Repair the control board washing machine do it yourself

All modern washing machines are equipped with a control module. The more functional the SM is, the softer the electronics: it is more susceptible to breakdowns, since it is sensitive to power surges in the network. Is it possible to repair the "brains" of washing machines with our own hands, how to diagnose their failure, we will find out in this article.

Material content:

  • 1 Design and operation of the
  • 2 control board Causes and symptoms of the
    • control board 2.1 Why the board fails
  • 3 Checking the
  • 4 control module The
  • 4 control board working principleThe machine is equipped with two boards. One of them is responsible for the operation of all parts of the washing machine. The other provides the control panel - buttons, indicators - and has the appropriate connectors for wiring.

    Is the board really not protected from overloads? Of course, the manufacturer has provided for such cases a surge protector that takes over the impact during a power surge.

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    How to check the washing machine board and determine the damage?

    Causes and symptoms of a malfunction of the

    control board. The fact is that most of the symptoms may indicate a failure of both the module and other parts. For example, you notice that the machine has stopped working, washing does not start. This may be due to a problem with the module or the washer motor.

    That may indicate a malfunction and subsequent repair of the board in the washing machine:

    • AGR issue an error code on the display.
    • The system is “frozen”, does not respond to user manipulations.
    • Washes for too long. The machine then dials, then drains the water, after which the system “freezes”.
    • Drum dramatically changes the direction of movement for no apparent reason.
    • Spin mode does not turn on.
    • The water is overheating or not heating, which does not match the selected mode.

    However, the next time you run the washer, it can work again in the usual mode.

    In some models of the MCA there is a self-test, which allows you to determine the cause of the breakdown. How to run it, it is written in the instruction manual of the machine.

    Why the board fails

    1. A short circuit as a result of a voltage drop can cause the capacitors, thyristors, triggers and other elements on the board to burn out.
    2. Increased humidity. If the CM is operated in the bathroom, over time, the humidity affects the main unit, which leads to its malfunction.
    3. Power failure. If the wire is cut off abruptly, a voltage surge may occur, which will affect the operation of the module.
    4. Frequent abrupt shutdown of the machine from the network over time can lead to a malfunction.
    5. Less common factory marriage.

    Be careful when transporting CM from place to place. Be sure to pull out the powder dispenser, as there is some water left in it. During transportation, water enters the main unit, which causes it to burn when connected.

    To start a repair, you will need a circuit board control of the washing machine, as shown in the example of the Indesit washer.

    Testing the control module of the washing machine

    We can advise you to superficially inspect the module to find burnouts and damage. There are other ways to check, but they can only be carried out by an experienced specialist. When troubleshooting, you will have to replace the "brains" for the washing machine.

    To conduct a visual inspection, we will figure out how to remove the fee of the washing machine. First, unplug the washer from the network, then do this:

    • Pull out the dispenser tray for detergent. To do this, pull it towards you while simultaneously pressing the latch in the center.
    • Now unscrew all the screws holding the control panel.

    • Using a screwdriver, unclip the plastic latches. Remove the panel from the case.

    • The main unit is located behind the panel. Take a picture or mark the location of the wires with a marker. Then disconnect them and remove the unit.
    • It may be necessary to unclip the latches of the unit in order to reach the board.

    As soon as the board is in front of you, carefully examine it. Noticed burnt areas? Then you need to repair the control unit of the washing machine.

    Replacing elements on the

    control board. We will show you how to replace some elements. For this you need a soldering iron and a new part.

    • Capacitor. On the control board, it serves as a kind of stabilizer. To replace it, you need to solder a new part to the positive electrode. To find out where the electrode is, use a tester.

    • Resistor. To test the resistor, a tester is used. Resistors of the 1st order must show a result equal to 8 ohms and an overload 2A.Resistors of the second order show 3-5A, while the resistance indicators depend on the frequency of the module. If the figures do not correspond to the norm, the elements are replaced by a soldering method.
    • Thyristor unit. You can check the thyristor unit by measuring the negative resistance. Indicators must be no higher than 20V.Also could burn out the filter block. You can repair it by cleaning the cathode.
    • Trigger. Check the trigger is to measure the voltage of the input contacts. Their performance should not exceed 12 V. The resistance of the trigger filter should be 20 ohms. Replacing the element is also carried out by soldering.

    The soldering of board components can be disrupted as a result of strong vibrations of the machine. Therefore, you need to follow the correct and stable installation of the washing machine.

    The master knows how to repair the control board correctly. Think before you start an independent repair, because the electronic unit is quite expensive. If you do not have the skills to work with a soldering iron, and verification indicators do not give specific results - contact the service center.

    For those who still decided to do an independent repair, video on the topic:

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