How to stretch suede shoes: 8 and 2 professional folk method

Have you ever tried to buy suede shoes, which seemed to fit in the store, but the house is a little crushed? A couple of times I found myself in similar situations. It helped me learn how to stretch suede shoes at home. Today I received information to share with you.

With the help of tested recipes can be a bit of stretch in width shoes
With the help of tested recipes can be a bit of stretch in width shoes

Stretching shoes at home

Trying to figure out how to deliver suede shoes that are too tight, you have to consider one important point. No matter how you tried to increase the size of the product, the other you do not succeed, but to adjust the shoes for a few millimeters in width is quite real.

Stretching shoes, you make it more comfortable to wear
Stretching shoes, you make it more comfortable to wear

Try to wear shoes harvesting home and walk in them every day for 2-3 hours. After a few days you will notice how suede stretch and wearing shoes will be much more comfortable.

Wet methods - 7 options

If you stretch suede shoes, just to walk in it, we could not try to resort to more drastic methods. These include soaking products.

Images instruction
Method 1. wet socks
  • Wet thick cotton socks and squeeze them.
  • Put has not yet dried socks on his feet and Buy Shoes.
  • Walk through the apartment to dry tissue products.

If necessary, repeat the procedure over time.

table_pic_att14960949292 Method 2. Paper

Lightly wet newsprint and tamp it firmly suede boots or shoes. Wait for the complete drying of the paper naturally. After that shoe size is slightly increased.

table_pic_att14960949303 Method 3. steam

Steaming not only helps to slightly expand the product, but also has a beneficial effect on the material.

  • Hold a little suede shoes over the steam. Do not overdo it, enough to shoes only slightly warmed and humidified.
  • Buy Shoes and walk around the house in shoes for at least two hours.

This method is good in that it is suitable for posting virtually any footwear from boots and shoes to summer sandals or shoes.

table_pic_att14960949314 Method 4. Flannel cloth and iron

To quickly deliver suede boots with high tops, use this recipe:

  • Undo the lock on the boots and straighten ankle.
  • Gently soak a flannel cloth.
  • Lay the cloth on the inside of the boot.
  • Iron the surface of a hot iron.

Due to hot steam suede becomes very pliable and easier stretches.

table_pic_att14960949325 Method 5. Alcohol

To stretch the shoes at home, you can use cooked with his own hands the solution of alcohol or vodka. Dissolve them in water in a ratio of 1: 1.

The resulting solution was treated with seats that pinch the most. Then Buy Shoes and walk a few hours.

Cleaned with alcohol only inside of the products, as the outside material may change color or covered with spots.

table_pic_att14960949326 Method 6. Vinegar

Soften suede help ordinary vinegar, which exists in any home. Treat bootleg weak vinegar solution, then it would be better to reach.

table_pic_att14960949337 Method 7. Beer

Some argue that it helps to increase the width of the shoe. Wet beer inside of the shoe and let them dry.

Choose light beers, otherwise stains may form on the product.

Freeze - 1 method

I know about another interesting method, which helps stretch the shoes. It was invented a few years ago, and it has already proved its effectiveness. I'm talking about freezing the shoe.

Make sure that the package was tightly closed and proceeded
Make sure that the package was tightly closed and proceeded
Illustration instruction
table_pic_att14960949369 Step 1.

Fill two bags with water up to half and tie the ends firmly.

table_pic_att149609493710 Step 2.

Pass the bags in suede.

table_pic_att149609493811 Step 3.

Put shoes in the freezer. Let them stay there the whole night.

table_pic_att149609494712 Step 4.

Try on shoes. You will notice that the shoes have become freer.

The same method will help expand on the ankle suede boots.

If you do not trust a similar method, you can first try it out on an old shoe, and then use on the new product.

Professional - 2 options

If you do not trust the people's recipes, you can enlist the help of special tools. The price is certainly higher, but the effect is more pronounced:

Illustration instruction
table_pic_att149609494913 Means 1. Spray or foam

In the shoe store, you can buy a can of special "stretching" means.

It must be applied to the surface of the article, put on shoes, and a little like. Suede slightly soften and become more pliable.

Means 2. Block

Block (example pictured) is equipped with a spacer, which allows you to expand the shoe width and length on the size.

You must act gradually. After each guy trying on shoes.

To prevent drying of the material, processes it, softening foam.

instead outcome

After trying one or more of these ways I have, you can make your suede shoes more comfortable. Visual aids to increase it you will find on the video in this article.

Do you want to ask me something or share your experiences posting tight shoes? Write in the comments.

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