Error F08, F8 in the washing machine Ariston

The CM Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston display error code F08, F8.The machine gives an error when starting the system, in the middle of the cycle, before or after rinsing.

What does F8 code mean? The reasons for its occurrence may be several, but the basic version: the control board of the machine considers that the heating element is on. The system did not signal that it was turned on, so the program is interrupted, and F08 error appears on the display.

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code manifestation If the electronic models show an error on the display, then the early types of Ariston erasers do not display the code in their own way:

  1. At Сristonon Ariston.the On / Off light blinks intermittently. The lock light of the door “Lock” - “Key” is constantly on.
  2. Ariston AVL, AVSL series machines indicate an F8 error by flashing the “Key” indicator and by flashing the “Delay timer” light.
  3. The ARSL model line, ARXLHotpoint-Ariston shows the code with the flashing Spin light, all the program light bulbs are lit continuously.
  4. A 50 ° bulb blinks at the Hotpoint-Ariston Aqualtis washing machine.

Causes and Symptoms of an

Problem In order to know how to fix and fix a breakdown, you need to find out the reason for its occurrence.

  • Malfunction of the heating element( electric heater), temperature sensor. You will notice that the system stops and gives F 08 error immediately after switching on. It also happens during washing, in the “Rinse” mode - “Spinning”.
  • Problem in the heating circuit, malfunction of the press system. The system hangs at the stage “Washing” - “Rinsing” - “Spinning”.Ariston displays the error code F 08 on the display or using flashing indicators.
  • The malfunction code flashed after switching on - damage to the interference filter( FSP).
  • CM stopped after starting, before the mode “Rinse”, “Spin”.The reason may be in the control unit.

Home Repair

You can solve the problem yourself. To eliminate the error F 08 on the washing machine Ariston, proceed in sequence.

The first thing to do is to eliminate the crash of the program. Reset F8 error will allow reboot - completely disconnect the machine from the network.

Check the heating element and the thermal sensor. Do the following:

  1. De-energize the washing machine Ariston, disconnect all communication.
  2. Remove the back panel.
  3. Before disconnecting the wires, take a picture of the sequence of their connection to the heater and the temperature sensor.
  4. Removing the wires, check the resistance tester. Indicator 20-30 ohms - devices are working, 1-0 ohms - to be replaced.

Check not found leakage or breakdown on the case? Continue troubleshooting.

Tester check the wiring and connections of the water level sensor. If you find violations, replace the defective areas.

If the error could not be cleared, it remains to test the control module. It is possible that contacts are “stuck” or burned out connections. We wrote about the repair and replacement of the board in previous articles.

1% out of 100 for being the cause of a break in the noise filter( FPS).Then you need to replace the FPS, as shown in the video:

If you managed to identify the problem, you can start repairing the washing machine Ariston.

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