Detailed description and characteristics of the cultivar of tomato Yamal

Nowadays breeders are working tirelessly on the breeding of all new varieties of various vegetables, thus delighting gardeners. But too much choice can plunge into the state of shock of beginning vegetable growers, they just get lost among all sorts of varieties and types of garden crops. Tomatoes stand out in this plan, there are many varieties, each of which will differ in certain parameters. Description of the characteristics of the tomato variety Yamal will help determine the choice among a variety of tomatoes.

Contents, originator of which is a breeder from the Stupinsky district V.I.KozakVariety is among the most common.

Everyone who has tried to grow tomatoes Yamal forever leave a note about him. To the conditions of growth they are not picky, have excellent taste.

Fruit maturity is recognized by:

  • by its rich red color;
  • dense pulp.

Ripe tomatoes have a shallow fossa under the cup's head, sometimes slight ribbing is observed on the surface of the fruit.

Fruits of a tomato Yamal

The Yamal shrub is notable for its short stature, the adult plant grows only up to 45 cm in height, and the fruit is rather abundant. The leaves on the trunk are medium, decorative in appearance, let's say the color of all shades of green.

The inflorescences of the variety are simple, often located, each can have up to 4 flowers of which the fruit will be tied.

The crop matures quickly, after 90-105 days after germination it will be possible to try the first fruits. The very fruiting is marked long.

The first fruits will be the largest, up to 200 g each. The next ones will be gradually becoming shallow, but less than 70 g of tomatoes were not observed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The variety of tomatoes Yamal has many advantages:

  • compactness of the bush;
  • ripening fruit;
  • variety versatility;
  • resistance to many diseases;
  • high and long-term fruiting;
  • not subject to weather conditions.

. All this characterizes Yamal as an excellent variety grown on vegetable gardens with different climatic parameters and even at home, on a balcony and on a windowsill.

There are no flaws in the variety, so they say it all as one gardeners who grow Yamal.

Tomato Yamal in the section

Selection of soil for planting tomato

Fruits of excellent quality can grow only on a quality trunk, which should receive everything necessary for growth and fruiting in soybeans. Tomato Yamal will not grow equally everywhere, sandy and sandy soils are best suited to it. They will provide a moderate amount of moisture, sufficient ventilation of the root system.

On clay areas and loams for a tomato, it is better to choose elevations where moisture stagnation will be minimal.

Sowing seedlings

The first step in the cultivation of tomatoes Yamal is sowing seedlings. This process happens like this:

  1. In a pre-prepared containers gain ground and give it a good warm.
  2. The second stage is to sow the seeds. They are placed from each other at a distance of at least 1 cm.
  3. The laid out seeds are sprinkled with peat or a ground mixture. The layer should not exceed 1 cm.
  4. Then it should be watered with warm water through a watering can with a fine net.
  5. After watering the container, it is desirable to cover the film or put glass on it to create a greenhouse effect. After emergence, the cover is removed.
  6. The first couple of days, it is desirable to withstand a temperature of about +25, while there should be enough light.
  7. Seedlings with 2-4 true leaves swoop down into more spacious containers. The distance between shtamba should be at least 2 cm. But it is better to dive into individual cups.
  8. Planting seedlings immediately is not recommended, it should be gradually accustomed and tempered to the street.
Before sowing, the seeds should preferably be soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and placed under a freezer for hardening.
Seeds of Yamal

Landing in the ground and the subsequent care

The grown up seedlings are planted in open ground when it warms up sufficiently and passes the risk of severe frosts. For carrying out the landing it is necessary: ​​

  • garden shovel;
  • seedlings;
  • water for irrigation.

Tomatoes should be planted in the prepared holes dug to the depth of the rhizomes. The distance between the bushes should be at least 50 cm. Around the planted shtambov it is worthwhile to compact the ground well and pour every bush abundantly.

In order to get a rich harvest and to maximize fruiting it is necessary to adhere to certain rules after planting in open ground:

  • , after the plants are planted, it is necessary to regularly feed;
  • shtambo normally tolerates drought, but it is better to provide enough moisture by artificially watering each bush;
  • do not forget to spud the bushes, and after rains loosen the ground around them;
  • not desirable to allow the development of weeds around the shtambov.
It is worth remembering that the Yamal variety does not require tying up and pinching.
Seedlings of Yamal


Tomatoes of the Yamal variety are not susceptible to diseases and pests if you take good care of them. Typically, the fruits ripen to defeat the bushes with late blight, this is due to the early ripeness of the trunk.

Secrets of growing

According to statistics, from one square meter with Yamal tomatoes you can collect up to 17 kg of fruits per season, but for this you should make a little effort. The secrets of rich harvests are:

  1. In the regular application of top dressings:
  • the first nutrient mixture is applied on day 10 after disembarkation, it is prepared from 40 g of superphosphate and 10 g of ammonium nitrate, which is diluted in a bucket of warm water;
  • every two weeks thereafter, each bush is watered with a weak solution of manganese and nitrophos is applied;
  • every 10 days, the plants must be sprayed with a solution of urea, potassium sulfate and superphosphate, 15 g of the mixture is diluted in 10 liters of warm water and treated with bushes.
  1. In a sufficient amount of moisture, for this, on hot days, the plants must be watered every other day, each bush should get at least 2.5 liters of water.
  2. Another landing is considered to be a landing, is best carried out in the evening, in cloudy or rainy weather. And after that, the seedlings need to be slightly shaded.
  3. In order to attract insects for pollination, it is desirable to plant mustard, basil, coriander near the garden bed with tomatoes or directly on it.

These simple secrets will always provide you with an excellent harvest.

The fruits of a tomato Yamal on a bush

reviews Tomatoes Yamal enjoy success among gardeners, many grow themselves and advise friends and acquaintances:

Tatiana Alexandrovna, 61, pensioner : I like to mess around in the garden, I grow all the vegetables myself. Among the tomatoes, I would especially like to highlight the variety Yamal, which is not whimsical, grows and bears fruit in all weather conditions. It is beautifully stored and transported from the dacha to the city. In canned form is unusually good with karoshechkoy.

Victor Petrovich, gardener with experience : I like to grow plants since my youth, I have a big garden. On the garden I grow a lot of vegetables, I like cucumbers and tomatoes especially. Among the tomatoes, I like the Yamal variety a lot, the bush is not sick, it has abundant fruit. Picked tomatoes before frost often ripen near the stove, but they do not lose their taste.

Andrey and Irina, farmers : we are engaged in growing vegetables and fruits for sale. We tried many different varieties of tomatoes, we stopped at several, among them Yamal. Fruits of a grade are in demand at buyers, many collect them in a proc, preserve.

The fruits of the tomato Yamal

Anna, the teacher : I live on the eighth floor, I do not have a summer residence. But you still want to pamper yourself with fresh vegetables. That is why I grow cucumbers and tomatoes on my balcony myself. From tomatoes I always buy seeds of the Yamal variety, they sprout perfectly, are not picky in their care, and have excellent external and taste characteristics. Recommend.

Judging by the reviews, Yamal can be considered the leader among domestic varieties of tomatoes.

It is not difficult to grow tomatoes Yamal; to obtain the highest possible yield, it is enough to know a few secrets and strictly adhere to certain rules.

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