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The skin is durable, but for her, too, need care.The skin is durable, but for her, too, need care.

Leather - a very durable material. But without proper care, and sometimes with the passage of time, there is a need to update and paint the leather jacket. Together, let us find out how to do it at home with their own hands.


Coat paint at home is quite simple. But before we proceed directly to the dyeing process itself, the product must be prepared properly. Empty your pockets, remove fur details - will continue to cleanse the skin.

How can we clean the leather coat or jacket:

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14933180691 Recipe 1. Lemon juice

Dark skin color can be cleaned with a solution of half a lemon juice and water. Moisten a cotton pad resulting liquid and wipe the entire surface.

table_pic_att14933180722 Recipe 2. Soap + Glycerol
  1. Make a mild soap solution (20 g of soap per 200 ml water) and add the 3 tbsp. l. glycerol.
  2. Dampen a sponge in the solution and thoroughly clean the product.

Instead of dry soap liquid can be used. In this case, add 3 tablespoons.

table_pic_att14933180783 Recipe 3. Egg white

Whisk in cool foam one egg white and rub the entire surface of their jacket.

After cleaning leather jacket dried at home: neat hang it on a hanger and leave to dry at room temperature.

For drying, use a hanger to avoid the formation of creases and cracks.For drying, use a hanger to avoid the formation of creases and cracks.

Methods for staining

Now I tell what color the black leather jacket and products bright colors. Manufacturers produce many colorants. The most convenient for home use:

  • liquid dyes;
  • aerosol dyes;
  • dry colorants.

Price, complexity of the procedure and the amount of time - the main differences between the methods. But regardless of the type of paint should be water-based and does not have in its composition of toxic ingredients.

How to paint a jacket at home, each of the following ways?

Method 1. liquid paint

Using the liquid dye, dyeing leather jackets is very simplified. How?

Picture instruction
table_pic_att14933180825 Step 1

Acquire the necessary paint shop. Various shades formulations allow you to choose the color as close as possible.

To color the product in black, or any other - one vial may not be enough. Therefore, I recommend to take the means to reserve.

table_pic_att14933180846 step 2

Shake the bottle and pour the liquid into a glass or ceramic container.

table_pic_att14933180917 step 3

Lay the jacket on a flat surface. Bed under it unnecessary sheets to avoid staining the surface.

In the photo - look jacket before staining.

table_pic_att14933180968 step 4

Moisten a sponge or a brush in dye and translational movements rub into the material. Try to apply the paint evenly to achieve a uniform tone.

I would recommend to use a brush, it is more convenient. The sponge absorbs the liquid, and therefore gives it worse.

table_pic_att14933181029 step 5

Leave the jacket to dry for several hours.

table_pic_att149331810710 step 6

At the end of processed products with mild soap to clean balances.

Painting leather jackets liquid dye is considered to be the easiest to implement.

Method 2. spray paint

Aerosols, in principle, is also easy to use. The only caveat: as update jacket at home is difficult, because you can get dirty and the furniture in the process. Therefore, it is desirable to deal with staining outdoors. By the way, this way can be dyed leather gloves, as well as bags and shoes.


Picture instruction
table_pic_att149331810811 Step 1

Hang the product on the shoulders or lay on a flat surface to avoid creasing.

table_pic_att149331811712 step 2

Spray on the material at a distance of 15-20 cm.

table_pic_att149331812513 step 3

Upon completion of the process, leave the jacket on a hanger to complete the drying.

Method 3. dry paint

Using the dry ink to achieve the greatest possible long-term dyeing effect. What do we have to do:

  1. Purchase a powdered dye needed shade.
One package is enough to paint a jacket.One package is enough to paint a jacket.
  1. Soak leather product in water for 3 hours to skin softened and impregnated with moisture.
  2. Dissolve powder in warm water, mixing thoroughly, to avoid lumps remain.
  3. Boil 2 liters. and water to pour ink previously prepared mixture.
  4. When the water has cooled to 40 ° C, immerse the product for 2-3 hours. Periodically turn the jacket for even coloring.
  5. Remove the product from the solution and rinse several times in pure water.
It is necessary to rinse out the remains of pigments.It is necessary to rinse out the remains of pigments.
  1. Secure the result:
  • Mix 200 ml of vinegar with 1 tbsp. l. sodium chloride and 1 liter. water;
  • immerse the product solution for 30 minutes.
  1. Dry jacket, hung it on a hanger in a well-ventilated place.
After staining powder dyes bright color will remain for several years.After staining powder dyes bright color will remain for several years.


As we found out, paint the leather at home in several ways. All of them renew the color and add shine leather goods. Videos in this article clearly show the painting of leather goods with their own hands. If you have questions - answer them in comments.

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