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Among the huge number of different heaters used for the dacha, our attention was attracted by kerosene heaters. We decided to find out more information about them and tell our readers.


  1. The device of heaters on solar oil and kerosene
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Overview of kerosene heaters from different manufacturers
  4. How to choose?
  5. Customer Reviews

The device of heaters on solar oil and kerosene

Portable kerosene heaters consist of units:

  • fuel tank;
  • bowl with a wick;
  • a knob for adjusting the wick;
  • fuel volume measurement sensor;
  • burner shell;
  • burner.

During the operation of the heater, the flame on the wick should be slightly dissected by a mesh (shell) and peek out. To achieve this working position, you can by firing the wick and adjusting the height of the flame with a special handle. The shell gradually warms up and begins to radiate into the room heat in the infrared range.

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After the shell and walls of the chamber have completely warmed up, the burning process from the wick itself passes to the kerosene pairs for some distance. This combustion process almost completely burns fuel, but does not allow the wick tissue to burn out. Heaters on diesel fuel and kerosene are convenient to use for heating a garage or a tent.

The smell of combustion products comes only in the first time after ignition, when there is still no process of complete combustion of gases, and at the time of extinguishment.

Today, on the market you can buy devices that differ in management methods, type of fuel used and the method of heat distribution.

  • Heaters without electronics differ autonomy and have shown themselves well in places where there is no electrical network. They are often taken for camping trips, tents.
  • Instruments with electronic control are distinguished by the ability to maintain a constant temperature, set fire, fuel supply, extinction and other useful functions.
  • Heaters working on kerosene.
  • Diesel-kerosene instruments.
  • With the converter method of heat transfer.
  • With built-in fan.
  • Reflex heater.
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Advantages and disadvantages of kerosene heaters

Like any other equipment, a kerosene heater has its positive and negative sides.

All the advantages of using heaters on kerosene:

  • autonomy of the device;
  • almost complete absence of smell and smoke during work;
  • excellent mobility;
  • durability of wicks;
  • a large number of options for electric models;
  • on the device you can warm up and cook food.

Cons of kerosene heaters:

  • vapor and odor of used fuel during ignition and extinguishing of the device;
  • high fuel prices;
  • flame.

Overview of kerosene heaters from different manufacturers

Kerosene heaters of the South Korean brand Kerona are widely represented on the Russian market. We'll take a look at some of the most popular models for comparison.


Kerona WKH-2310

This small model is used to heat small rooms, both technical and residential. The unique design of the device makes it possible to use it even for heating the tent without any risk of fire. What makes such a fireproof device?

Design features:

  • It is not possible to accidentally burn yourself with a working chamber because of the installed protective grid;
  • fuel from the tank does not flow even when the heater accidentally spreads due to the protection installed on it;
  • for ignition, matches are not needed because there is an electrical system;
  • When an accidental overturning occurs, an automatic blanking system is activated.

Good fusing of the wick ensures the use of special fiberglass. On the top of the device you can install a special lid for cooking. The level of heat transfer is regulated by reducing or increasing the flame. For an hour of operation of the device you need only 5 liters of kerosene. Volume of tank, liter.

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In addition to all the design features of the previous model, the kerosene heater Kerona WKH-300 has additional features.

  1. First of all, this is a more powerful tank of volume in, l.
  2. Secondly, there is a special upper reflector that allows you to redirect the heat flow. When installed, heat moves down to the floor, and from there it rises, which leads to a uniform heating of the room.
  3. In the third place, the heating elements are made of stainless steel.
  4. In the fourth turn - a double fuel tank, creating a guaranteed protection against fire during overturning.

In addition to South Korean products, Japanese kerosene heaters are widely represented on the Russian market.

Toyotomi RCA 37A

Used for heating small country houses, cottages and garage spaces. Japanese kerosene heaters differ from the South Korean models by stationary installation. The devices are equipped with a triple security system and automatic ignition. Fuel consumption per hour of operation is equal to 7 liters of kerosene, a tank of capacity of, l. They are used for heating premises with an area of ​​not more than 38 m2.

Toyotomi Omni 230

If you need to heat room size up to 70 m2, use this model. Double walls of the fuel tank, automatic ignition, quenching, temperature adjustment and its maintenance. In an hour, 6 liters. fuel, the tank volume is equal, l.

Neoclima KO 2.5 and Neoclima KO 3.0

Unlike kerosene heaters Toyotomi, Chinese devices Neoclima work on diesel and kerosene. The fuel consumption of them is small - from, 5 to 7 liters. at one o'clock. Having made one refueling of a tank, you can heat a room about 14 hours. The installation of the catalyst bulb makes the exhaust of combustion products minimal. The device is equipped with an electric ignition from the batteries.

How to choose a kerosene heater?

More often kerosene heaters are used in hiking, hunting or fishing. If you decide to install this type of heater in the country, you need to consider the following:

  1. Compare the ratio of the quadrature of the heated space to the fuel consumption of heaters from different manufacturers.
  2. Buy kerosene heaters only in those stores where you will be able to make a replacement in the event of a marriage. In many models, the tightness of the seams is low and kerosene is often observed.
  3. Be sure to read and follow the operating instructions from the manufacturer. The main part of the models of devices works on lighting kerosene, containing the minimum amount of substances forming the soot. There are devices that work equally from both kerosene and diesel. Information on the use of different fuels is indicated in the technical data sheet.

Failure to follow the appliance's operating procedures can lead to serious consequences.

Customer Reviews

We inquired about the opinions and feedback on kerosene heaters from buyers. That's what they write and say.

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I spend a lot of time in the garage, and in winter I can not do without heating. I chose for myself Kerona. I kindle on the street. Even in severe frost work in the garage is comfortable and you can take off your outer clothing. Ivanov Danil, Uryupinsk.

We bought at the cottage the Korean Kerona 2310. The test was successful, no leaks. The whole day I worked the device in a room of 20 m2. Half the kerosene remained in the tank. Good combination of price and quality. Anastasia Nezhnaya, Ryazan.

I love winter fishing. A friend bought Neoclim. We fish with comfort. We sit in a tent near the hole, and next to it there is a kerosene on a small fire. You can even not wear jackets. Thanks to the manufacturers. Andrey Klima, Tula.

Now you know how to choose a kerosene heater, what to look for when choosing a particular model, read customer reviews about the best models. Make your choice and your dacha will be warm even in the strongest frost.

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