IE error in LG washing machine

What should I do when the LG machine displays an IE error on the display? First understand what the fault code means.

The appearance of the error is preceded by a strange behavior of the washing machine: the wash is started, but no water is taken. Or a characteristic set noise is heard, but the water is poured too slowly, there is not enough of it for washing.

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  • 1 Decoding and Causes of
    • 1.1 Code Probable Causes of Malfunction
  • 2 Repair at Home

Decoding and Causes of

Code The models of LG( Al Ji) without display notify you of a malfunction by blinking or flashing the indicators.washing".

Pay attention! Some read the IE code as an error 1E in the LG washing machine. Nothing wrong with that.

What does IE error mean: water is poured into the tank too slowly( after 4 minutes) or does not flow at all.

Probable Causes of

Failure For some reason, the LG eraser displays an IE error code on the display:

  1. Failure valve failure. Water may not enter the tank if the valve does not open on time. Either it opens up quite a bit, therefore, the accumulated quantity is too small for the SM operation.
  2. Breakage of the pressure switch. In this case, you will hear the sound of a set of water, but the system will still generate an IE error code.
  3. Electronic controller defective. If the “brain” of a machine is faulty, all its parts cannot function because they do not receive a signal.

Home Repair

How to remedy the situation and fix the problem? First of all, reboot the system: completely de-energize the washer by pulling the plug out of the socket, and leave it for 15-20 minutes. If it is a controller failure, the error will be reset. If not, the code will be on again.

What else can be done:

  • Check the water supply both in the house and separately in the system. Twist the stop valve, opening it to full capacity.
  • Unscrew the water intake hose and check for clogging. To clean it, rinse it with a tap pressure. Sometimes there is a kink in the hose, and then the water either does not flow or slowly collects.
  • The flow filter may be clogged. It is located at the junction of the SM with the hose of the fence. You need to get the filter and clean it. This problem is especially characteristic for the summer season, when work is underway to replace the pipes.

You have tried all the ways how to troubleshoot without the intervention mechanism of the LG machine. If this doesn’t help resolve the IE error, do the following:

  1. You need to check the intake valve. Unscrew the top panel of the SMA, under it you will see the desired part.
  2. Take a multimeter and measure the resistance of the instrument, which normally should be 2-4 kΩ.If the readings indicate a breakdown in the valve electronics, the coil must be replaced.

However, it happens that the indicators are in order, but the valve still does not function. Then you need to replace it. To do this:

  1. Disconnect the Lji washing machine from the network, turn off communications.
  2. Remove the top cover, if you have not already done so.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the coil.
  4. Remove the clamps and disconnect the hoses.
  5. Unscrew the valve fixing bolt, remove the device.
  6. The installation of a new item occurs in the reverse order. The video will help you do it right:

If it’s not about the valve, keep checking the details.

Examine the pressure switch to clean the tube from clogging. Also, both the pressure switch and the electronic module can be checked with a multimeter tester for operability. When inspecting the module, you may notice burnt tracks that need to be stripped.

In the event of a failure of one of the elements, replacement is required.

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