Do your anthurium flowers dry too?

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Let's approach the question from the point of view of a living organism. If he gets enough nutrition, is in habitual conditions, and he has enough oxygen to breathe, then there is no reason to rebel. Tropical plants need a special microclimate. Anthurium dries when its rights are violated, which allow you to fully develop. It is possible to get a beautiful healthy plant in room conditions, but constant careful care is required.

Conditions under which the anthurium does not bloom

Anthurium is demanding care, and is able to give distress signals. The first question always sounds, anthurium does not bloom, what to do? If an adult plant does not pick up color, then its content is violated. Therefore, for a bush that does not have signs of diseases, it is possible to stimulate flowering:

  • temporarily reduce the temperature of the content below 20;
  • transplant plant;
  • before the onset of spring activity, water the flower once with water at a temperature of 40-50.

These are special measures, but you should create normal lighting and be confident in the right care.

If you draw an analogy with the human body, then flowering is associated with the reproductive function. It will come, in a mature body, in which there is enough strength to bear a healthy fetus. In a stressful situation, miscarriage can occur.

Also, the plant will only decide to continue the genus, when food and maintenance allows not only to throw a flower, but to get seeds. So, the flower will not appear if the plant lacks nutrition, heat, light. If the conditions of detention are violated, when the flower is released, a “miscarriage” occurs - flowers dry on the anthurium. The reason has long been determined by nature. In critical circumstances, you need to save the mother, she later gives offspring in the best conditions.

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If the roots cannot feed the entire plant, then priority is chosen. But for the leaves of food may not be enough, then they die. But such a state of the plant on the verge of survival requires salvation. Even the atrium, which has lived in the apartment for a long time, constantly blooming, can start to be capricious. In any case, there are reasons for this.

How to help the atrium regain

health The flowering time of anthurium is long. Each of the beautiful "flamingos" holds a flower for about one and a half months. Instead of fading, a new flower appears, and so for a long time with a dormant period in winter. Therefore, an early cessation of flowering is already a signal of trouble.

If the flower is in its original place, it is not blown over by a sudden draft, the temperature of the contents and humidity are maintained, and the flower has shrunk, we are looking for reasons why anthurium does not bloom:

  • soil depletion;
  • lack or excess fertilizer;
  • bred insects or diseases.

The first thing to do is to conduct an audit for the presence of aphids, thrips, scale insects and springtails in the ground. It is not always possible to notice the hiding insects, so the plant needs a shower, but at the same time the flowers and the clod of earth should not get wet. Before attributing to water treatments, the flower must be processed on the leaves with a 0.3% solution of Carbofos or Actellica and left for a day. Land at the time of processing should be covered. After processing twice a week, visible improvements in the condition of the plant should occur.

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The second stage, when the anthurium dries, checks the root system. If there are brown or rotten roots, they need to be removed. At the same time, the washed plant should be checked for a condition indicating a disease of septoriosis or anthracosis. But at the same time it is better to plant the plant in fresh soil. Perhaps the former substrate is compacted, and the roots do not receive enough air. And perhaps the plant lacks nutrition and the anthurium flowers dry. After all, it receives a greater amount of dissolved salts due to the work of the roots.

When composing a new soil for a stubborn person, it is necessary to take into account his preferences and you should definitely add chopped bark of coniferous trees, vermiculite, charcoal and coconut fiber to a normal, light air substrate. If the plant has got on improvement, then it is better to prepare soil on the basis of soil for aroid, but to add the listed ingredients. Peat is only needed riding. The acidity of the earth greatly affects the nutritional properties. For centuries, nature has chosen the environment in which the "tropical" soil was the most useful anthurium, and we are achieving this.

Good drainage, a tray to create a moist shell around the plant and warm soil, perhaps with a small heating - anthurium will restore flowering time and beauty.

Both the overflow and the drying out of a clod of earth are detrimental to a flower. Therefore, watering is moderate, only when the topsoil is dry. And additional moisture is created by daily rubbing and spraying the leaves with a fine spray. It is necessary to create a foggy cloud in summer several times a day, and in winter, depending on the temperature of the content, it can be sprayed rarely.

Flower loves warmth, but not heat. It feels good in diffused light, but not in direct sunlight. Does not like a plant, even when it is blown even by a fresh warm breeze. In addition, he is a homebody, and if you change your place of residence, the stubborn person can get sick. The first signal, the beginning of the drying leaves. They are an indicator of well-being.

So if the roots are frozen in the plant, the result will be a released brown leaf, and soon the others will darken. On the lack of heat, the signal will be yellow anthurium flowers. Watering with hard, undiluted water will lead to the appearance of brown spots on the leaves and their gradual drying. In areas with problems of hard drinking water, flower growers are advised to collect snow water. There is no certainty that snow can be clean in an industrial area. The council to pour boiling water over water, adding a grain of succinic acid, or a drop of lemon juice, once a month, should be adopted. The earth is a little acidified, hardness salts are converted to scale. Succinic acid stimulates biological processes.

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When transplanting an anthurium, it is better to use plastic dishes, as the roots take root in the pores of the ceramics and stop working there. Therefore, it is better if the dishes will be with a smooth interior.

In conclusion, it must be said that there are no special conditions so that the leaves do not dry out on the pet, and the anthurium flowering time was long. You just need to follow the agrotechnology of the plant, and it will delight with its beauty and pomp of flowering.

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