Which is better to buy a food processor

Food processors have made a giant step forward. Today the machine do the work for seven and consumes energy in one unit. Consider what a food processor is best to buy. Buyers are not aware that the MFIs are now being implemented on the basis of mixers - the first in the history of the invention of devices for cooking.

Opportunities Food Processors

The possibility of large food processors. In the market there is no shortage of varieties. Shoppers have become accustomed, that the food processor is able to:

Food processor

Food processor

  1. Grind.
  2. Cut into slices.
  3. Making cocktails.
  4. Shred.

Today, manufacturers learned articles serve as mixers and make dough. Useful options, we dare to believe. In the market there are devices from simple shredders power just over 45 watts for 1500 rubles to deliberate Moulinex at the cost of 12 thousand and above. If you take the French company, mixer implemented on a planetary model with a spacious bowl. Already mentioned, it is important to sustain the right distance between the blades of the oars and the container. The result is excellent. Device at a power of 900 W is able to knead the dough. Paired with multivarka - replace the bread maker.

Released several nozzles on mixer in a food processor Moulinex QA 407G31. For kneading and baking, for example, the merengue. If the first is more like a paddle paddle steamer, like a bread machine, the second - a simple frame made of wire, reminiscent of the first models of the last century. From the above it is clear assignment of accessories. In addition, he managed to Molineux on one end of the body to fit centrifuge food processor juicer. The device copes with the role of stationary blender to get the juice, more speed is required.

Food processor Moulinex QA 407G31

Food processor Moulinex QA 407G31

Food processor Moulinex QA 407G31 buy if necessary for the manufacture of cocktails for cocktail ingredients if required separately juice. It turns out - buy a food processor instead of three or four units. Cheap planetary mixers and juicers centrifugal type are 4,000 rubles, and then offer a meat grinder together with the blender. Looks good, power in the device is remarkable.

Moulinex on the site already lined fresh solution - Moulinex FP 662. Processor, in our opinion, is not equipped with such a great mixer. Here, a bowl of plastic nozzles small. Not better than the previous series. But there on the grinder accessories procedure helps to make the sausage, biscuits and so on. Disc for french fries delight, food processor can chop, slice, shred.

Now let's compare.

Philips HR7628 food processor Budget

Buyers pay attention to the food processor Philips HR7628 for good reason: it cost three times less against the Moulinex. Let's see what the car can do. The first thing that catches your eye - the absence of excess speeds. The speed of the two, while the food processor Moulinex available 6 speed values. We list the cons:

Food Processor Philips HR7628

Food Processor Philips HR7628

  • No juicer. Centrifuge model is not effective.
  • Mincer absent with all attachments. No sausages, molded cookies, stuffing and other delights of life. Is acceptable, of course, buy a meat grinder Zelmer packed under the auger juicer. For example, the husband twists the mincemeat, wife preparing salad. Less work pair - need more space for the use and storage of the two devices.
  • Mixer from Philips is absent, it is necessary to look separately. Planetary mixer Moulinex - the professional solution.
  • French fries have to be cut into slices manually, but typical of the tubers in the hot mugs chop and Phillips.

Philips Food processors are designed for high volume production. Cut by means of the device 200 grams of lettuce challenge. Half remain at loggerheads, under the hood and in other secluded places. Prepare the volume of food will have to adjust to the needs of the food processor. Small quantities will crumble with a knife, rather than buying. Food processors Philips are difficult to repair, it is hard to make out.

A small number of rates will not allow the flexibility to adapt the device to use the blender. Athletes at home Philips Food Processor will not disappear, allowing to get cocktails from a typical set of ingredients. Phillips top models are sold at a price slightly above 17 thousand. rubles - a food processor, which falls short of the Moulinex.

Food processors Electrolux

Food processor Electrolux EKM 4400 is essentially a mixer. Nozzles for shredding and twisting the meat attached to the 4200 model. EKM 4400 worth 15 thousand. rubles. As not remember Moulinex QA 407G31 steel bowl with a similar, three nozzles and a planetary mixer device. Frankly, the Swedish manufacturer is not convinced. Neither engine life, audio noise characteristics is omitted. Would prefer to buy inexpensive food processor as opposed masthead mixer similar functionality.

At Electrolux all cars of this type. Functionality is poor.

combine Electrolux

combine Electrolux

Food processors Kenwood

At prices surpasses 50,000 rubles, once suggested that a model professional. Steel bowl of the planetary mixer - by induction heating to 140 degrees Celsius, which is controlled with an accuracy of two degrees. The device is intended for catering establishments, where you need to survive recipes in droves.

Kenwood power increased:

  1. 1500 W on the functioning of the food processor.
  2. 1100 W for induction heating of the bowl.

At Kenwood large bowl. 5, 6, 7 even liters. Curiously, the site posted video tutorials for using a food processor. It is clear that the food processor Kenwood knows how to mix, knead the dough and cook the meat in the automatic mode, fried soups and other dishes, make jam. Included with the chosen model is a stationary nozzle blender for cocktails. Specific devices. These are not food processors, helps novice mistress. Here we are talking about the most advanced methods of cooking for the already-established recipes - ideal for a pro.

Described the advantages and disadvantages of food processors, and now readers will be able to judge the models. Do not forget to download and watch videos, incomplete information on the item card, inaccurate. Of those models, of which tried to pick a good food processor, this is true for a half. Draw your own conclusions. As the functionality, I would like to lower the volume of cooking, a lot of lettuce in the process settles at loggerheads.

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