How to replace the bearing on the washing machine Indesit

When the user notices a malfunction in the CM, as a rule, the breakdown already reaches moderate severity. The same with bearing wear: at the initial stage, you may not notice anything until the car starts to work with the sound of a jet engine.

You will find out what caused the problem, how to replace the bearing in the drum of the Indesit washing machine.

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    A typical assembly of a washing machine provides two bearings. They serve as a link between the drum and the pulley. A larger bearing is located near the drum, as it carries a high load. The smaller part is located at the other end of the shaft.

    Thus, washer bearings allow the drum to rotate evenly during washing and spinning.

    Causes of Wear

    If used properly, bearing replacement with Indesite will be needed in 5-6 years. So much time is required for normal wear. If a breakdown happened before, the following factors contributed to this:

    1. Incorrect drum loading. Constant overload of linen causes an imbalance, which leads to rapid wear of parts.
    2. Damage to the stuffing box, which acts as a sealing rubber. Thanks to a special lubricant, the gland reliably protects the bearing from water ingress. As a result of its damage, leakage occurs. Water washes away grease, which causes corrosion and bearing failure.

    Find out about the damage by external signs:

    • A leak appears under the washing machine.
    • When the SM is pressed, it makes a lot of noise, buzzes, and vibrates. Rattle is heard.
    • When turning the drum with your hand, you will notice that it rotates non-uniformly. There is a gap( gap between the tank and the drum).

    How to choose a new part

    If you do not know which bearings are in the Indesit washing machine, then it is better to remove the old parts and go with them to the store. For example, for the CMA Indesit WISL 86 model, parts ZVL 6204-2RSR and ZVL 6205-2RSR are used.

    Find out how much is a bearing on a washing machine Indesit, the easiest way is in the online store. Buy the desired part, calling the brand and model of the machine.

    Be careful! Before replacing, purchase two bearings and a gland for replacement at once. You need to change all the details at once, otherwise in a short time you will have to change everything again.

    Preparation for work

    How difficult is it to perform bearing replacement in the Indesit washing machine with your own hands? The repair itself is not complicated, the most difficult thing is to get to the bearings, because for this you need to completely disassemble the washer.

    What tools you need

    You will need:

    • A set of screwdrivers: flat, cross.
    • Socket wrenches.
    • Spanners.
    • Hammer.
    • Chisel.
    • Hacksaw, blade for metal.
    • Passatizhi.
    • WD-40 tool.
    • Adhesive or sealant.
    • Replacement Parts.

    Prepare the car for repair. Disconnect it from power. Shut off the water supply and turn off all communications, draining water from them. Also drain the water from the pump filter - it is located below, under the front panel behind the hatch. Unscrew the filter and drain the remaining water.

    Move the MCA away from the wall so that it is convenient for you to replace the engine bearing of the washing machine Indesit. Now you can start disassembling.

    Independent work

    Repair is performed in the same way for the Indesit IWSB 5085, IWSB 5105, Indesit WISL 101, Indesit WISL 102, WISL 103, WISL 82 and other models of this brand.

    Panels and covers

    Begin by removing the top cover. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws on the back, push the cover forward and remove it from the case.

    Now switch to the back panel. Remove all bolts around the perimeter, set the panel aside.

    Continue disassembling, proceeding to remove the front panel. To do this:

    • Pull out the cuvette for detergents. Having pressed a clamp in the center, get a tray from the case.

    • Remove all screws holding the control panel. Usually two screws are behind the tray, and one from the opposite side.
    • Fasten the panel latches with a flat screwdriver.
    • Wires can not be unfastened, put the panel on top of the case.

    • Open the door. Having bent off sealing rubber, pry a screw-driver a collar and remove it.

    • Remove the two hatch lock screws. Having disconnected its wiring, fill the cuff inside the tank.

    If you are afraid of damaging the glass door, it is better to immediately remove it. Unscrew the hinge bolts and set the door aside.

    • Remove the screws that secure the front panel and remove it.

    Parts at the back of the case.

    To remove the drum tank from the case, remove all parts that may interfere.

    First remove the drive belt. Pull it towards you while spinning the pulley. Immediately you can remove the pulley. To do this, fix its wheel with a strap or a hammer handle, unscrew the central bolt with a wrench.

    If the bolt does not give in, sprinkle it with WD-40.

    Further actions:

    • Disconnect the wires from the heater and the electric motor. TEN do not need to shoot.

    • To get the engine, you need to unscrew the three bolts that hold it.
    • Swinging it back and forth, remove the engine from the body.

    Now you need to disconnect the drain pipe. Make it more convenient through the bottom. Therefore, lay the washer on its side, loosen the hose clamp using pliers and disconnect it from the tank.

    At the same time, unscrew the shock absorber mounting bolts at the bottom of the case.

    . Top of the

    . Examine what else prevents you from getting the tank before changing the bearing. This is a powder cuvette. To unfasten it, do this:

    • A branch pipe is connected to the bottom of the cuvette. Loosen its clamp and disconnect.
    • The powder receptacle also holds hoses from the inlet valve.
    • Remove the valve fixing bolt and remove it along with the cuvette.

    • Disconnect the pressure switch hose that is attached to the tank.

    Now the tank is hanging only on two springs. To get it, pull it up a little and pull it out of the case.

    In most models, the washer tank is non-separable. This means that its two halves are soldered to each other, and not fastened with screws. Therefore, before removing the bearing from the washing machine Indesit, you need to cut the tank.


    Before cutting, you need to make holes for the bolts that you later install. This will serve as an additional mount.

    1. Set the tank on its side.
    2. Take a hacksaw. Cutting can be started from anywhere. The hacksaw can be alternated with a blade for metal.

    After removing the upper part, proceed to the removal of the drum. To do this, hit the hammer on the drum sleeve and it will fall out.

    Having turned a part of the tank, pry the oil seal with a screwdriver and remove it. Consider how to pull the bearing out of the tank of the Indesit washing machine.

    Removing and installing

    . To remove the bearing, use a puller. If there is no such, install the chisel on the outer ring of the part and lightly tap on it with a hammer until you knock out the bearing.

    Clean and grease the seat before installation. Having planted a new part in a nest, evenly tap on an external holder with the help of a bolt and a hammer. Make sure the bearing sits flat.

    Do the same with the second part. Gland pre-grease, then install on top of the bearing.

    Return the drum to the tank. Connect the two parts, covering the edges with special-purpose adhesive or sealant. Then tighten the bolts in the correct positions. You can proceed to the reassembly of the machine.

    Now you know how to change the bearing in SMA Indesit - it is quite possible to do the work yourself. A video on the topic will help you:

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