Is it possible to plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other vegetables in the same greenhouse

If the climatic features of the region do not allow planting and growing vegetables in the open field, cultivation can be carried out in greenhouse conditions. In a small area often set the overall design instead of a few small ones. Many novice gardeners have a question, is it possible to plant and grow several types of plants, for example, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in one greenhouse?

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  • Why is it important to choose the right neighborhood in the garden
  • What are good neighbors when growing and planting eggplant
  • Can I plant peppers and tomatoes in the same greenhouse with eggplants

Why is it important to choose the right neighborhood in the garden

When choosing the right

When choosing the right eggplants

ground and in the greenhouse complex must comply with the compatibility of plants.

Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants belong to the same family - Solanaceous crops. But such a relationship does not mean

, that vegetables can be located in close proximity to each other. Companions need to adjust the technology of agrotechnology, because each care condition that provides normal vegetation has its own.

To a greater extent this applies to eggplant, they need a lot of light, dry hot air .In such an environment, tomatoes begin to shed inflorescences and ovaries. If tomatoes and peppers respond well to organic fertilizers, then the blue can intensively develop greens to the detriment of the fruit ovaries.

It is necessary to take into account that eggplants need a lot of light and dry hot air.
If you don’t pay due attention, the plants will be frail and the crop will be low.

Disagreements between plants are most often caused by the moisture and nutrients that each crop tries to pull over. And some cultures even excrete substances that poison their neighbors.

One of the important factors that should be considered when selecting companions are:

  • the height of plants that are planted next to each other( they should not create a shadow for each other);
  • watering frequency( compliance with the irrigation regime will prevent the development of fungus);
  • how long a day is in a greenhouse;
  • growing season.

What are good neighbors when growing and planting eggplant

Cucumbers and eggplants can be planted and grown in one greenhouse .Both cultures love moisture, which allows simultaneous irrigation.

For irrigation, is recommended only warm water, otherwise the development of young shoots will stop. Similar temperature conditions( within the 22-28 degrees ) do not require the construction of partitions and installation of additional air vents in the greenhouse structure.

The plantation of cucumbers is planned in the middle rows, the arrangement along the walls will create shading, as a result of which the eggplants will not receive light.

Watering eggplants and cucumbers is done with extremely warm water.

If you still take pepper in your companions, the layout will look like this:

  • in the northern part of the greenhouse, where the air is cooler, place the cucumbers;
  • center to give blue;
  • southern, the warmest part, to give a pepper.

Often the beds are separated by paths, the width of which for the convenient movement of a person with the tool is not less than 60 cm .This is quite enough for a comfortable neighborhood. And the beds with lettuce, dill and early cabbage, separating the landing of green and blue, look quite original and functional.

The main advantage of the joint cultivation of eggplants and cucumbers is that cultures do not have the same diseases and pests , which means that the threat to the crop becomes much less. The winning question regarding the choice of varieties, among both cultures, there is practically no division into greenhouse and ordinary varieties.

With all the advantages, it is worth noting that the plants have differences in the agricultural machinery, which must be taken into account by novice gardeners. Cucumbers are afraid of drafts, while their neighbors prefer ventilated premises. To achieve agreement in this situation will help the polyethylene curtain, which limits the access of draft to the green leaves.

Watermelons are ideal neighbors for eggplants.
Ideal neighbors for eggplants are also: onions, melons, peas, celery, watermelons.

Is it possible to plant peppers and tomatoes in the same greenhouse with eggplants

If the issue of the neighborhood of eggplants, peppers and tomatoes is a matter of principle, then you can grow them in the same greenhouse , if you ensure proper maintenance of .And to realize in practice it is not easy, because blue with tomatoes should be located far from each other.

Cultures are subject to the same diseases, they are attacked by the same pests. The light day is different for plants( light is needed more for tomatoes), and the relationship to moisture cannot be compared.

Tomatoes require moderate watering, they easily tolerate drought, while eggplants literally die due to lack of moisture( yellowing of the leaves is noted, spots and deformities on the fruits are formed).

On the question of compatibility of peppers and eggplants, each experienced gardener has his own opinion. Both cultures are considered fastidious, require special conditions of .

The vegetation period is almost the same for them, and the seeds are sown at the same time. Many care rules are similar, but there are nuances that should be taken into account when planting crops in close proximity to each other:

  • The distance between the beds should be not less than 50 cm , between plants in a row - 35-45 cm ;
  • to form the beds in different parts of the greenhouse, breaking it into separate zones;
  • do not plant bitter varieties of pepper; during pollination, all neighboring vegetables may become bitter;
  • fertilizer for dressing use individually.
The distance between the beds in a joint greenhouse should be at least 50 cm.

To create a favorable climate for pepper and eggplant, some gardeners advise making zoning space by planting between the beds of several cucumber bushes. Zelenets will make friends with its neighbors, the main thing is to maintain the spacing between rows and not create shading to thermophilic vegetables.

A more radical solution is to install an partition with an door. Cellular polycarbonate is ideally suited as a material. In a structure divided into parts, it is possible to create optimal conditions for growing a particular crop.

It should be noted that the neighborhood along with peppers and tomatoes is not prohibited, but before picking up the eggplant neighbors, it is worth considering the technical possibility of creating proper agronomic conditions for each plant.

Eggplants belong to capricious cultures, therefore it is necessary to select neighbors with care. It is important that all selected plants are provided with favorable conditions for development and fruiting.

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