TOP 5 best desktop Bosch dishwashers (Bosch)

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To optimize time, simplifying the process of cooking and cleaning associated with the endless washing dishes, kitchen appliances have started to equip the dishwasher. The difficulty is selection of products in a wide variety and range of their functionality. Practical to use and small in size tabletop dishwashers Bosch occupy the first position in the ranking of the world's best technology.

The content of the article:

  • Criteria for selection of mini dishwashers
  • Ranking of the best compact models
    • Location number 1: ActiveWater Smart Serie 4 SKS 62E22
    • Location number 2: ActiveWater Smart Serie 4 SKS 62E88
    • Position № 3: ActiveWater Smart Serie 2 SKS 41E11
    • Location number 4: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 40E22
    • Location number 5: Bosch SKS 51E28
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Criteria for selection of mini dishwashers

The German company Bosch has developed and released the first machine for washing dishes in the 60-ies. Constantly improving and developing production, the company has received wide popularity and worldwide recognition among consumers.

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Turning to the choice of desktop devices for washing dishes, you should pay attention to several factors. On this depends the convenience and practicality of use.

Dish-washing machine, received the award

Products are of high quality and energy savings, practicality and functionality. This is evidenced by awards received, which confirm the excellence and reliability of products

The following factors must be considered when choosing a particular model:

  • washing quality;
  • the maximum amount of load;
  • drying speed;
  • functionality;
  • ease of operation;
  • design;
  • dimensions;
  • noise level;
  • consumption of water and electricity;
  • unique opportunities.

Experts recommend to focus on a few parameters, which are most significant for humans. Product dimensions should be selected taking into account the available space on the countertop or in a special place set. Typically, compact machines are sized to 450 * 550 mm. They are free-standing units.

Their colors varied: it is possible to acquire the model as a standard white or silver, and more expressive red or black.

Depending on the model, the device can be downloaded from 4 to 8 place settings. One kit includes a standard three plates, two containers for beverages and 4 cutlery. Do not wash the unit in a plastic disposable tableware, crystal and porcelain with decor, silver. The number of available options determines the type of device to which the unit.

Functionality of the device

Base models have a standard list of functions (regular and intensive cleaning program, Express-washing), and the price is low enough

Multifunction devices are distinguished by their practicality, ease of management and the possibility of including various settings. Such models have push-button control, display indicators, adjust the basket height location dish, touch Sensors that determine the purity of water inside the machines, full or partial protection of the tank or only a leakage from the hose water.

Advanced models will be perfect for those who prefer the improved comfort, perfection of technical capabilities and modern design. Such products are classified as premium, so the price range will vary from 25,000 to 35,000 rubles.

Tabletop dishwasher from Bosch company

Mini dishwasher class "Extra" will please a wide range of features, ergonomics and the ability to change the position of baskets depending on the load capacity

The devices of this price segment are equipped with touch-type control, digital display, the analyzer water purity, height-adjustable basket of instruments and trays, as well as special programs and technology.

Technology vario Speed - a system that provides half accelerated washing dishes with the expenditure of the same amount of resources as in the standard program. Purity of products is achieved 60-70 minutes instead of 120-160.

The presence of the heat exchanger makes it possible to wash delicate fragile items (glasses, glass plates, glasses) to prevent temperature changes. Also, the element allows the use of a thermal resource from the previously heated water, saving electricity in large quantities.

Appearance of the product inside

The analyzer of water hardness prevents scale deposits on the walls of the device and the container. The five-level water supply helps to penetrate the most remote areas, providing a high level of efficiency of washing plates and cups

sensitive sensors allow the system to determine the degree of contamination of the downloaded objects and install the necessary water supply mode. Even low pressure and the pressure provides washing quality products. A sensor monitors the amount of load in order to save resources.

Engine EcoSilence Drive has a high performance, quiet operation ensures a long service life. Inverter motor economize on electricity, a high level of efficiency, safety and reliability.

Delayed start - a feature that allows you to run the device at any time. Depending on the model chosen, the inclusion of the car can be deferred up to 24 hours. The determinant of the degree of contamination dishes calculates the volume of water, and selects the desired temperature.

Preparing to run a delayed start

For pending on the launch of a compact dishwasher Loading dishes made in a standard manner. The door is closed and the machine is programmed activation of the planned hour

Comfort Lift - a practical mechanism to put and remove the dishes in a comfortable position of the basket. The device extends the desired height with one hand movement. After the cycle technology AirDry automatically opens the door.

Noise level of products is 48-54 dB. Work on most models of the brand Bosch - low noise, which provides additional comfort for the user. Thanks to the program "Eco 50" washing the dishes is done with maximum power saving and water.

The device in the interior of the kitchen

Among the entire range of Bosch dishwasher is possible to choose any design and size. Not to be mistaken in choosing a particular product, it is recommended to get acquainted with a rating of the most popular desktop models

Review will help to explore the features and differences range, determine which list of features and technologies, the design and color of the case is more suitable for the user.

Ranking of the best compact models

Among the latest models of dishwashers manufactured by Bosh, the most popular on the Russian market of steel products II-IV generation of innovative ActiveWater system. This technology makes it possible to use water efficiently, effectively clean cutlery and plates at the expense of directed jets.

To select the desired model of the device, it is necessary to understand their functions, programs, compare the cost, to evaluate the safety and resource consumption parameters. Presented rating was based on a study customer feedback, according to the prices stated capabilities and reputation of the product manufacturer.

Location number 1: ActiveWater Smart Serie 4 SKS 62E22

Appliance white bench type, its value varies in the range of 28000-35000 rubles. The product is multi-functional due to the large number of programs and unique technologies that are superior to most similar models of this brand.


  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • washing class / drying - A;
  • engine - EcoSilence Drive, inverter type;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • the volume of resource consumption - 8 liters of water and 0.63 kWh per cycle;
  • size - 450 * 551 * 500 mm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • noisiness - 48 dB;
  • postponing the inclusion of - up to 24 hours;
  • management - electronic;
  • Safety - leakage sensor, sealed hose, safety valve, glass protection technology.

In this model, the machine provides gentle cleaning technology china and glassware, based on an automatic determination and regulation of the level of water hardness. During the process chamber is maintained at an optimal pH level - no less than 5 units.

VarioSpeed ​​program allows you to cut the entire process 2 times. In this washing and drying the product occurs at a high level, and the final result is deteriorated. possible to use the "Extra Dry" function for fast drying products. Due to the sensitive sensor system marked excellent results of the device at the lowest cost resources.

Sensor chamber congestion degree determination allows economical use of resources at different degrees of soiling and volume of cookware. When a small amount of wasted smaller volume of water, wherein the washing efficiency is not lost.

To constantly busy users convenient to use the device delayed start up to 24 hours. Washing dishes can be made at any time - at night, in the presence of a two-phase counter, or during the day, even when no one is home.

Dishwasher has 6 5 kinds of programs and temperature regimes. The advantage of this model - the presence of pre-rinsing is performed for 15 minutes. The operating time depends on the selected mode, and may last between 29-225 minutes.

The maximum temperature of the water which enters the chamber, - 60 degrees. Digital display ensures the timely supply of signals at the completion of the program, the presence of salt, detergent within the article. Of the minuses can be noted that the machine is expensive.

Location number 2: ActiveWater Smart Serie 4 SKS 62E88

This model is similar SKS62E22 model. The only difference - the color of the case and of the product. The material and surface color in this device - silver inox (Silver). One of the design features - stainless steel panel. Cost of products - from 30 000 rubles.


  • maximum load - 6 sets;
  • class work on purification and drying - A;
  • motor - inverter;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • the volume of resource consumption - 8 liters of water and 0.63 kWh per cycle;
  • size - 450 * 551 * 500 mm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • noisiness - 48 dB;
  • deposition of inclusions - from 1 to 24 hours;
  • Control - mechanical;
  • security - a closed system of protection against leakage of sealed pipes, safety valve, glass protection technology.

The instrument has an original appearance. Clean lines, silver exterior color and panel trim features control buttons - a successful technological solution. The product may be installed in any room of contemporary design.

The advantage of the model is automatically configure the settings, so the device chooses the desired amount of water based on the type of detergent, the volume loaded items.

Position № 3: ActiveWater Smart Serie 2 SKS 41E11

Device for washing dishes made in white. The product is intended for installation on the tabletop or other planes without the necessity to set embedding. equipment price starts from 22,000 rubles.

The main technical characteristics:

  • the maximum amount of tableware sets - 6;
  • washing / drying Class - A;
  • engine - EcoSilence Drive;
  • the number of programs - 4;
  • the volume of resource consumption - 8 liters of water and 0.62 kWh per cycle;
  • Sizes - 450 * 551 * 500 mm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • noisiness - 54 dB;
  • postponing start - up to 9 hours;
  • Control - electron-mechanical;
  • Security - protection from infiltration and transfusion of water.

The apparatus is equipped with a soft, high-quality and safe motor, which during operation emits up to 54 dB. Additionally the machine is equipped with a self-cleaning filter tow load and leakage protection, high strength hoses, undulating rockers.

automatic recognition means for wash technology types provides a qualitative performance of a main process - washing. The product has a function of careful purification window, which is aimed at maintaining the optimal level of water hardness.

For durability the device control panel and the interior of the housing are made of stainless steel.

The machine has 4 main programs for different types of dishes, the choice of which depends on the degree of contamination:

  1. The intensive program designed for heavily soiled items, runs for 120 minutes at 70 degrees.
  2. Normal - operates at a temperature of 65 degrees, but a longer period of time - 160 minutes.
  3. Eco - washing process is carried out for 225 minutes at 50 degrees.
  4. Fast - Designed for rapid purification of dishes for 29 minutes. The water temperature in the apparatus is maintained at 45 degrees.

The advantages of such models are the optimum parameters that allow to perform an effective cleaning of dishes in the economy mode. Thanks to VarioSpeed ​​buttons may shorten the selected mode without compromising the quality of washing downloadable items - cutlery, cups, glasses, plates, etc.

Automatic door closers allows silently and close them accurately, avoiding water leakage. intensive cleaning mode is intended for cleansing heavily soiled objects, as well as of disposal of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Among the shortcomings identified customers a high enough price and duration of the work programs.

Location number 4: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 40E22

Not the most expensive model desktop machines cost from 19,000 rubles. Housing product is made in white color, and the inner part - Stainless steel.


  • loading volume - 6 sets;
  • class works on washing and drying - A;
  • motor - inverter;
  • the number of programs - 4;
  • the volume of resource consumption - 8 liters of water and 0.62 kWh per cycle;
  • size - 450 * 551 * 500 mm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • noisiness - 54 dB;
  • delayed start of the program - is absent;
  • control - an electronic device;
  • Security - Complete protection against transfusion safety valve, glass protection technology.

The apparatus is characterized by high efficiency and cheapness. The model includes the technology of careful washing of glasses, cups and other fragile items. Due to the set congestion level sensor fails to save water and energy consumed. Closers door protects against rapid wear of the device, and also provides a smooth opening / closing, preventing from sudden collapse.

For varying modes of operation of the machine has 4 programs:

  • standard (operated at + 65aboutFROM);
  • economical (+50aboutFROM);
  • Intensive (+70aboutFROM);
  • fast (+45aboutFROM).

Benefits include affordability, the presence ActiveWater hydraulic system, low energy consumption and water consumption, quiet operation of the engine.

The disadvantages of this device - no soaking, rinsing, half-load, delicate wash and delay startup programs. The article also offline display and sound notification indicators.

Location number 5: Bosch SKS 51E28

The original device for washing dishes made in an elegant silver tone. The lower price limit on such models about 28 000 rubles. The combination of price, features, quality and unique technologies allow to allocate this product from the competition.

Features and Specifications:

  • the maximum possible load volume - 6 sets;
  • washing / drying Class - A;
  • Engine type - inverter;
  • the number of programs - 5;
  • amounts of consumption of resources - 8 l of water (using the program "ECO") and 0.62 kW per cycle;
  • Sizes - 450 * 551 * 500 mm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • noisiness - 48 dB;
  • respite programs inclusion - is absent;
  • management - electronic;
  • Security - protects against leaks body only, Servolock system for the safe opening and closing of doors.

The machine is quiet enough and is equipped with several features that allow you to conveniently use the device. ExtraDry technology ensures fast drying devices and other utensils. The product has special sensors that determine the amount of dishes loaded and the degree of contamination. Because of this purification process is carried out in the most economical mode.

The unit is equipped with an electronically regeneration, and improved self-cleaning filtering system, LED indicators that notify the presence of salt and rinse aid step of the program.

The device provides an intense, standard, eco, express and delicate programs and 5 temperature conditions of 40 to 70 degrees. Among the disadvantages - the inability to defer inclusion device and an electronic display.

All of the above models of dishwashing machines - high-tech German quality devices that allow the user to efficiently use the time in the kitchen. Each model is equipped with multiple functions and modern technologies. Consumer choice depends on his wishes regarding the modes and additional features of the device.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Compact domestic equipment will last longer guaranteed by the manufacturer term if during the operation will be complied with rules on the use and care, clearly demonstrated in the video:

By presenting rating and video content, everyone can choose the model of interest in view of its stated requirements. The entire range of device a high level of energy saving and water consumed, washing efficiency, quiet operation of the engine and various technologies. This simplifies the process of washing dishes while minimizing user intervention.

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