Should I buy a bread maker

Forum members complain: they write something wrong in the reviews, they indicate in the product cards of the bread makers. Not the number of programs is crucial, not power will play the first role. Set the rhythm of the little things. Should I buy bread Orion? People complain - the power button goes down or is not pressed at all. The answer of readers is foreseeable. But we will give bread makers a chance.

The advantages and disadvantages of bread makers

The focus in bread machine reviews is aimed at:

  1. Power. Frankly, the parameter does not greatly affect the duration of the cycle.
  2. Bowl volume determines the maximum weight of a baked loaf. In bread machines, the cycle parameters depend on the weight set by the special button. As a result, baking is excellent.

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  3. Crust color. Opinions on this score are enough. Bread makers are trying to please everyone. Depending on the setting, the degree of zazharki varies.
  4. Baking without gluten. .. We did not try to assess the differences in the baking cycles of the store and without gluten. If desired, the Philips recipe book for bread makers is available on the official website of the manufacturer. It shows the method of baking bread without gluten and are given to compare the duration and temperature of the cycles. Dare! It is known that in 1% of the world's homo sapinens allergy to gluten is a component of wheat flour for bread makers. In the Philips recipe book, readers will find additional information and see if it's worth paying for gluten-free pastries. It seems to us that the regime is no different, just corn flour is taken. Pay attention to the above, buying a mixture for the bread maker.
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  5. The presence of a delayed start. A number of bread machines on the end of the cycle signals a whistle or a squeak. According to the members of the forum, the sound is so nasty that when they hear the bell at three in the morning, it is difficult to fall asleep until the morning birds. If there is a delayed start time of the bread machine, the alarm time is set in the morning when it is time to get up. By the way, given the above, it turns out and excellent alarm clock. Do not forget - the procedure of digging out bread is not easy, it requires accuracy and amount of time. Not all bread makers thought of making a folding blade.

Variations of bread from the bread maker

Spatula in the bread maker

Not everyone understands the bread machine's need. People present the appliance with a clever oven. Gained experience with a slow cooker, cooked in a magic pot? Bread Maker - Multivarka for baking, able:

  • Make the dough.
  • Wait for the batch to rise.
  • Bake a loaf before the final bell.

Breadmaker does everything without the slightest help of a person. It is worth pouring water inside( milk, juice), put:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • oil;
  • flour;
  • Yeast.

The rest of the bread maker takes over. Four hours later enjoy a fresh loaf. Advanced models are able to cook a billion varieties of bread, but this is not about that. The spatula rotates at the bottom of the bread maker's bowl, where the ingredients are poured, and so the paddle is kneaded. Inside there is an engine, more often with a belt drive, rotating according to a given program until the finished test is obtained.

In a number of bread makers models with a reverse, the blade folds, it is not necessary to remove the paddle from the finished loaf. The cleaning procedure, completing the process of baking, forum users pay close attention. They say - standing upright blade comes out of the bowl of the bread machine together with the bread. This annoys many people; hooks for picking out an accessory from ready-made pastries are not delivered in every set. Take note, check, buying a bread maker! This refers to the hook and folding blade.

Bread Maker Bowl

The sheeting of the

bread machine bread Bread, taken out in a clean towel, does not dry and remains fresh. Gluten-free bread is recommended to be stored in a towel. The members of the forum complain that during the procedure of removing the loaf and scapula, it is difficult not to scratch the teflon sheeting of the bowl. It is difficult to find a non-stick coating without polymers today. Ceramics, marble - one basis. Additives are included in the polymer base. Clean are considered bowls, devoid of frills.

Add, in true bakeries, molds are smeared in advance with suck( it is cheaper) sunflower oil, so that the loaves do not stick. The marc of the last variety will do. It would not bother the dough. Please note that in the bread maker the room for the bottom of the loaf will not pass - the blade will remove the blade from the sides of the bowl in the course of kneading. The upper edges of the anoint wall is in case of an erased coating.

How to extend the life of a protective coating. Members recommend buying silicone spoons to work with a bread maker, of course, you can not wash the bowl with a metal net for dishes. Remember, if the non-stick coating ordered to live long, you will have to buy a new bowl.

Bread maker control panel

The Orion bread makers have problems with the keys. Therefore, in the store, personally check whether the buttons are pressed. If in the slightest doubt, do not choose a model.

Breadmaker with ergonomic control

Brand name bread makers

Want to buy a bread maker cheap? People consider goods of little-known brands as ephemeral ones. Where to get spare parts for failed equipment? Domestic dealers add fuel to the fire, trying to introduce themselves as imported goods, chasing false popularity.

In the west, the history of the brand is considered to be the main criterion of credibility( for example, Jesus Christos since 0 CE, we hope, we heard).Respect is caused by the brand, honestly writing on the site: formed a couple of years ago in Russia. Not trying to hide. If the manufacturer at this stage is lying, members of the forum together advise not to take products. To believe, decide for yourself.

People complain about the posts - the equipment from the Orion service centers is returned exactly as they were sent. The request to replace the buttons is ignored. Specially marked with a marker control, returned with a dot back.

There is no official website, the service works poorly. What will people think? Decide to wait: let them take, see what happens. In the world of free competition, the honest way of doing business wins. Although the restoration of justice takes a long time.

An example would be the company Du Pont, the trademark Teflon. For a long time it was hidden - the technological cycle causes damage to the environment, until people figured out why they are ill in the village adjacent to the factory. A lawsuit followed, payments were made to the injured, Teflon production technologies have undergone changes.

Should you buy a breadmaker from little-known manufacturers, decide for yourself.

Spare parts for breadmaker

The availability of spare parts plays a significant role. If you buy a shovel for the bread machine will be difficult, think twice about the choice. There are cases from forum life: people refused to service, bought a new device. The old bread maker was for parts. The device has to be sent for repair at its own expense, taking into account the price of mail, it is more prudent to shift the work onto the owner’s shoulders.

We recommend trying to buy a kneader for the bread maker beforehand. It is not necessary to issue an invoice, evaluate the conditions:

  • price;
  • terms of delivery;
  • seller reliability.
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