The basic malfunctions of refrigerators and ways of repair

The basic malfunctions of refrigerators and ways of repair


We are so easily accustomed to the impeccable work of household appliances, that any breakdown of the refrigerator for us is an unconventional situation. And the sooner it is possible to identify and repair the malfunction, the faster comfortable comfort will return to our house.


  • 1Preparing the necessary tools
  • 2The most common malfunctions of refrigerators
    • 2.1Electricity problems
    • 2.2Illumination Malfunctions
    • 2.3Malfunctions of thermostat, compressor or other parts
    • 2.4Clogged drainage system
    • 2.5Inadequate closing of doors or breakage of sealing gums
    • 2.6Increased noise during operation
    • 2.7Faults in the No frost system
      • 2.7.1No frost system (video)

Preparing the necessary tools

Before you start to inspect or repair the refrigerator, prepare these tools:

  • screwdrivers of various sizes and attachments or screwdrivers;
  • pliers, round pliers, pliers;
  • a set of wrenches and heads;
  • a hammer, an insulating tape, a knife, a file, screws and bolts of different sizes;
  • tester, voltmeter, ammeter.
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In addition, if you are going to eliminate serious malfunctions of refrigerators, you will need such power tools and appliances:

  • Charging station, which allows working with freon;
  • gas burner for sealing pipelines;
  • a pipe cutter, with which copper pipes are cut;
  • Clamps for overlapping a branch pipe of gymnastics of the compressor mechanism;
  • copper-phosphorus solder;
  • oxygen and propane in cylinders for soldering pipelines;
  • copper tubes of different diameters;
  • set for carrying out cold soldering.

The most common malfunctions of refrigerators

Fortunately, many failures are easily eliminated even by unprepared people who have never repaired anything themselves before. But with serious malfunctions in the electrical equipment of the refrigerator, thermostat, compressor, with the leak of freon, etc., it may be necessary to call professional repairmen.

In case of serious breakdown it makes sense to call a specialist

Electricity problems

Probably, this is the easiest malfunction, because it is very easy to recognize and eliminate it with your own hands. In this case, not only the indicator lights and light will not be on in the refrigerator, but you will also notice the absence of cold and any sounds in time.


The problem here is the total absence of electricity in the whole house or the temporary disconnection (knockout) of the machine, the failure of the outlet, the plug, the cord, etc. Depending on the severity of the situation, try to repair the malfunction with your own hands.

Start by turning on the machine, if it turned off. Its repeated shutdown will signal a serious compressor failure (short circuit) or other electrical equipment.


If there is no power in the outlet, you can repair the breakdown with your own hands if you have the necessary qualifications.

In the most difficult case (with an efficient socket and the presence of electricity), the fault of the electrical circuits of the refrigerator most likely became the culprit of the breakdown.

Please note that repair with your own hands in the absence of sufficient skills for such actions can lead to more serious breakdowns or even failure of the refrigerator.

Illumination Malfunctions

When you find that the refrigerator makes a habitual noise, it is cold inside, but there is no internal light or the work indication lamps are not lit - probably problems with lighting devices.

Sometimes problems with lighting signal a significant malfunction

It is necessary to check and if necessary replace the indicator lights that have failed. It can also happen that the electric circuit of the refrigerator is faulty or the light switch is broken. At a high complexity of repair it is necessary to immediately call the masters - they are able to solve such problems quickly.

Malfunctions of thermostat, compressor or other parts

In the absence of cold and any sounds, the refrigerator's indicator lamps can work. In this case, the failure should be searched inside the device. Start by checking the thermostat and the control unit, because these are the most likely causes that fall under the symptoms described above. But sometimes there is a breakage of the compressor working or starting winding, other parts of the refrigerator that affect the voltage in the middle of the system fail.

Please note that turning off the device after a few seconds of operation signals a breakdown of the compressor start-up relay, although there may be other causes.


It also happens that the compressor does not shut down due to low freon volume or partial (complete) decompression of the engine. In any of the situations described, the best recommendation is the call of a specialized repair team.

Clogged drainage system

If you see that water accumulates inside the refrigerator, it means that the drainage system is clogged.Fortunately, it is easy to clean yourself: remove the hose and rinse it under the pressure of water.But if you want, call a specialist in the repair of household appliances, which, in addition to eliminating the identified breakdown, will be able to conduct a general diagnosis of the appliance.

Clean the drainage system yourself

Inadequate closing of doors or breakage of sealing gums

If you find that a lot of ice is accumulating in the freezer, the refrigerator door closes loose or at some point the sealing rubber was torn, you need to check the compression electric appliance.

But do not be scared in advance: many of this can be corrected with one's own hand.For example, you can replace the rubber seal yourself or adjust the refrigerator door yourself.You should call the master if you do not get something, or simply do not have time to do such things.

Increased noise during operation

If your electronic friend started to make a lot of noise, you need to move it from the spot and see if any parts of walls or other objects are touching. It often happens that as a result of periodic touches to an electrical appliance it shifts by several centimeters, and this is more than enough for the appearance of noise.


By the way, with the help of front adjustable legs it is very easy to make so that the door of the home appliance closes itself: just leave the angle of inclination by 3 °. To reduce noise, use a rubber mat, it will dampen vibration and absorb shocks to the floor.

In the absence of effect after carrying out all the above actions, you will have to call the repairman, because the breakdown, apparently, is more serious than expected at the beginning.


Faults in the No frost system

These were universal faults, typical for any brand of refrigerator, but there are breakages related solely to the automatic thawing of ice - "No frost". If you were able to determine what the reason is in electrical equipment, the best way is to call a company that repairs household appliances. The specialists who work there will quickly diagnose and repair the refrigerator, saving your time.

Some household refrigerators can have not one but two compressors.In this regard, the repair is somewhat complicated. Therefore, if it's hard for you to do something with your own hands, just call the masters on the house.

And most importantly: you or a repair company specialist should correctly determine the cause of the failure. It depends on it, how soon it will be possible to use the refrigerator again.

No frost system (video)


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