Glass kettle for gas stove

Melamine tableware is considered dangerous. The composition of the components includes formaldehyde, causing health disorders. Since 2011, products are prohibited by European laws, exclusively for children( Germany sets strict requirements for excluding harm).Adults should exercise increased vigilance when distinguishing between dangerous dishes. At first glance, a glass kettle for a gas stove looks awkward on a hob grate with cast iron rays. It seems the product will fall. But people use such dishes without complaints. Let's take a closer look at the products of glassblowers and find out what is behind the smooth, translucent surface of the sun.

Production of glass kettles for the gas stove

We got used to seeing aluminum and steel products on the gas stove, enameled or covered with a protective layer, but glass. .. Meanwhile, people from ancient times prepared food in ceramic dishes and did not complain about quality. Glass is molten earth. Among the ingredients of refractory utensils are:

  • quartz sand, the main component;
  • soda ash;
  • recycled powder glass.

Manufacturers carefully hide the rest of the substances that make up the refractory utensils behind commercial secrets. For the first time the idea to create glass pans came to mind a housewife in 1913.Thought pierced when looking at the gas lamps, where the temperature behind the ceiling reached incredible values ​​exceeding those of conventional cooking. Coincidentally, the husband worked at a glass factory, and at the request of his wife he agreed to cast test specimens. Today, glassware in almost every home has reached the teapots. Such is the commercial success.

Bulk glass ingredients are poured from ladles into blast furnaces in order to heat future glass kettles to the melting temperature - 1500 ºС.The components are turned into liquid porridge, glowing orange. It was the turn to break the mass into drops. Through a special metering valve, the measured pellets of glass slide along a water-cooled pipe into molds supplied to the press wheel. Drum design has several pressing pistons, working cyclically. Cookware gets the final form. Details are removed from the molds. If there are heel fragments, the fragments are fused together.

Then short-term cooling and roasting in a flame follow a special installation, where the temperature under the burners is brought to 1000 ºС.This is done to smooth out roughness and burrs that can break away and damage the wearer's esophagus in the future. The process itself is just beginning. To make the glass fireproof, you need to temper the dishes, which happens on a special conveyor made of metal mesh. Repeatedly, the temperature rises and falls cyclically to make the product heat resistant. Now the finished dishes go out, bypassing the cooling fans, where workers check the products for the presence of marriage.

Selected copies are taken by the laboratory for quality assessment. Fireproof dishes are rubbed with emery and metal mesh to simulate long-term operation. To top it off with a special chisel, the glass crumbles with a hammer blow. The number and shape of the fragments should not differ from the parameters set by the standards, only in the latter case the glass is considered to have passed the tests. You see how many obstacles there are between people and high-quality dishes. The glass kettle for the gas stove is trustworthy.

The design of glass kettles for the gas stove

The kettle of heat-resistant glass contains two materials in the design:

  1. Glass.
  2. Plastic.

The latter does not, frankly, trust, but preference is given to the polymer for several reasons. Firstly, the possibility of using dishes in microwave ovens. It is well known that there should be no metallic inclusions on the microwave heating plates. Glass kettle is permissible to put in the microwave, if climbed. Boiling water is possible not only on the hob.

In this regard, high-quality glass is supplied with three stamps saying that the kettle can be used on a gas, electric and glass-ceramic( not to be confused with an induction) stove. Thus, boil water on most hobs. Naturally, the induction method involves the use of special dishes only metallic materials that are not combined with transparent teapots.

The class of tableware is functional. The enameled kettle for the gas stove cannot be compared to the glass one. A similar design is offered by engineers:

  • The glass flask is supplied with a plastic handle that does not conduct heat. The connection is reliable and one-piece. The glass teapot is closed with a plastic lid, a cylindrical plastic mesh with vertical long slots on the sides is inserted inside as needed.

It is impossible to make the listed elements out of glass. In the case of a grid, this is obvious, given the complex shape. With a pen too clear. Glass will become very hot, which will complicate the process of operation. The plastic cover, on the contrary, simplifies the process of operation. Glass may fall and break, because it does not adhere to the hand.

Glass - an inert material, traditionally going to blow test tubes. The best electric kettles are made of transparent material. This approach will allow to observe the process of boiling, to control the level of water. Most glass kettles for the gas stove do not carry marks, but the owner will soon learn how to determine if there is enough liquid inside. Other manufacturers on the wall cause risks with a minimum and maximum levels.

The main functionality is provided by the grid. It is not put on the gas with a kettle, quietly filled with ingredients for brewing. When water boils, plastic mesh is placed inside and covered with a lid. This will contribute to the speedy brewing. There is a curious way. Water is boiled in another dish, then poured from above through the mesh into a glass kettle, a positive result is achieved.

Glass kettle for a gas stove is a bad opportunity to break. The appliance will become unusable when it falls, but aluminum and steel utensils will survive. It is impossible to call dignity a great weight of productsIncomparably more solid than other similar teapots. The glass is inert, does not stain with long-term operation, does not paint with pigments. It is easy to wash this material, simply boil a weak solution of acetic or citric acid inside for cleaning.

Choosing a glass teapot for home

Different glass teapots are produced. When you choose from considerations of displacement, do not be lazy to measure the height of the working compartment of the microwave. If the kettle fits in without a lid, that's enough. It is not necessary to cover the protective cap that comes with the oven. Serves to protect against dirty splashes of fat and other food components. A little evaporated from the kettle moisture microwave will not harm.

Please note that there are glass kettles that are unsuitable for boiling. Can be with a spout and handle in the form of traditional brewing. About such an easy burn, if you put on the stove. In this case, the glass with a low probability will crack.

The same applies to models with glass mesh, accessories are needed to brew tea and other beverages using already heated water. We believe that the best kettle for a gas stove is made of metal. But the glass is completely find application in the economy. The mentioned kettle for the electric stove is quite suitable( see the old model with an open spiral).In light of this, do not attempt to place an empty glass kettle on the hob. The housing withstands temperatures above 1000 ºС, but the handle will melt, like other plastic elements.

These products are manufactured by Czech companies Tescoma, cost more than 1000 rubles.

From the point of view of environmental friendliness, the glass teapots Kinto Unitea( Japan) look. In them, the absence of dyes( yellow ones are considered especially toxic), glass elements guarantee the absence of harm. In the Land of the Rising Sun, they know how to drink tea, and know how to make first-class dishes. The price of the model is 1500 rubles.

Recall doubters - chemists heat flasks with reagents. Only hydrofluoric( hydrofluoric) acid HF is able to melt glass, so master the new object more boldly.

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