Error codes washing machine Vestel

Error code on the board Display on the panel Meaning Causes of appearance How to fix the problem
E01 On error E01, the 1st and 2nd lights flash. The door is not tightly closed.
  1. The hatch lock is defective or the handle is broken.
  2. A sunroof locking device( UBL) has failed.
What to do:
  1. Press the door tightly until you hear a click.
  2. Examine the lock, tongue, door handle. Replace items if faulty.
  3. Check UBL, install new part in case of breakage.
E02 Code E02: The 1st and 3rd lights blink. There is no water in the tank, or it has not reached the minimum possible level. If the code is highlighted on the washer board, it means:
  1. There is no water in the water supply.
  2. There is a blockage in the drain system.
  3. Input valve defective.
How to fix the damage:
  1. Twist the shut-off valve, it may be closed.
  2. Clean the inlet hose, strainer filter, inlet valve from clogging.
  3. Replace the fill valve in the event of a malfunction.
E03 The 1st and 4th lights blink on the panel. Pump error. Why code E03 is on:
  1. Drain filter or pump clogged.
  2. Broken wiring.
How to fix the error yourself:
  1. Clean the drain filter and pump from clogging.
  2. Check wiring, isolate damaged areas, replace cable.
E04 The 2nd and 3rd lights blink. What the combination means: water overflow. If the CMA shows error code E04, there is too much water in the tank. The system should automatically drain excess water.
E05 How to recognize code E05: the light bulbs numbered 2 and 4 flash. Malfunction of the heating element or thermistor. Vestel washing machine heater burned or scaled. To reset the error, do the following:
  1. Test the work of the heating element with a multimeter. Descale it. In case of malfunction, replace the element.
  2. Examine the temperature sensor for serviceability. Install a new part.
E06 Error indication E06: the 3rd and 4th lights flash. Motor malfunction. The cause of the malfunction is a failure of the motor or its components. To solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the motor electric brushes or install a new engine.
E07 The E07 code appears as follows: the 1st, 2nd, 3rd indicators blink. What does it mean error: failure of the electronic control unit. If the Vestel washing machine issues this error code, there is a problem with the control board. How to fix the breakdown:
  1. Test the board to check its health.
  2. Repair or replace the board. But it is better to contact the service center.
E08 In the event of a malfunction of E08, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lights flash. The CM motor has failed. Motor defective. Check and change engine washing machine Vestel.
E09 How to recognize code E09: 1st, 2nd, 4th lamps flash on the panel. Error in the mains. Problem Cause: Line voltage is not normal. Too high or low voltage will not allow the CMA to operate normally. You need to wait for the voltage to normalize or call an electrician.
E10 At the error E10, the 1st, 3rd, 4th lights blink. Communication problems. There were problems with the communication system. Restart the washing machine for 15-20 minutes. If the fault reappears when it is turned on again, it is better to turn off the water supply and call the wizard.

Having a washing machine problem? The system of self-diagnosis will help to deal with them.

Electronic Vestel washing machines show the error code on the display. Electromechanical SMA give an error by flashing the indicators with interruptions. For example, the code E02 can be defined as follows: the light blinked twice, pause, blink again.

Fault codes specific to Vestel

. The table shows the error values. Now you will learn how to fix the problem yourself.

Having familiarized yourself with typical Vestel washing machine breakdowns, you can solve the problem yourself or contact the service center.

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