F42 error in the Bosch washing machine

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We will consider what the F42 error in the Bosch washing machine means, the causes and signs of its occurrence, and describe how to fix the problem yourself.

In the case when the Bosch machine gives an error, the MCA control system tries to notify the user about the problem. Do not panic and immediately call the workshop. You may be able to correct the situation yourself.

Material content:

  • 1 Description, symptoms and causes of error
    • 1.1 Causes for which engine speed is exceeded:
  • 2 Repair of machine with error F42
  • 3 Self-test
  • 4 Other reasons that cause the

machine to jump;The Bosch machine shows on the display the code F 42 if the electric motor is running at too high speeds.

Important! This is a critical error. Immediately turn off the machine, as soon as possible short circuit and even fire CM!

A symptom that helps to confirm the error: the machine rotates the drum strongly and at the same time jumps.

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Causes for which the engine speed is exceeded:

  1. Breakdown of the speed sensor( tachometer).
  2. Electric motor breakdown.
  3. Failure of the triac control unit.

Repairing a machine with an error F42

The specialists of domestic service centers know what to do if error codes such as F42 arise. In this case, they carry out the following repairs( depending on the cause of the breakdown):

  • Change the tachometer.
  • Repair the electric motor.
  • Restore the integrity of the wiring engine.
  • Repair or change the control unit.


To make sure that the washer shows the trouble code is not wrong, try the following simple steps:

  1. Disconnect the Bosch washing machine from the power supply.
  2. Give her a "rest" for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Turn on the washer.

If the error is still on the board, the solution of the problem requires radical action and comprehensive repair. To entrust diagnostics and repair costs to specialists - they know perfectly well what F42 error means and how to rectify the situation.

If you are still a fan of self-repair, and you want to reset the errors yourself, you will have to work hard. You will need a Bosch washing machine wiring diagram, a tool and a lot of knowledge and experience.

Other causes that cause the

machine to jump. Perhaps your washing machine does not issue a trouble code, but it still jumps. Other reasons may be involved:

  1. Spring problems. If the springs holding the tank lose their elasticity, they need to be changed - there is no other way to stop jumping. If any master is envied by your repair skills, and there is a set of tools at hand, you can cope with the repairs yourself.
  2. Worn shock absorbers and dampers. Masters recommend changing both shock absorbers at once, even if only one is worn out. Saving on one of them, then you will still spend money on replacing the second, because over time the machine will still start jumping.
  3. Counterweight Problems. If the mountings are loose on the counterweight, it is enough just to tighten them. And if the integrity of this element is violated, then it needs to be replaced.
  4. Bearing wear. Due to the high humidity these essential elements can rust. Independent replacement of bearings is a complicated procedure that requires skills, effort and special tools. Better contact a workshop.
  5. Incorrect installation. If the machine is installed on an uneven surface, it can jump. When installing you need to install the CM on a hard rubber mat, if the floor is not perfectly flat. To install the machine correctly, use the level and adjust the legs.
  6. Improper transportation can also be one of the reasons why AGR knocks and jumps.
  7. After transportation, they forgot to remove the shipping bolts - the problem concerns only new machines. If you refused to be delivered from the store, and you yourself decided to bring and install the SM, you might not have known about the existence of these bolts.
  8. Incorrect loading of laundry in the drum. If the laundry got knocked down when washing in one huge room, then any, even the serviceable machine, jumps. Stop washing and distribute laundry.

Now you know how to stop jumping Bosch washing machine. If nothing helped to clear the error, and the F42 still showed up on the screen, do not hesitate, call the master - it may need serious repairs.

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