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Outside, the second spring month of April is already warm andI want to transform the dull dullness, adding brightness and colors to the surrounding reality. Of course, this will help ornamental plants, attracting the eye and uplifting their beautiful flowers. That's just what can be planted so early, without fear that they will die from low temperatures? We will tell about it.

Two options for the original flower garden

Some flower gardens look elegant almost always, without spoiling the impression of withered foliage and faded grass. The secret is simple: you need to correctly select and combine plants with different period of flowering, and then the decorative look will be preserved all the time. If you want live floral compositions to please the eye from the middle of spring, you need to choose the best frost-resistant species. Let's see what options are possible:

  1. If you want to see bright flowers as soon as possible, plant the seedlings. Moreover, it is possible with already established buds - so the ornamental plant will appear in all its glory faster.
  1. If not in a hurry, sow with seeds. This method is more preferable from the point of view that the plant automatically adapts to the environment, does not get sick after transplantation and develops quickly. But blooms, of course, later.

Planting finished flower seedlings is risky. Young, unadapted to the conditions of the environment, representatives of the decorative flora can burn in the sun or freeze. That is why the first time they are recommended to cover, protecting from adverse environmental conditions. After a few days the film is removed.

Flowers that are not afraid of light frosts: seedlings

Let's start with a seedling method to decorate a flower bed. You can use the following types of plants that are not afraid of small frosts and are actively blooming in mid-spring or summer:

  1. Marigold. Choose varieties that are specially bred resistant to cooling. Although the flowers are undemanding, they are afraid of the sun - they burn very easily, then they get sick for a long time. April can not boast of an excess of hot days, but still we advise you to cover the young seedlings.
  2. Asters. Some varieties are quite cold-resistant, but in the northern regions it is better to wait until May, when the threat of frost is over. True, the asterisk will bloom not in April, but closer to the middle of summer. But on the other hand, it will be a delightful look for a long time.
  3. Dahlia. You can also plant in the last April decade, but again, if you are sure that hard frosts are not expected. Flowering in summer.
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In the southern regions already in the middle of spring a fairly warm climate is established, around 20 ° C.In such conditions, you can plant seedlings of lion's pharynx, carnations, ageratum, delphinium, decorative tobacco, nasturtium, petunias, iberis, morning glory, zinnia, celosia, salvia, annual varieties of phlox in the flower garden.

Most annual plants are suitable for early planting. Perennials are more demanding in temperature, and they are sent to the open ground in May.

Flowers that are not afraid of light frosts:

seeds In April, many flower crops are planted with seeds. They are more robust, habitual to difficult environmental conditions, not afraid of temperature changes, precipitation and adverse climate.

For sowing directly into the soil, it is preferable to choose flowers that develop quickly, actively, succeeding in one season to please with beautiful buds.

These include cornflowers, poppies, mattiola( left), calendula, adonis, claraki, very unusual decorative cabbage, gypsophila, sweet peas, escholcia( California poppy), ipomoea( in regions with a steady warm climate).

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Before planting, do not forget to prepare the soil in advance. Flowers - plants are quite capricious, many people like light, fertile soil with a small amount of sand. Preparation begins about two weeks before sowing seeds. Take into account the temperature of the soil heating, which directly depends on its structural structure. For example, sandy loam warms faster than heavier black soil or loam. That is why the landing time will vary in a few days. In some regions, such soil is sown only in the first decade of May.

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If done correctly, the flowerbed will quickly change its dull, gray look to a much more elegant and bright. Plant plants with different period of flowering - and you will be all summer, and even fall to enjoy its decorative appearance. Moreover, it is also possible to land the later beauties back in the April days. As long as they get stronger and develop the buds, the early varieties will already fade, and they will be replaced by new ones. So the appearance and design of the flower garden will change with each week. And you will enjoy a beautiful view, uplifting.

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