Error E21 in the Bosch dishwasher

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If the dishwasher stopped during operation and displays an error code on the display, do not be intimidated. So the system informs you about a possible breakdown. When a Bosch dishwasher flashes error E21, it means problems with the drain pump. We will understand how to find and fix the problem with your own hands.

Material content:

  • 1 Causes of PMH Bosch malfunction
  • 2 How to troubleshoot

Causes of PMH Bosch malfunction

Why a dishwasher can show E 21 icons on the screen:

  1. Impeller blocked. This happens with careless handling of equipment. Untimely cleaning of the drain leads to clogging of the filter and impeller with food debris, rubbish, and stones.
  2. Pump malfunction. Such an outcome is possible with prolonged service or burnout of contacts and wiring.
  3. Problems with the rotor. If it gets stuck with a lack of lubrication, then the impeller will not rotate.

What should I do to restore the work of the equipment? Consider solutions.

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You can try resetting the error by rebooting the system. To do this:

  • unplug the plug;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • launch dishwasher.

If the code E21 is no longer lit on the screen, then the reason was a system failure. But if it showed up again, then you should check:

  1. Disconnect the machine from the communications, disconnect from the network.
  2. Open the door and remove the baskets.
  3. Unscrew the drain filter from the sump.
  4. The pump is located behind the filter.
  5. Remove the screws and remove the cover by pulling it towards you.
  6. Check the impeller for debris that could block it.

Now you need to check the drain pump. To do this, turn the machine upside down, remove the bottom cover by unscrewing the screws or unfastening the latches. On the side of the circulation unit is attached pump. Unscrew the mounting bolt and disconnect the wiring leading to it. Grab the pump with your hand and twist counterclockwise.

The pump can be inspected visually, and the diagnostics of the electronic part must be carried out with a multimeter. In case of malfunction, the part must be replaced - . How to do this , read our article. Install the new item in the reverse order.

To avoid blockages and blocking of parts, clean the drainage filter twice a month.

When the code appears on the screen of the Bosch dishwasher, first look at the instructions. The error value will help you quickly detect and fix the problem. Deciphering other faults in a separate review.

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