mouth where weight from pumpkin seeds and honey quickly dissolves. If desired, the aftertaste can be removed by drinking medicine with water. Pumpkin "pills" take monthly courses, between which a week break is required.

Another simple recipe for pumpkin seed prostate and honey helps to turn a medicine into a tasty, nutritious delicacy. Chopped seeds are mixed with your favorite chopped nuts, prunes and dried apricots. For gluing, honey is added to the mass and form dense balls. As in the past recipe, the healing delicacy should be frozen at a low temperature, after which the candies are ready to eat.

Honey and nut mixture is flavored with sesame, anise, and cumin changes for piquancy and greater benefit of pumpkin seeds for potency.

Eating both means is possible only by making sure that there is no allergy to pumpkin seeds and honey, and also in the absence of medical contraindications.

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