Description and characteristics of the 15 best varieties of cherry tomatoes

This type of tomato is very small and therefore it was given the name Cherry, which means Cherry. They are certainly larger than cherries, but still small and look very beautiful on a bush. Consider the description and characteristics of the variety, the best types and order of cultivation of this tomato.


  • About tomato varieties Cherry
    • grade Description
    • Feature Cherry
  • Top 15 varieties
    • Red
    • Ira
    • Fingers
    • Strawberry
    • Sweet Cherry
    • Yellow
    • Dr. Green Frosted
    • Phenicia yellow
    • Ocean
    • Elf
    • Cherry Blosem F1
    • White Muscat
    • Amethystcream cherry
    • Margol
    • Green grapes
    • Which of these varieties are undersized
  • Cultivation of tomato Cherry
    • How to grow seedlings Cherry
    • What is required substrate for seedlings
    • Coki
    • landing where plant
    • Transplant seedlings in open ground
    • Care Cherry tomatoes
    • protection from diseases and pests
    • Harvesting
    • difference in the methods of cultivation and seedling Suspended

About Cherry tomato varieties

Homeland species considered South America, Peru. Now you can find these tomatoes on our private plots. Moreover, are all different shades and shapes of .

Peru - The Official Homeland of Cherry Tomato

Variety Description

Varieties of this species can be of different height from 358 cm to 2 m. Height. Stems elastic green. Green ordinary tomato leaf shaped plates. Fruits may vary in color. :

  • Red;
  • Burgundy;
  • Yellow;
  • Lemon;
  • Green;
  • Amber.

The shape of the fruit is round, oval, highly elongated, elliptical.

All Cherry have low weight berries 15-35 grams .depending on the variety.

Characteristic Cherry

Feature of Cherry: even with good care, these tomatoes have lower yields than ordinary ones. However, they are much more attractive externally and contain a lot of sugar - 12%, which makes them popular in cooking.

These factors are the advantage to plant 5-6 Cherry bushes in their area.

The best 15 varieties of

Now there are a lot of Cherry varieties, which differ in shape and color, as well as in the height of the bush.


Red color berries can be in many varieties of :

  • Pinocchio;
  • Granddaughter;
  • Lukoshko on the window;
  • Cranberries in sugar;
  • Button.

And many more varieties of domestic and foreign selection.


Ira Ira

Hybrid "Ira" - for cultivation in open ground or greenhouse. Do not crack in the preservation of fruit for the winter period. The fruits are claret oval, each individual tomato weighs 35 grams.ripening occurs in 95 days.



This is a medium early hybrid. Finger Fruits are oval and strongly elongated in shape, resembling fingers, about 6 cm in length. Fruits are red in color, weight is 10-20 grams.bush height reaches 1 m.



A very remarkable form of the form "strawberry" - resembles strawberries and the color corresponding to bright red .Tomato weight is 35 grams. Bush height average 100-130 cm.


Sweet Cherry

The suite subspecies is a popular hybrid on which fruits ripen pretty quickly. The period of fruiting is extended for a long period. The height of the bush with proper cultivation reaches 4 m. The size of a tomato is 2.5-3 cm., Red in color and sugar taste.

Sweet Cherry


Low-growing compact variety, fruits of yellow color weighing 15 gr. This species can be grown on window sills or in winter gardens.


Dr. Green Frosted

The height of the of this bush with good care is more than 2 m .The trunk is formed in 2-3 stalks, fruits 25 emerald color. Possess a nutmeg flavor.

Dr. Green Frosted

Phenic yellow

Medium ripening fruits of yellow color of elongated shape. Mass of an individual tomato 20 gr. Bushes grow to the level of 150 cm. Bushes form 2-3 stems.

Phenicus Yellow


This is a variety of Italian selection. Fruits are round, red, weight 20 g.bushes grow up to 150 cm. Very long period of fruiting, tomatoes can be collected until the frost.


The height of the bush is 2 m., The shape of the fruit is oval, red, the weight of the individual fruit is 15 grams. Flesh is juicy and fleshy. keeps its shape well in conservation. The variety requires constant fertilizing.


Cherry Blossom F1

The variety is medium-tall 100 cm. And it will bark early. Form in three stalks for receiving a big harvest. Tomatoes weighing 30 color, oval shape. Tomatoes are dense and do not crack. Resistant to diseases.

Bloosem F1

White Muscat

The height of the bush is 2 meters. The mass of fruits is 35 gr.they are shaped like a pear and have a bright yellow color. Absolutely resistant to various diseases .In the open ground can be grown only in the southern regions.

White nutmeg

Amethyst cream-cherry

Rare variety, bush height reaches 180 cm. Marks. The fruits are creamy with purple spots, the shape is round, the flesh is sweet and dense. Possess strong aroma. Have a long shelf life.

Amethyst cream-cherry


Bush is high up to 180 cm. The time of ripening of fruits is early, they form a bush in only one stem. Tomatoes are dense red and round. The mass of a separate tomato is 150g. Resistant to diseases and do not crack during conservation.


Green Grapes

The fruits of this species of Cherry resemble green clusters of grapes. The shrub grows to a height of 160 cm. when it reaches the color of the berries becomes amber-green. Mass of a separate fruit 25 gr.

On one bed you can grow many different varieties of Cherry, and then use fruits of different color in salads and canned products.

Green Grapes

Which of these varieties are undersized

Of the above, only the Yellow variety has a small stature, but there are many other varieties.

Low-growing varieties :

  • Bonsai;
  • Rowan Beads;
  • Golden Bunch.

Cultivation of Cherry Tomatoes

This is one of the most delicious tomatoes that grow in our gardens. Its remarkable feature is the small size of the fruit and the sugar of taste.

How to grow seedlings Cherry

The guarantee of a good harvest Cherry - timely preparation of seedlings .For this species is the beginning of March.

For this we need to remember the important points of growth of healthy seedlings:

  1. Seeds are planted in fertile and loose earth.
  2. In order to create friendly shoots, a container with planted seeds is covered with glass.
  3. The air temperature in the room should reach 27 degrees Celsius. .
  4. Together where there are containers with future seedlings, there should be enough sunlight so that the sprouts, when growing, do not stretch out and thin.

We need to take care of the right place and good care for the growing tomato seedlings.

What is required substrate for seedlings

The soil for growing Chery tomatoes must be nutritious. And not only in the tank for seedlings. The land set aside for the cultivation of tomato should be well fertilized using the complex fertilizer .

A simple choice of soil selection for seedlings of cherry tomatoes - ready universal. Such soil is sold in any garden center.

And you can make yourself , taking all in equal proportions:

  1. Sod land.
  2. Agricultural land.
  3. Peat.
  4. Sand.

Whatever the land, it should be disinfected before planting seeds.

For this, it is spilled with a bright pink solution of manganese potassium. And you can use another method of disinfection - calcined compounded soil in a furnace at a temperature of 200 grams.20 minutes.

Comprehensive fertilizer for tomato

Terms of planting

For fruiting to come at the beginning of summer it is worth taking care of planting the seedlings. For this, at the end of February - early March, seeds are sown in containers filled with fertile soil.

Watered and covered with glass. If planted under glass, this will help create greenhouse conditions, and shoots will be more friendly.

Where to plant

Cherry tomato can not be planted where necessary. The plates are selected to a height of 12 cm. After 5 days, the seeds begin to germinate and then the cover is removed from them. When there are two real plates on the seedlings, they carry out an accurate dive of the seedlings on 200 gram disposable cups.

Already in separate cups of their they grow before the transplant for permanent residence.

It is necessary that the tanks, where the seedlings will be planted, have openings for draining excess water.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

The grown seedlings have a healthy appearance - green leaves, 15-20 cm tall, thickened stem. Before transplanting seedlings into open ground, it is hardened. To do this, within 10 days it is gradually accustomed to open air. First, it is carried out for a couple of hours, and then it will be possible to leave for the night.

Not a lot of wood ash is added to the dug holes, water is shed and tomato seedlings are planted. Then they are covered with earth and compacted soil around the stem. If the region is already stable warm weather, seedlings mulch mowed grass .

The optimal time for planting seedlings is an overcast day or evening. This will give the seedlings a better chance to take root in the new place.

Care for Cherry Tomatoes

Basic rules for the care of tomato bushes:

  • Watering;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Loosening;
  • Weed Removal.

When the seedlings grow, you will need to form a bush in one stem. To do this, the emerging stepchildren unscrew once 7 days. If the Cherry is a tall , then it will be necessary to support it and, as the bush grows, tie it to this support so that it does not break under the weight of the rising pods.

Weed grass prevents the cultivation of any tomatoes
  • Mosaic of tomatoes - when this disease appears, the bush is removed and destroyed outside the bed;
  • Phytophthoracitis - sprayed with fungicides and for the sake of prevention they cut off those leaves that are located near ripening tomatoes;
  • Cracking fruits - this suggests that the bushes get too much moisture and should be reduced watering.
The most dangerous pest of Cherry - Crusader .Insect gnaws through the trunks of bushes and spoils the root system. Get rid of it at the time of digging the garden, manually removing it from the ground.

It is easier to prevent diseases than to treat the whole garden with planted tomatoes.


Harvesting should be only when the fruit is fully ripe. Immature fruits of a rather sour taste. Overripe, fruits fall off.

The difference in the methods of cultivation Suspended and Rassadny

Passionate method was described above, now we will get acquainted with the suspended one. For this, the Cherry variety must have possess such data :

  1. A variety with good branching and without stepchildren.
  2. Branches must be flexible so as not to break under the weight of the fruit.

Sow such tomatoes immediately in pots designed for hanging on open terraces. The term of planting seeds beginning of May.

Under such conditions, tomatoes will ripen before the onset of cold , they are later brought into the house and they continue to bear fruit, though not abundantly like in summer, but still tomatoes will appear.

Grades must be self-pollinated.

Not every type of cherry can be grown in pots

Cherry tomatoes are the type of tomato that you should try to grow on your farm. Because they have a beautiful appearance and high sugar content in their fruits.

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