Why the potatoes do not bloom and how dangerous is it for the plant?

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Many issues related to vegetable growing are caused by a lack of understanding of their essence. Among them is the problem of potato breeding, which is very relevant in our country. Knowing that this root crop can multiply in two ways, namely: with the help of seeds and vegetation, gardeners often face the theme of flowering potatoes. So why the potato does not bloom, and can it affect tuberization?

The ability to grow vegetatively and seed multiplied in this plant from nature. Comparison of these two methods of reproduction is studied by a person at school biology lessons. Gardeners are well aware of this aspect of the nightshade. Only here the summer residents, who plant potatoes of different varieties and ripening terms on their plots, always neglect this knowledge.

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Lack of a potato flower: the problem or pattern of

Potato flowering depends on many factors, and only some of them directly affect the process of tuberization. Consider the reasons for the lack of flowering in the potato field in more detail:

  • Will the bush bloom or not? In order to form full-fledged tubers, potatoes do not need to bloom at all. In some of the benefits for the potato can be found recommendations on the intentional removal of peduncles and buds. The agronomists, having conducted several studies on this topic, came to the conclusion that the breaking of the ovaries and flowers has negative consequences, but not at all because of the absence of the flowers themselves. During the budding of the ovary, many varieties begin to form tubers. Now you need to make a strong dressing and strengthen watering. There are varieties of potatoes in which the cycles of flowering and tuber formation do not coincide. In our latitudes, it is customary to plant potatoes with medium early maturity, namely, its tubers are formed in the process of flowering.

An important point - when tearing off flower stalks, gardeners tramp the aisles and break off the greens of the leaves, which leads to a decrease in yield!

  • Is the variety important for the formation of peduncles? There is a potato belonging to ultra early varieties. Their roots are formed so quickly that they bypass all known diseases, ripen until the summer of the Colorado beetles, but they absolutely do not have time to bloom. For example, varieties "Roco", "Timo" or "Mariella".The abundance of their harvest leaves much to be desired, but when growing potatoes, as a way of earning from its early sale, early ripening is very important. In any case, such a potato can be planted on the garden in small quantities, only for its own needs and to quickly produce new potatoes on its table. Speaking about whether it is necessary to bloom potatoes, you should know that varieties are classified into those that thrive abundantly, those that have medium flowering, as well as rare-color varieties and varieties without flowering at all. For example, potato varieties "Spring" in dry years, refuses to bloom, and with normal humidity fade so quickly that this period, many simply do not notice.
  • Do Colorado beetles eat flower stalks? Outwardly this pest looks like - everyone who has ever grown potatoes in their garden plots knows. In addition to the Colorado potato beetle, other insects that are not so widely known can also harm potatoes. Most of these creatures do not cause much damage, however, and there is no benefit from them. Among these insects are ground beetle and potato ladybugs. When the potato blooms, the adults of these beetles begin to feed on its flower stalks. If a lot of black and small beetles were found on a flower, then the aforesaid pest has just appeared. Large clusters of beetles eat flowers very quickly, and the flowering process itself remains out of sight.
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Whether the issue of flowering is important in the cultivation of potatoes

The fact whether a potato has blossomed this season or not will have no effect on the mother plant. Moreover, the flowers of the potato will absolutely not affect the formation of the green mass of the bush or its ability to form tubers.

All processes that take place in the flower itself have a meaning only and exclusively for the fruits of the potato, that is, the berries that are formed after the flourishes.

Tubers are formed without the participation of these processes, for them they simply have no value. They do not need fertilization. Tuber itself is not the seed of a plant in the usual understanding of its word; it is just its vegetative part.

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Therefore, answering yourself the question - why did not the potatoes bloom, remember that the formation of peduncles does not affect the yield before you start panicking. The complete absence or fading of colors may signal the summer resident that there is some immediate reason for this phenomenon. Whether it is a variety of plants, insects, high temperatures, low humidity or poor soil. In case of decrease in a harvest - it is necessary to look for the reason at all in the absence of flowering.

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