F18 error in the Bosch washing machine

What should I do when the Bosch washing machine fails? The washer shows on the display the error code F18, you notice that the machine does not completely drain the water, because you take out the wet laundry from the tank.

In this case, Bosch models without a screen exhibit an error like this: light bulbs turn on for 800 - 1000 or for 400 - 600.

Attention! DTC F18 is considered critical. Do not start using a Bosch washing machine before repairing the breakdown. This can lead to water leakage and flooding.

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  • 1 Causes and symptoms of error
      • 1.0.1 Causes and solutions
    • 1.1 Do-it-yourself repair
      • 1.1.1 Impeller
      • 1.1.2 Pump drainCauses and signs of error

        The Bosch washing machine does not drain the water, F 18 error is on the board. To understand how to remedy the situation, you need to understand the causes of the fault. What signs may indicate on them:

        • The program crashes, the water goes too slowly.
        • System hangs before draining.
        • Drainage occurs irregularly: water leaves normally every other time.
        • During washing, the plums work, while rinsing - no.
        • No spin of laundry.

        Causes and solutions

        Do not get excited and immediately disassemble the washing machine Bosch. You can clear the error F18 and solve the problem in other ways:

        • Reboot. Try to reset the error by disconnecting the AGR from the network. Remove the plug from the socket for 10 to 15 minutes. If after turning on the code disappeared, the reason was in the system failure.
        • Cleaning. Often the cause of poor drainage is clogging, and it can form in different places of the machine. First check the pump filter - it is located at the bottom of the front panel of the washer, behind the hatch, and is often clogged with threads, hair, small objects. Turn the knob and remove the filter.
        • Now check the drain hose, eliminate the moment of inflection, inspect and flush it under pressure. Additionally, siphon and drainage are checked, which could also be clogged. To clean them, use special tools.
        • Installation. Poor flow and discharge of water may indicate improper installation of the drain hose. According to the rules, the hose must be at least 50 centimeters from the floor. Check the connection.

        Do-it-Yourself DIY Repair

        Did you take all the possible measures, but did the Bosch washing machine still give F18 error? Begin to check the internal parts of the washer.

        Before starting work, always disconnect the CM from the network.

        Impeller pump

        Need to check the performance of the impeller, which means to remove the filter and look into the hole. Highlight the flashlight and see: the impeller rotates when working - everything is in order. If not, then you need to examine it at the time of blockage.

        As shown in the photo, the reason for stopping the impeller was a thread wrapped around an axis. You need to remove the blockage and put the part in place.

        Drain pump( pump)

        The pump is responsible for draining after washing. If the impeller is not clogged, but still does not rotate, you need to inspect the pump. What it means:

        • Drain the water from the tank through a filter or hose.
        • Remove the top and back panel from the case, lay the machine on its side.
        • Disconnect the wires.
        • Pull out the pump by turning it counterclockwise.
        • Inspect the pump for clogging. If it is a blockage, you need to clean the pump and put it in place. In other cases, you need to install a new part.

        Problems with electronics

        Examine the cable harness from the control module to the pump and the pressostat. The reasons may be in the pressostat, but it happens rarely. However, if other methods did not help clear the F18 error, check the Bosch washer pressure sensor.

        So you looked at the wiring. Minor damage can be isolated or completely replaced area.

        At last, using a multimeter, the module is called. You may need a spike or replacement of items. So think: sometimes it is better to call the master.

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