How to choose a yogurt maker

Yogurt maker is the easiest way to make a miraculous drink. Ignoring the position of some doctors against sour bacteria, you need to recognize: the device is useful. Difficulty needing to firmly withstand temperature. When the threshold is exceeded 45 degrees Celsius, the bacteria of the pharmacy yoghurt kit feel light. Reduce the effectiveness of the use of such power to zero. Let's see how to choose a yogurt maker.

Interesting! Most of the bifidobacteria, lactobacilli grow limited temperature range. Not for nothing: they are designed to colonize the human intestine, where the constancy of the environment is maintained by homeostasis. The factor affects the pathogenic flora. Salmonella breeds, encouraged by a temperature range of 4-45 degrees Celsius. Laboratory strains are grown, setting 37-38 degrees.

. Work of an

yoghurt maker On a tray equipped with a heating element, a number of jars with prepared ingredients are lined up. Typical yogurt maker. The process is simple: you need to maintain the product at a given temperature for several hours. The functions of the yogurt maker are reduced to providing laboratory conditions. Inside there is a thermal switch that controls the operation of the heating element according to the sensor. Where the temperature can be changed, the scheme changes the settings. As a result, the operating mode of the relay changes.

Useful Yogurt

Temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius are harmful to bacteria. Avoid abusing user settings. The heating mode of the multivarcs is bad for yogurt cooking purposes - too hot. Not all devices work the same way. According to the consultant of the program “Everything will be good”, at least two schemes of functioning have been developed:

  1. In the first case, the yogurt maker heats the compartment evenly, achieving a temperature of 40 degrees, keeps the mode for the required amount of time.
  2. In the second case, the temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius, then falls evenly. The process continues cyclically the right time. Helps to reduce the number of relays.

How to choose a yogurt maker. Plus the second solution: the ability to work in any conditions, ignoring the ambient temperature. The heating element is powerful, otherwise heating to a temperature of 60 degrees would have to be expected for a long time. The main sign of the differentiation of the two families in the store. Let's remember: the power consumption of the multicooker in the heating mode is 20 watts. With yogurt maker we have a much smaller volume. Choose below 15 watts. Surely the device works according to the first scheme, it does not harm the bacteria.

Homemade yogurt in jars

What are the characteristics of yogurt maker

The device is represented by a heated tray. The surface is traditionally smooth, found molded. What to choose. In the first case, we can apply our own tara, insisting ferment. Purchased out of order, we take in the store baby food. Eat the contents, use a jar tara to make yogurt.

As a result, you can flexibly vary tasks. Rugged bottom manufacturers used for two reasons:

  • Force the consumer to buy the container in case of failure of the old.
  • Ensure uniform heating by simple means.

Obviously, there is no need to indulge in the first desire, the second group of yogurt makers will be distinguished by their relatively deep nests under jars. The principle is this: the air of the pallet gets warm, the heat spreads to the tray. The air acts as a heat accumulator, cooking is more efficient. Which option to choose, decide for yourself. Given the plight of the inhabitants of the country, you will surely enjoy a flat bottom, we will put any dishes in the yogurt maker.

Glass containers or discarded after purchase, replacing the home. According to the rules, the plastic for food contains a special icon: a cup plus a fork. Missing - avoid trying to use yogurt cups. Yogurt makers produced by China can be trusted. Ceased to produce plastic that serves as the cause of the strongest allergic reactions. Staying up hours of cooking, yogurt is fed with harmful substances.

Yoghurt Preparation

With regards to steel, we will take into account: foreign brands do not correlate well with ours( used by the USSR for making dishes).Complements the question of choosing the material of the case. The difference to the average man is zero: the brand is obviously at variance with the Union's hygienic norms. Why remember the USSR.Problems of this kind were much less, there were plenty of canteens and other catering establishments in abundance. Consequently, the norms of a collapsed state will be taken as a standard. West crushed by allergies, the USSR rarely affected the atypical reactions of the immune system.

You can buy a cheap model - a source of low-quality plastic, throw out the container, replace the glass one. When preparing a drink jars are open. Acidic milk will absorb from the environment a lot of harmful substances emitted by the lid, pallet, the effect is much lower than described above. A characteristic feature of foodstuffs is to adsorb harmful substances( sugar accumulates odor).

To summarize:

  1. The shape of the bottom is chosen, determined by considerations of convenience. Some may seem like a worthwhile idea to put containers of arbitrary shape on a flat surface. Others will be more important uniform heating. The thermal conductivity of air leaves much to be desired, the grooves, tightly covering the jar, contribute to an even process.
  2. Glass jar material. Harmless, inert substance. If you liked the yogurt maker, the containers make you gnash your teeth, try to pick up others according to what was written above.

    Yogurt maker fitted with an

  3. timer The body material of the yogurt maker does not play a role. Choose according to your own preferences, kitchen design.
  4. Recall that high power - for a yoghurt maker of 30 W and more - certainly indicates the presence of a stepped mode. Negative factor of bacteria preservation.
  5. It is important to see the presence of a timer. If perederzhat milk - yogurt first thickens, then becomes cottage cheese. In most yogurt makers, the timer is represented by a disc with time stamping. We put an improvised device at the right time( reminder).Then the chef watches, guided by the clock, fearing to delay the time of X. Tags make little sense, see for yourself. A model lacking an electronic timer is easier, less likely to break. Due to subjective circumstances, you will miss the scheduled time - the product will be slightly spoiled. The main thing is to spend another period of life.
  6. Add a silent advertisement: find a service center nearby. Well, when the yogurt maker works, if it breaks, it will require repair. The service center must meet a number of criteria: be located closely, preferably in the same locality. Comply. Dirty basement, accompanied by notoriety, cast away.

Which manufacturer to choose. Visit Yandex Market. It can be seen that, in the first approximation, it is difficult to call the yogurt makers top goods. The cost is relatively small. Therefore, it is easy to pay an extra 500 rubles, buying the brand name. In conclusion, most yogurt makers have uncomplicated qualities. For example, some have a double lid; there we fold the caps of the cans. The question regarding the availability of meaning will not be answered, everyone is free to decide for himself.

Quantitative characteristics of the yogurt maker

Yogurt makers of different sizes. The capacity of the cup is 200 ml, the volume is often measured by the number of cups. At first glance it is unusual, later you get used to it. Yogurt is afraid of long storage, there is enough cooked stock for a week. Choose capacity in accordance with. Be guided by the number of eaters, appetite, tastes. Avoid giving doctors' recommendations: Hiromi Shinya shares a negative opinion about the use of fermented milk products, including yogurt, for medicinal purposes.

Please note: the power of the yogurt maker does not depend on the size. Processes are inertial. There is no hurry, the heating rate is devoid of the leading role. You can demonstrate an example. For example, inside 2 liters of room temperature yogurt +22 degrees of heat.

The specific heat of milk is 5% below water. We find the amount of energy expended on heating the volume to 40 degrees.3.9 x 2 x 18 = 140 kJ.Using the power of 15 W, we continue heating for 2.5 hours. It becomes clear the existence of models with high power consumption. Speed ​​up the cooking process. An initial temperature of 60 degrees will accelerate heat transfer. The opinion of a professional is retold above.

More volume, cooking takes longer with equal power. It will take time order. We explain, the yoghurt maker works 6-8 hours, receiving result. Does the role play one hour, decide for yourself. We hope, explained to readers how to choose a yogurt maker.

The process of cooking, drinking yogurt: the harm and benefits of

Unknown author notes that reports: yogurt fruit pieces are sterilized by gamma radiation. More specifically, in addition to heat treatment( pasteurization), a number of methods for the destruction of microbes were invented. In short, the technological process concerns yoghurt. It is curious whether gamma radiation kills lactic acid bacteria. Like all living things. What kind of yogurt is better to buy, filling the drink with fruits of your own garden, stuffed with pesticides, insecticides, watered with acid rain, devoid of radiation.

Hiromi Shinya, a true American Japanese, against dairy products, yogurt maker. Luminary medicine says: the products are unnatural, deeply alien to the adult organism, cause intestinal disturbances. He writes: the lion’s share of yoghurt bacteria is destroyed by gastric acid, which pass the barrier and cause negative consequences. We accept trivial diarrhea for consuming yogurt from constipation. Great!

Apt to assume: in Japan, what is said is true. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun to eat to a greater extent products of plant origin, caught from the ocean, yogurt makers rarely remember. Joe Vader - a considerable connoisseur of dietetics - writes: science found out, a person is more suitable for products grown in his native locality. The Chinese love rice, Belarusians love potatoes. Since the time of Columbus, the fruit has reached the land of the Russian.

Yoghurt without additives

Our grandmothers and grandfathers did not make yoghurt, the cow chewed in every family, excluding the poor. To believe that strong peasant families who have not tried seafood, were mistaken, powerless. Therefore, Hiromi Shinya is right in particular, probably close to the truth about yogurt. An additional blow will be the methods of food sterilization. Science produces yogurt, as if conceived to destroy the population. Some ways:

  1. In pharmaceuticals and some other areas, ethylene oxide is popular. Gas destroys microbes. It is necessary to immediately say: the processing of yoghurt was carried out after packing, the container skips the EO.Materials make factories, the container is expensive. Interestingly, after the impact of the sterilizing factor, time must pass: the gas will disappear. Sometimes it takes weeks. Along the way, the laboratory controls that microbes do not resume growth. Products sterilized by the EO method are equipped with a strip-detector for the presence of pathogenic factors.
  2. The second method uses gamma radiation. High frequencies penetrating everywhere. Light in comparison with gamma particles occupies the bottom of the spectrum, WiFi 2.4 GHz is simply not visible from the height on the graph. Thanks to its all-pervasive properties, radiation is omnipresent, destroys the DNA chains of microbes, blocking reproduction, killing. Not any material can withstand radiation. Today is full of patented brands.

Rumors appeared: pieces of yogurt fruit are treated in a dangerous way. At first they asked the readers the question whether gamma radiation kills lactic acid bacteria. Imagine, milkmen closed yogurt with fruit packs, they are powerless to process - the benefits are lost. We believe that the process of making yoghurt is supplemented with sterilization and pasteurization of milk. Fruits are dumped, bacteria are added, sealed, put in a warm place, no longer moving. To the pulp of the fruit is distributed evenly, produce mechanical manipulation.

The detailed production technology of yoghurt is silenced by plants. The task of the readers is to understand the following:

  • The quality control of the yogurt starter throughout Russia is not capable of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection.
  • The method of electron radiation is relatively safe( not told), only introduced, expensive, and the packaging was not invented.
  • From where fruits, berries are taken, one can only guess. What was done with the ingredients of yogurt before packaging.

Readers will exclaim: it is not better to buy a starter for a yogurt maker, do some goodies with your own hands. We are leading a straight review about yogurt makers.

Homemade Yogurt

Selection of

yogurt dishes

The first thing to learn is that a rare yogurt maker can self-disconnect. The moment was missed, for some time the drink will thicken, then it will be possible that. Can I drink? Yes.but we cannot recommend readers. Take note, make yogurt thicker by choosing fatty milk, or by increasing the exposure time. Lengthening the cooking cycle.

Conventionally, yogurt makers are divided as follows, guided by the type of control of the cooking course:

  1. Automatic yogurt makers turn off on their own when the work cycle is completed. Comfortable, expensive( heart, pocket) option.
  2. Yogurt makers, equipped with a built-in alarm clock, will glorify the appointed hour: it's time to take out the cups, fill the fridge.
  3. Simple yogurt makers at the same time funny. Work all the way, some are equipped with a mechanical marker. Scale 1 - 12 front panel of the yogurt maker: the person sets the start time or the end time of the cycle. Then we run around the kitchen, checking the clock on the yogurt maker. The first to notice the end of the cycle gets a delicious cup. Others will first withdraw the drink thicker, then - it’s unknowingly that from the yogurt maker( useful bacteria die, harmful bacteria that get into milk from air, dirty dishes) multiply.

Yoghurt Preparation.

It is difficult to do without mechanical, funny markers; they do not require electric power. It becomes possible to indicate on each cup a day, an hour, helps to properly store fresh leaven, yogurt. They said earlier: the expired product gets the wrong taste, we avoid stopping in more detail.

Yoghurt is stored in a refrigerator, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli have eaten almost nutrients, are unable to further multiply( we fix the result with low temperature).At normal temperature, the drink is attacked by harmful strains, they will find something to profit.

Plastic cups in yogurt makers today go out of fashion. Glass jars for yogurt easier to boil, sterilize( without the use of gamma radiation), preferably. Advanced manufacturers make a working compartment, under the lid includes a third-party, standard glass.

We will check whether it is possible to buy jars for a yoghurt maker in a food supermarket and, after freeing from excessive mayonnaise, use it for its intended purpose. It is recommended to carry out small measuring operations. Applies to third-party glassware pischetorg, working compartment of the selected device. As a result of simple mathematical operations and elementary imagination, everyone will be able to tell which yogurt maker to buy from those standing on the counter.

Electronic Yogurt Maker

Houses are full of Soviet jars - it is logical to try on old things. Consider: if the temperature in the yogurt maker is low, the plastic lids do not suffer, in order to sterilize the zakryvakas we will invent something else. Clearly, gamma radiation is useless. Rumor has it: you can boil the lid for 5 - 10 minutes, try the tip first. Rather, it concerns the old Soviet, yogurt makers sold to cover the container are different.

Factory packaging attached to the product is square. Is logical. Round banks do, guided by considerations of material savings, increase strength. Square packaging rationally fills the volume. Remember when you pick up cups for Tefal yogurt maker. Named brand is considered a leader, along with Ariete. Women consider that the yogurt makers of these companies are available in good quality for affordable money.

The story is incomplete, do not mention the authors control: it can be mechanical, electronic. The first is much more accurate, it cannot be said that yogurt makers cost much more. Electronics turns off automatically. Knowing the subtleties, manufacturers do not try to produce a mechanical type yogurt maker, equipped with a timer. Work all the way until the cook whistles!

Next time we promise to discuss how to buy an ice cream maker. A lot of home appliances, eyes run up. Opportunities are duplicated, the real question is where to invest money. Multivarki often provide the function of cooking yogurt. The owners of the devices does not make sense to pay more. Yogurt maker is worth the money. A little, around a thousand. What we get by buying a separate device?

First, in a yogurt maker, with a few exceptions, more cans will go down. Secondly, there is no need to occupy the main device - the slow cooker with additional needs. Thirdly, the multicooker works according to the program, the yoghurt maker, as discussed above, can, at worst, forget to call the owner.

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