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Do you know how to plant potatoes? No, not in the traditional way to the ground. And under the straw. So much so that in the summer you don’t need to spud or break through weeds, and in the fall to gather a rich harvest.

Experienced gardeners are able to talk about their methods of planting tubers endlessly. But if you clarify with them how much they managed to dig up, you can hear the plaintive story. After all, diseases affect the yield, and the year was unsuccessful, and there were many pests. If you are tired of listening to country bikes, try new technologies.

For example, planting potatoes under straw ensures a vegetable garden without the hassle of . You will be able to spend less time caring for a potato bed, you will be spared from hilling, loosening, weeding. As a result, harvest directly from the surface of the earth without digging.

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And, using the Dutch technique, you can collect a surprisingly plentiful crop of elite potatoes. True, you will be required to comply with the rules of agricultural engineering and the availability of certain knowledge. Which way is better, you choose. But the experiment is worth it, because the result promises to be positive.

Potatoes with hay and straw video

Planting tubers for hay is an old way that lost its popularity in Soviet times. The cult of labor did not recognize the easy ways. But today, many farmers in Siberia, in the middle lane and in the Urals, have begun to plant potatoes under straw, gradually recalling and implementing the old methods of growing abundant potato yields with minimal physical labor.

You do not need to dig up the ground before landing. Tubers are stacked on the soil surface in a staggered manner. After they are crushed with nourishing humus or compost and covered with straw. If it is not available - suitable hay( ordinary dried grass).

The planting is completed as soon as all the tubers are covered with a 20 cm layer of straw. No more work under normal weather conditions is required until the fall. To make planting potatoes under straw more understandable - the video at the end of the article is for your attention. Experience sharing Russian farmers.

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When can I start planting?

Agronomists recommend planting when the average daily air temperature has reached +8 degrees. According to folk omens, they sow at the time when the bird cherry blossoms. In any case, this occurs in the springtime, when the soil is slightly wet and already heated. Therefore, putting potato and covering it with a thick layer of hay or straw, do not worry about watering and fertilizer. The time will come and you will be able to see for yourself the good results.

Do not worry that shoots do not appear for a long time. They need time to break through the hay. But after the shoots appear on the surface, they quickly get stronger and begin to grow.

The advantages of growing:

  • Raise a layer of straw and break through to the sun, many weeds are not under force. Therefore, they die, eliminating weeding.
  • Straw creates the optimum balance of temperature and humidity for the growth of tubers. Exception: too rainy or dry summer.

If it rains too often, moisture will remain under the straw, which will contribute to the debate. Part of the cover is better to replace dry. In hot, dry weather, it is useful to water the beds.

  • And another undoubted advantage is the harvesting process. You only need a rake. With their help, the top layer of hay is removed, and the tubers can be collected directly from the ground. They do not require cleansing from the soil. It is enough to dry and sort them.
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In the fall, when the tops turn yellow and dry, the harvest begins. Those who have tried potatoes under a straw, the reviews leave the most positive. It is noted that the area of ​​10 square meters.m. you can collect 5 - 6 buckets. If farmers grow vegetables for sale, they can plant potatoes in warm regions at the end of winter. To do this, you just need to double the cover layer. The harvest will be at the beginning of summer.

Cultivation of potatoes using the Dutch technology

This method will be appreciated by those who, in their struggle for a high-quality and abundant crop, will spare no time or energy. Dutch technology is mainly used in the fields and large areas. It differs from the usual method of special attention to the selection of planting material, providing access to the roots of air and moisture.

When growing potatoes using the Dutch technology , , it is necessary to prepare even rows in loose soil up to 10 cm deep. The distance between them is about 70 cm. It is also important that all conditions of the technology are met. Those farmers who use a simplified growing scheme get a lower quality result.

Important Factors

  • Certified potatoes will work for planting. Which was conducted for the presence of pests and infections. Elite Dutch varieties guarantee a great harvest.
  • During the growth and development of tops and tubers, treatment for diseases is necessary, as well as regular fertilizer.
  • Compliance with the rules of crop rotation. That is, it is unacceptable to plant a culture in the same place for three or four years in a row. Well, if a year before the potatoes on the field grew cereal.
  • An important factor is the planned soil loosening and hilling of bushes by creating ridges.
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How to plant using Dutch technology

The plot begins to prepare for planting in the fall. They dig it with compost or humus. Often added superphosphate or potassium salt. After wintering nitrogen fertilizers are applied. The soil is loosened to a depth of 20 cm and level it. When the soil ripens, begin planting. To plant weave will require 400 - 500 tubers.

The procedure is as follows:

  • first form rows that are pulled out as far as possible in the north-south direction;
  • sprouted potatoes are placed in them at a distance of 30 cm from each other;
  • after the rows are instilled in and form crests 10 cm high above them;
  • after two weeks on the crests, they wind the soil between the rows, loosening them a little.

As soon as shoots appear, they carry out prophylactic treatment from late blight.

Useful activities

  • Ridges must be watered at least three times during the summer. Moisture should saturate the earth up to 15 cm deep.
  • With the appearance of the Colorado potato beetle, they must be treated. Do not use chemicals during flowering.
  • Two weeks before digging, the tops can be removed. If you mow it, the risk of tuber rot will be reduced. Their ability to survive in the winter will increase many times.

The choice is yours: Dutch technology or potatoes under straw. How to plant - you know. And you can get results only by trying the technique yourself.

Potatoes under straw, hay, mulch - video

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